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  1. Actually find this to be a bit interesting... Besides the wonderful naming scheme of Ultimate Performance, it should be interesting to see how much more Ultimate any performance truly is and what is the energy/thermal expense that you are getting that at. Next question is since they will have an Ultimate Performance, how do they one up it? Can we get a Supreme Ultimate Performance?
  2. My thinking is that it would have been best in this instance instead of ruling out the various processors that are listed as to why not to get those, just go forward with the fact that a good processor for a CAD workstation should be a good balance of high single threaded performance and multi-threaded workload and then just say that their testing finds the 8700 or 8700k to strike that balance. Bringing up the lack of ECC support in the Intel HEDT product stack really seemed to lack much purpose in the aspect of the whole video.
  3. Except that the only Intel processors that support ECC are Xeons and not i9 and that appeared to me to be the toss away remark that was made as to why you should not go with an i9 for this build... The remark that is made is that a "Core i9 is out of the question because Intels HEDT lineup lacks support for ECC memory..." Not arguing the single threaded performance, just found the comment about ruling out an i9 due to ECC memory support and then recommending a processor without ECC memory support to be a little weird.
  4. So the one issue that I notice with this video is that around the 6:30 mark you discuss not using an i9 due to lack of ECC memory support, however you then recommend an i7-8700k which from what I can tell also does not support ECC memory... I get that the IPC on the Intel pieces are a bit better than AMD, but seemed like a funny conclusion as to going with an i7 over an i9 or even looking for something that is an 8700k equivalent in the Xeon line-up. I guess if anything, I wonder why the ECC memory support was even brought up, except for as a reason to rule out the i9. Other than that, looked fairly good and shows that workstation cards do exist for a reason.
  5. I've got an old IBM Wheelwriter 5 electric typewriter from the mid-80's collecting dust in our office, but it's not a computer keyboard.
  6. I think that Burnie and Michael are getting the Boring Company flamethrower/lighters... Might have been mentioned on their Off Topic two weeks ago.
  7. You may need to take a reading comprehension course then... From the reports I've read, investigators are reporting that this was a disturbed individual who had 'developed a fondness' for Meg Turney and despised Gavin. I'm glad they're okay and saddened that something like this would happen. Hopefully Gavin makes an appearance and is able to talk about this to some extent on Achievement Hunter's next Off Topic episode...
  8. As a part of the three year review of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the Museum of Art & Digital Entertainment (MADE) is petitioning the US Copyright Office to allow for abandoned games that rely on a connection to online servers to be excluded from the anti-circumvention provisions. Essentially, once a game company shuts down a server to a game that requires an internet connection to be able to play, people and museums would be able to preserve the game for future play. https://torrentfreak.com/gamers-want-dmca-exemption-for-abandoned-online-games-171221/ My personal take is that if a game company abandons a server necessary for the playing of a game that I have purchased, then there should be tools around for me to be able to still play that game. This is especially the case as more single player games are relying on server connections for validating DRM licenses (looking at you Denuvo)...
  9. This is great information! If anyone in at Seagate is open for suggestions that you could pas on, I would really love to see this as something eventually implemented in your NAS drives for something along the lines of a home media server setup... I could imagine it would allow for some really great multi-user/access systems.
  10. I think that is going to be a big question for people on this laptop is whether it will be offered with more than 8 GB, is it soldered or does it have SO-DIMM slots... Not really sure I would be interested in these Ryzen mobile processors if I'm locked down to only 8GB of RAM. That is part of the reason that the HP model looks appealing is the expandability of the RAM and onboard storage.
  11. But going with this metaphor, you could end up with a RAID 0 inception. I mean if it is an internalized RAID 0 on a single HDD and you set multiple up as RAID 0, does that make it a RAID 00?
  12. If I remember correctly from the initial reviews of the R5 Envy x360, the Graphics performance was less than the MX150 but still substantially higher than the Intel HD graphics... Still rather impressive considering this is Vega as integrated graphics.
  13. Would really like to see this on some 4 to 6 TB consumer NAS drives myself... Would be really interesting to see how much better a parity check on my home array would be.
  14. They're really interesting, I just wish that they were offering more than 8 GB of RAM in them... Also want to see how the R5 compares to the R7 on the graphics benchmarks and battery life tests.
  15. As a part of Seagate's push for more data center drives, they are looking at adding in multi-actuator HDDs to their enterprise drive lines in 2018. With their proposed multi-actuator drives, Seagate thinks that they can double the data performance for reads and writes as compared to an existing Hard Disk, which is one of the biggest bottlenecks for deployment of High Capacity drives. https://techreport.com/news/32976/seagate-multi-actuator-hard-drives-think-two-heads-are-better-than-one This is kind of interesting in that you would have each set of heads able to independently access separate partitions of the platter stack, although I'm thinking that the issuing of the changes in magnetic fields, high speed spinning of all of those platters and potential imbalance issues from two separate actuator motors probably made this an engineering nightmare... I also severely doubt the claims of doubling the data performance, but would really like to have them achieve that. Of course, I would also like to see an improvement on some of their quality issues as I've had several Seagate drives fail on me in the past. Seagate Blog Post: https://blog.seagate.com/technology/multi-actuator-technology-a-new-performance-breakthrough/?lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_messaging%3BJXyixoGaROyvrtBYgUlcBw%3D%3D
  16. As with any doxxing, this is just stupid and irresponsible. All it really does is undermine any kind of legal credibility that Anon may have wanted and turns Pai into a victim.
  17. Something like that, although the official plea agreement is under Computer Fraud (18 USC 1030 (a)(5) (A)). Language from the document is: Conspiracy to violate 18 USC 1030 (a)(5)(A)[Fraud and related activity in connection with computers] in violation of 18 USC 371 [Conspiracy to commit offense or defraud United States]. Plea documents: https://www.documentcloud.org/public/search/projectid:36453-Mirai
  18. Reading the article, it sounds like the scheme that started of was that they were creating (or had) a Minecraft DDoS protection service and were using the botnet to target competing DDoS protection services to take them offline in order to present themselves as the 'protection service' that you should be purchasing.
  19. This is definitely more of a follow-up, but information is being released by the US Court System and FBI on the Mirai Botnet that wreaked havoc last fall... According to a really good write-up on Wired, this appears to have started off primarily as a DDoS botnet to primarily target Minecraft Servers in order to advertise for competing servers and the scheme just went out of control. https://www.wired.com/story/mirai-botnet-minecraft-scam-brought-down-the-internet/ Again, this is a really interesting story and twist to the whole Mirai Botnet, especially considering it was not actually developed by State-Actors, but some college students who were wanting to perform shady business practices... My best guess is that after they get their slap, they will probably get some job offers with the CIA or NSA that they 'can't refuse'.
  20. I think that a lot of people were assuming that this would support NVLink as there appear to be those connections on the PCB, even though they are blocked by the cooler shroud. Other speculation (which I'm inclined to believe) is that these are essentially Tesla V100 cards that didn't make the cut so are being enabled as a professional desktop part.
  21. Speaking of feeling poor, if someone is buying two of these for two separate systems, just imagine the workstation specs and parts they are probably going into...
  22. Well, the order limit that I saw was 2 per a customer so it's not like you can order more than 2, but even if you do order 2, you can't put it into a single machine... Maybe they should have made the order limit one?
  23. Keep the 1080Ti... As @LinusTechTipsFanFromDarlo points out, this is not a Consumer Card. It is more of a Professional user card, although you could game on it. That being said, I doubt there would be any gains on the Titan V to justify spending several thousand more dollars over what you purchased the 1080Ti for.
  24. So from what I can tell, if you actually have a workload that could benefit from the Tensor cores, the Titan V would be the way to go, otherwise you could save yourself a couple hundred dollars and just get two Titan Xp. No interest in this from me though (especially at $3K a card). Just wait until NVidia pulls another Titan Xv and 1180 (2080?)Ti situation in a couple of months...
  25. Just a personal opinion on this is that it will probably fail miserably. The biggest problem I can see is controlling the amount of Crypto that is produced, enforcing the use of that Crypto and having resources available to back it up... If a company is unwilling or unable to go into Venezuela to extract the resources that are backing the currency, then they really have no backing and the more reputable resource extraction companies are less likely to invest in a country where they may not be making a profit or where their operation is more likely to be nationalized. This could also lead to inflation problems as there will probably not be an easy way to control the flow and availability of the currency. Basically, once you have the blockchain developed and in circulation, how would they go about removing it from circulation (especially without basically robbing the people who are a part of that blockchain)? Maybe I'll be proven wrong on this, but I just don't see how this will succeed...