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  1. Surprise surprise, Moore's Law Is Dead is saying how underwhelming the 3080 is....even though everyone else is commenting on how much of a beast it is.
    He really is the ultimate fanboi.

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    2. dizmo


      Pretty sure they said that claim was only for certain titles using RTX.

      I don't think there's ever been a launch where you get the highest percentage improvement in all titles. Just like how AMD's claimed 15-20% IPC gains won't be across the board either.


      The GeForce RTX 30 Series, NVIDIA’s second-generation RTX GPUs, deliver up to 2x the performance and 1.9x the power efficiency over previous-generation GPUs.

      Key words. Up to. It might very well be more power efficient and they just decided to use a larger die.

    3. Jurrunio


      Wouldnt it be great if they use the worst performing tests for marketing instead

    4. WereCat


      I must agree with @FloRolf

      The card is a beast for sure but it's not as impressive as it could be if it was at the same power as previous gen. 

      I don't care about power consumption either, I run my 1080ti at 350W and I used to run it at 400W with modified BIOS in the past. 

      But just because I don't find it as impressive doesn't mean it takes away from the performance. But it certainly gives AMD a headroom to work with.


      And I don't like Moores Law is Dead either. I find his "leaks" to be as accurate as reddit predictions.