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  1. I remember thinking I had to change my resolution when I started the game, but it was already running at 1440p and the "remastered" menus just looked that bad. I did the first level and realized the only thing that changed were the HD models, which did look alright but this wasn't nearly the remaster that even Starcraft 1 was. And how in the world did they manage to screw up original Warcraft 3 players with the release of a remaster? That has to be a first for any gaming company, ever
  2. I'm not so sure why everyone has such a hard on for projekt red, they've made exactly 1 good game that still isn't as good as Skyrim despite being 4 years newer, and the games they've released before competed badly with the likes of Skyrim, Dark Souls, Mass Effect, Oblivion, and on a stretch timeline, Knights of the old Republic
  3. There was a huge difference from 60 to 144, but I didn't notice nearly as much of a difference from 144 to 240. I can't fathom there will be a big one at 360 Hz, but the only game I can think of that my computer can play at that FPS is CS: Go and that might be the only game that does benefit from that many FPS
  4. sounds more like he was hacking and is trying to use some complicated linux mask to say he wasn't hacking
  5. As long as they aren't in the single player because I have literally zero interest in the multiplayer for a single player driven game
  6. so that's two half-attempted pokemon games in a row... starting to sound like other big name developers who lose their way. Pokemon used to be pretty reliable
  7. you act like china hasn't long ago figured out how to be totalitarian to every single last one of their citizens
  8. Maybe this will stop some scalpers, but I hope it halts those Chinese knockoffs a little bit more. So annoying searching for a controller and having to wade through 500 probably garbage versions to find the Nintendo official one
  9. I feel like the police should be happier they're pulling less people over They tried this in Arizona once. They made it illegal to flash your high-beams to warn oncoming traffic a cop was nearby, but it got shot down because flashing high beams is considered expression which is under the first amendment. I imagine this has to be the same deal
  10. what isn't anymore? if you're around friends with cell phones and alexas and laptops with microphones, everything is a privacy nightmare
  11. every game on the planet has some rip off or another, all this is doing is advertising them for free which is more than two people could ask for
  12. predictive gameplay isn't new, but i wonder how the famous diablo 2/path of exile desync will be when the AI fails to predict every now and then
  13. I don't think any of them would bother being so buddy buddy with china if the vast amounts of money and future money wasn't there
  14. I'm wishing more and more that it should be illegal to sell out to foreign entities like China or really any other country. It was astounding when we started trading with China after Tienanmen square, and it's astounding so many silicon valley companies are ignoring China's anti-democracy antics because they pay well today. I guess it's not really that surprising, money speaks above all
  15. Neither were what I was looking for, oh well guess I have to wait
  16. I bought a case recently that has USB C on the front, without realizing it would use a completely different cable (should be obvious) and my motherboard obviously doesn't have that connector on it. I don't feel like spending $300 to get one with it either. Back in the day I bought a USB 3.0 PCIe card that had a front panel connector too, and I was hoping to find one with USB C but so far I can only find a USB C PCIe card that has two USB C ports on it, and no front panel connector for the SUB C cable. Some of them have a connector for USB 3 but I already have that. Does one exist yet?
  17. reddit mods don't get paid in any respect, and youtubes have pretty clearly been contract workers. I thought uber and lyft drivers were too. does this stop all contract work in California?
  18. glad to see there's no exemptions. it seems too often our government makes rules but then a company asks nicely and they get out for free. Apple may as well be a Chinese company at this point, they should leave the US or bring all their manufacturing back to the US along with any other US company that sold out to China
  19. that giant robot battle video was the dumbest thing i have ever seen
  20. I have a 3700x and it'll boost to 4.3Ghz but not the advertised 4.4. I just thought it was my cooler not being able to keep up, but I doubt 100mhz would make a difference for what I use it for anyway
  21. that'd be a grand total of zero kids who would do that instead of playing some game. part of school is supposed to be human interaction isn't it? why make kids afraid to raise their hand and ask a question in front of people?
  22. next they'll have to rename git for making fun of people who say "git her dun"
  23. if you think the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ at the end of their project isn't one of the major, massive, motivating factors for people to develop games, then you've been in a strange world the last 25 years. it makes absolute sense to me a developer would go to a store that gives them more money. people should be calling for Valve to give more to developers instead of raging on epic for competing