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  1. I honestly wouldn't put too much high expectations on this as we are in the Post Jobs Apple environment. Probably when they say modular, it will be factory modular for a CPU soldered onto Mobo, with user replacable SSD (maybe M.2), RAM and custom GPU PCB. All of which you will need to buy from or get upgraded at an Apple Certified Retailer in order to retain Apple support.
  2. In an article originally carried on Motherboard and has since been published to other sources, an Israeli researcher studying the Tizen OS has unearthed over 40 zero-day vulnerabilities. According to the researcher in the article: http://hothardware.com/news/samsungs-tizen-smart-tv-smartwatch-os-riddled-with-zero-day-exploits Now this is some fairly harsh language, however, Samsung is deploying the Tizen OS on a lot of their new products, including TVs, Smartphones, Smartwatches and SmartFridges. According to this article, some of these security holes, especially on the TizenStore App, allow for code to be entered that then enables full control over the device. Samsung's response to Motherboard is as follows: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/samsung-tizen-operating-system-bugs-vulnerabilities https://www.engadget.com/2017/04/04/samsung-tizen-full-of-security-flaws/ Hopefully Samsung can issue a whole bunch of fixes for this, or at least revisit and audit their Tizen OS enough to actually find all the flaws in it...
  3. In a follow-up to an article posted by @zMeul in June of last year, Intel has followed through with a sale of 51% of their shares of McAfee to TPG. According to the article, Intel will retain a 49% stake in the company and will: http://hothardware.com/news/intel-spinning-off-mcafee-as-42b-standalone-company The main reason that it appears that Intel is maintaining a relationship currently would appear to be to try and incorporate Hardware Based security features into their products. The main items of interest that the article mentions these being used in would be Internet of Things devices. While I personally don't care for McAfee, I definitely can see a benefit to IoT security, especially with the news of how those devices are subverted for DDoS attacks. On the other side of this though, it opens the way to something very similar to what we see with Kaby Lake and the hardware based DRM.
  4. I would say this is mainly for lower income or older people who do not use or rely on banking services as well as people who get paid in cash as day laborers. According to the article, they figure that 7% of the US population is Unbanked so that would make for about 22.5 Million people without a bank account in the US. If they can get 10% of those people to use this service and deposit on average around $50.00 into their Amazon accounts, then that would be an extra $112 million dollars. Long term, I do wonder if Amazon will end up like a banking service and have to be regulated in a similar fashion.
  5. If you know the parts now, you might be able to find a used crossbar and/or tower mounts on Craigslist or at a second hand sports store. Otherwise they do tend to be a bit pricey. Still probably better than the old option of laying some rolled towels on the roof and tying the kayaks down through the door and to the bumper longterm. ?
  6. Perfectly possible. Thule has their vertical hull a port (https://www.thule.com/en-us/us/sport-rack/kayak-roof-racks/thule-hull-a-port-pro-_-31306) and Yakima has the Jaylow carrier (https://www.yakima.com/jaylow). Yakima has a configurator to help with what parts at: https://www.yakima.com/?modal=1 Thule has some support as well at: https://www.thule.com/en-us/us/fit-my-car?c=roof+racks These will get you the basic mounting bits (towers and crossbars) and then you can select the other mounting accessories you want for your kayaks, bikes, skis and more as needed... As for me, I had mounted an 18-foot Necky Touring Kayak on my car without problems in the summer and swapped to a ski system in the winter.
  7. Both Yakima and Thule make rack kits that mount to small car roofs... Had a Yakima kit with the kayak/canoe holders and rollers on my 2007 Chevy Aveo hatchback.
  8. Something like they use a tractor beam to hover a focusing crystal at the focal point of the lasers and the energy of each focused shot is so much that they have to use a new crystal each time...
  9. In an article I first read on Engadget then followed up on Phys.org, researchers at Macquarie University have provided a method for combining multiple lasers into a single beam to multiply the power output. From the Phys.org article: https://phys.org/news/2017-04-star-wars-superlaser-longer-sci-fi.html https://www.engadget.com/2017/04/03/scientists-develop-death-star-like-laser/ I can definitely see some of the applications for this, especially if as the article states, the diamonds rapidly dissipate the waste heat, allowing for multiple low power lasers to operate in a more rapid procession. Of course this also means that any 'Rebel Scum' out there may need to watch out for rogue Space Stations ... Have to say this is another case of why I love science!
  10. For my main system, I definitely want to get the best performance per dollar that I can, however would still like for it to look nice. For something like a server or storage device, where I'll have it stashed away, I could care less about appearance so long as it works good.
  11. Decided to update rather than create a new topic, but have added that: UPDATE: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/04/ubisoft-rebalances-for-honors-unlockables-amid-outcry/ I have to give applause to Ubisoft on this. They listened to the user community and issued an update on Friday according to Ars Technica that will help out: Of course, whether they would have listened had the user community not complained is another issue...
  12. Just as the funny story that can be written off of this: 'In the near future, when everyone has switched over to the Bank of Amazon, they order all of their daily needs from Amazon that are then delivered to their Amazon homes using Amazon drones. Shortly there after, Amazon has achieved the goal of Supreme Leader Bezos and is declared the One World Power.'
  13. Another point of consideration might be the security aspect of this... On a Gift Card or Cash, until it is redeemed onto the Amazon Account, it is vulnerable to theft. With Amazon Cash, it operates similar to a direct deposit into your account so you don't have to worry about losing the card or getting it stolen.
  14. You can, but I don't think Amazon Cash will allow you to deposit Cash into your Amazon account via Credit or Debit...
  15. One of the main differences is that this is Cash Only transaction... A gift card can be purchased via credit or debit.
  16. In a bid to reach people that do not have Credit or Debit cards with online shopping, Amazon is introducing Amazon Cash. Basically, you take money to a participating store that will take your cash and place the balance (from $15 to $500) into your Amazon Account for you to purchase stuff online. This is being geared at people who do not have or use Credit or Debit cards. From the article: http://hothardware.com/news/amazon-cash-enables-amazon-online-shopping-without-a-bank-card Honestly, I'm a little doubtful on how well this will work, especially with some low income families, but hopefully if they can get some products that they need cheaper, then all the better...
  17. So far the list that I've seen include: WCCF release of Vega April Fools http://wccftech.com/vega-teaser-slides-leak-nda/. Google's Ms Pac Man in Google Maps http://hothardware.com/news/google-april-fools-ms-pac-man-google-maps WCCF compilation of April Fools http://wccftech.com/april-fools-heads/
  18. Probably get hell for this, but GTA, Uncharted, Diablo, WoW, Assassin's Creed and a lot more...
  19. I've seen quite a few April Fools posts that were posted in multiple sections and duplicated today... Would be nice if we could have a single thread for each one or maybe even just a single "April Fools" thread with all of them listed...
  20. A part of it may also be the companies trying to get the April Fools jokes out there on a weekday, when they expect it to receive more clicks and views... Just look at WCCFs version of an April Fools joke. Definitely designed to get lots of clicks and shares, not to mention flames. http://wccftech.com/vega-teaser-slides-leak-nda/
  21. I figure that Linus was venting a bit over the comments from the Server Room update video and was trying to tie it into April Fools.
  22. Yeah, I saw this posted in the Off Topic section... Figured Newegg was the actual criminals in the missing Project Valerie and did their own reverse engineering.
  23. Just in time for April 1st, Amazon will introduce Petlexa Now your furry friend left at home will be able to order tons of unnecessary stuff for you. Youtube video:
  24. I think that was through some BIOS based Base Clock OC-ing...
  25. You mean it wasn't Newegg that stole the Project Valerie, reverse engineered it and decided to take it to the XTREME!!!! Love all the April Fools pranks going out right now.