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  1. It can't install other browser, it says it requries version ios 10 and above. It is my friend ipad, I am waiting him to deliver ipad cable so I can try itunes as last solution.
  2. Date and time are normal, can anything be do through itunes?
  3. Can Ipad 3 be updated past version 9.3.5? https://www.gsmarena.com/apple_ipad_3_wi_fi-4621.php Model is A1416 It gives me this version as latest when I try check for updates. Problem is that Safari is loading black pages, I can't install other browser (need version ios 10).
  4. Thanks,. By looking at youtube benchmarks I found out that Rainbow Six: Siege, Mafia 3 and Dying light also requries a lot of CPU usage. Maybe I will test will some of them, I am not a big fan of battlefield games.
  5. Aside from stress test is there a game that uses overall big amount of resources for strees OC stabillity but it isn't too big in hard disk size?
  6. I just need something to test stabillity of overclock, nothing extreme:)
  7. I was thinking: CPU: Prime95 (small or large?), Aida64, OCCT (Linepack 2019?) RAM: Hci memtest -> overall memory/ number of CPU threads -< number of open windows GPU: Unigine superposition How much time to test? AMD R5 1600
  8. Thanks all for advice. Steelseries support told me that this is not normal keyboard behaviour and that I can send it to RMA. Right now I need keyboard for work but I will send it in near future directly where I bought it, on Amazon.
  9. I sent a mail to Steelseries but as far as I read some threads about that problems everybody say that is not for RMA, tha I will hava to live with it?? @minibois I won't solder anything, it is a month old keyboard, I never done anything like that. I sent a mail to Steelseries support to see they advice
  10. It is Steelseries apex 7 keyboard under warranty, not hot swap keyboard. So sound won' t go away, can't RMA it, I must live with that?
  11. On my keyboard with gateron red one letter got some metal resonance sound when typing. Is it possible that this sound will go away? Does that comes under warranty? It sound something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQ_L3WnAnQk from 12 seconds. Would it be stupid to buy 1 o ring just for one key? That would help? On aliexpress/ebay I can find only o rings for chery mx but I have gateron switches. Will they fit without problems?
  12. On back of my motherboard I am thinking to use two usb port, every port will have usb extension cable, one extension usb cable is for bluetooth BT 400 (2 meters) and other is for wifi adapter (6 meters). Will this create any problems with power draw, USB port too overloaded? Every device wiill work fine?
  13. I am planning to buy this keyboard but I read this on Tom Hardware review: "The Apex 7 offers N-key rollover, so those moments should not have posed any problems. But I noticed that inputs were regularly ignored during frantic moments--which is exactly when gamers expect their keyboards to perform flawlessly. A quick example of a common scenario: grappling into the air as Wrecking Ball, using the WASD keys to reposition, pressing Q to drop a bunch of mines, pressing Ctrl to slam into the opposing team, and then pressing E to activate shields. That paragr
  14. bumping this thread, here is the current situation: On back of my mobo I have connected wireless usb adapter and it works great (in first post it was connected at front). If I connect USB stick on front panel of my case and start to use usb stick my internet speed becomes very slow. I am still on BIOS 4204 (x470-f strix) and I am using my old windwos (version 1703) installation from my previous mbo. Should I update BIOS and reinstall Windows? Also when updating BIOS I just put it on stick and update through BIOS, as far as I seen there si no bridge BIOS so I can safely update to la
  15. I forgot to ask what allocation size to set on sd card 32gb and usb 64gb? I will set them on exfat format but for allocation size I have no idea...
  16. will it be okay for using it on andorid box for 720p/1080p movies?
  17. I bought Adata 32GB UHS-I class10 sd card. ON packate there is also rating of A1 Random R/1500 W/500 IOPS. What does it mean, something about sd card endurance? Max 500 writes and then sd card is dead?
  18. Some say that Limited is better, that it has less bugs and more DLC (30 vs 24). Is that true? Is seems strange to me since definitive editon was released later. So which one to get?
  19. Update: I will after windows reinstall try method that @mariushm recommended me and I will just for any case buy some cheap audio adapter. Is tere a difference between these two adapter on this link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32866799670.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.283c3c006KPLVY What is better for my situation (two with mic and earphone picture on those for two earphones), speakers 2.1 and headphone in Line in?
  20. I found my old Huawei U8650 in the closet. It works, I just need to replace the battery. It has android 2.3.5. I was thinking to use it primary for reproducing music for my bluetooth speaker and for mail, calls and sms - my second SIM card. Is it possible to put some other android version that will boost up a speed a little bit? Thank you. https://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_u8650_sonic-4205.php
  21. Sorry for my late answer I was on summer vacation. My mbo is Asus x470-f strix, I installed new audio driver from Asus website but I don`t see Realtek control panel, I only got Realtek audio console and when I try to open it I got "App can`t be open. There is a problem with realtek console. Contact your system administrator about repairing it or reinstalling it." I plug headphones on back panel in Microphone but nothing happens, I only got in Windows playback device option microphone options. My windows is a mess (win 10 1703 version), I will reinstall it soon on newest
  22. I can buy used Patriot V760 kalih brown but I read that kalih brown are really bad, too much inconsistency and really bad quality control. Is that true? Maybe it is better to wait for some better offer? I am aiming for cherry mx brown because tactile feedback and that they are more silent than blue.
  23. When I want to enter some video file on my HDD (partition D) I got this message: explorer.exe The specified path do not exist. Check the path and then try again. When I click on that file and select properties on locatio it is written this: \\?\D:\name of the video I tried change the letter of the drive but problem remains. When I copy file to C partition it works? I also got problem when I open Viber on my PC I got a message that CD is not in the drive? Then I clikc on cancle option and viber opens. I scanned already wi
  24. In the back of my mobo I was thinking to connect headphones and 2.1 speakers and for that reason I will need audio adapter 3.5mm, something like this: Can I buy cheaper one, will it affect sound quality? Or it is better to bought something like this: