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Tahsin Alam

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    Tahsin Alam got a reaction from YourNewPalAlex in Headphones Or Speakers Under 80$   
    Phillips shp9500s good stuff
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    Tahsin Alam got a reaction from Darkseth in Annoying Android Bug   
    Thanks a lot man.I am gonna try it and let you know if it worked.
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    Tahsin Alam reacted to RadiatingLight in Internet Access Related   
    Nothing you can do other than download the stuff you want to do offline.
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    Tahsin Alam reacted to Lurick in Internet Access Related   
    If they are shutting down the links, which they probably are, then there isn't anything you can do.
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    Tahsin Alam reacted to Alexzz_ in Internet Access Related   
    The only way you can get around this is by having satellite internet, which is damn expensive and probably illegal where you live
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    Tahsin Alam reacted to kb5zue in Galaxy s5 screen replacement   
    Same here.  I always do things the hard way.  Just guess that is my way of learning.  If you can figure it out the hard way, then learning the easy way is that much more easier to do.
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    Tahsin Alam got a reaction from Anassagora69 in What monitor should i get?   
    If $300 then asus MX279h
    If you are willing to spend a bit more then Asus MG279q. Btw you are saving money with 1070. 
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    Tahsin Alam got a reaction from Anassagora69 in What monitor should i get?   
    If your i5 bottlenecks your 1080 means your i5 is not capable of getting the most out of your gpu.your performance will get worse.
    2. If you want just gaming and save some money go with gtx 1070.If you do video editing and want to spend more money go with a i7 6700k
    3.SSD improves performance.It improves overall speed.make pc boot faster. Should be in your list.
    4.Now if that was my build i would have gone for A asus motherboard. For the build quality and better UEFI.But it depends on you.You like gigabyte? Match with you color scheme?  Then go for it.Gigabyte is good as well.
    4.Monitor depends on your budget. 
    If you want a high end monitor 
    Asus PG279q for the most out of gaming. 
    Acer X34 for the ultrawide beauty,premium color quality and its also good for gaming.
    Both have G-sync
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    Tahsin Alam got a reaction from wONKEyeYEs in GAMING PC BUILD.NEED HELP   
    Thanks for your suggestion. I would Go for a WD blue 1TB and a 250 gb ssd