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    Intel i5 8400 @ 2.8GHz
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    MSI Z370-A PRO
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    Superlux HD681EVO , Logitech Z370
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  1. Battlefield 1 is so, so well optimized

    Yeah I know right. High settings with i5 8400 and a GTX 970 and seeing drops to as low as 45 fps in 64 player matches. Damn that optimization 👌
  2. Forza horizon 4 demo crashing on startup

    I don't think it would run very well if it even did. The demo worked just fine for me so it should be on your end.
  3. Who uses Motion Blur?

    I definitely don't use it on games that are fast-paced and/or require good reflexes and eyesight. Games like Battlefield 3, Rainbow Six Siege and CSGO. For single-player story games and racing games I might have it on. Maybe it adds more immersion. Never bothered me though.
  4. Please review the Huawei Matebook X Pro

    So what about the price is so amazing? 1900 euros here in Finland. Doesn't really seem to be much different from others. Low power i7 and a seperate GPU, rest you can get in any laptop for ~600 euros.
  5. Hi. I'm thinking about buying one Corsair LL120 rgb case fan, but I was wondering if I need their control boxes or whatever. My mobo (Z370 PC Pro) comes with their mystic light and has at least one "JRGB1" 4-pin slot, so I'm assuming this is for things like the fan? Or will it only work with some specific certified products?
  6. BF1 Premium problem

    Thanks for telling me about this. Worked just fine for me, used paypal for paying 0€.
  7. Cheapest way to get car vinyl

    If you have the money for a sports car and custom vinyls and want to show off your inner weeb while turning heads, why not?
  8. I had an HP prebuilt PC with a custom motherboard built by MSI for HP. I hated the dumb cooler on it, it was literally an aluminium heatsink with a case fan hotglued on the top. I ordered a new LGA115x cooler for it and once I got it, I tried installing it and was like "Hmm, these holes look kinda small". The old cooler had screws that held it in the motherboard. Well, I didn't realize it was not a standardized motherboard, so I just kept trying to push it in until the mobo started to bend and I thought "Oh fuck, I don't think it is supposed to do that." Nothing happened to the motherboard, but once I built my current PC from the ground up and tried installing that same cooler on, two of the locking feet didn't work. I had broken the damn cooler and had to go with intel's stock cooler.
  9. Intel had(has) far superior laptop processors than AMD lmao. My 2014 HP Envy 15 with a horrendous A10-5750m runs hot as hell even idle and the fan. My even older ASUS laptop from 2009 has an Athlon II and it's even worse. Both have a battery life of a couple of hours. Switched to a laptop with i3 7100u and I'm enjoying 7 hours battery life and 40c idle. Doesn't really make AMD look good in the eyes of customers or laptop manufacturers. EDIT: Also Ryzen laptops aren't even a thing yet, I saw the first ryzen laptops in a Finnish electronics store a couple of weeks ago and even then they have only 3 of them on sale.
  10. Hardware Requirements Exposed

    Dunno about requirements, I usually look at recommended specifications due to my system. I'd think that recommended are pretty spot on, most modern AAA titles recommend a gtx 1060 and a modern i5, practically my system. I play all of my games at 1680x1050 with high to max settings or not play at all. So far it has been working out. Personally, I don't think 720p with 30fps is playable. To me playable means smooth and 30fps is not smooth.
  11. Can I sell my steam account on kijiji

    nothing really, if you have access to the account you can share the games from one to the other, but not all games support it. Worth a try tho.
  12. I don't believe I need for the program to do it all. I'll be printing it at my school so I think the teacher will do the tweaking.
  13. Is blender capable of those 3D printable files?
  14. Hey! I made a post asking about 3D printing and stuff earlier. I've been modeling with AutoCAD now, but apparently it isn't really designed for 3D models. I was wondering if there were better alternatives, hopefully free ones for AutoCAD, since it's kind of a pain to use for 3D
  15. Hey. I have a used vape that has a very badly damaged battery compartment. I thought about 3d printing a new one by using my school's 3D printer. My teacher told me to make an AutoCAD model out of it, but I've only ever made 2D sketches with AutoCAD. Is it hard to learn 3D modelling with it? The replacement part itself isn't too complex. Another thing I'm also wondering is if I can just cut corners with making screw holes, will the printer make proper holes or should I go the safe way by drilling them myself?