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    Logitech masterrace
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    Electronics for the most part.
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    Intel i5 8400 @ 2.8GHz
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    MSI Z370 PC PRO
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    16GB DDR4 OC'd @ 2666MHz
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    GTX 970 MSI Gaming Edition 4GB
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    Fractal Design Focus G
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    Kingston A1000 480GB NVME SSD, 1TB WD HDD
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    Seasonic 520-M12II
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    Acer XF240H, Philips 220C
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    Arctic Freezer 33 Plus
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    Logitech G610
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    Logitech G502
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    Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless, Logitech Z537
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    Windows 10
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  1. I don't think the modern i5 processors need hyper-threading. Mine already has 6 cores which give enough juice for multi-core intensive workloads, while keeping the single core performance high, which is what matters in games. That's why it can perform on par with AMD's 3600 while being two years older. Intel doesn't need the hyper-threading in lower-end processors because it makes up with it's single core performance. If you want to build a budget workstation (and maybe even an expensive one), the obvious choice is AMD.
  2. Pacific DLC just dropped and the game isn't going anywhere. I'd get it if I were you.
  3. I've heard bad things about Breakpoint. They made the game longer on purpose with leveled gear and leveled enemies. What I loved in wildlands is the feeling of being an ultimate soldier. You could go anywhere and the difficulty was increased with different obstacles and more enemies. Now they just do more damage and take less. Also the car physics were abysmal in closed beta, but I heard that they fixed it. The game will probably die soon, just like Division 2 did. I would recommend Borderlands 3.
  4. How the guns in the game feel, sound, look and react are a big part to me. I played CSGO a lot back in 2015 but stopped after it got way too repetitive and boring. I got into R6S which is a lot of fun. It has unique mechanics that other games don't have, it's competitive, it has actual strategies, REQUIRES teamwork and sharing information in order to excel at higher ranks.
  5. There isn't really any reason to pre-order unless you want to support the developers early on. I pre-ordered a physical copy of the game back in August.
  6. My GTX 970 has a RoHS sticker on it so I am assuming graphics cards are not an exception.
  7. Consumer electronics have to be RoHS compliant if sold in the EU. You're telling me graphics card manufacturers made EU versions of their cards with leadless solder and made cards with leaded solder for other areas? You're just trying to get people to panic with false information. Reflowing a GPU in a home oven won't contaminate it and make it unusable for cooking.
  8. My first PC that I built myself is from late 2017. Before that I have had a couple of pre-built PC's and a 2009 Asus laptop. It has about the same specs as I do now, except that it was in a much older case. Overall my setup has not changed much. I still have the same monitor, pedals, mouse, controller, speaker and mousepad. I've made small upgrades to the rig, like more ram, faster storage and a newer case with better cable management options. The picture was taken just after I had moved to a new apartment. Next up is upgrading the GPU and even more ram.
  9. Iirc RoHS came in 2006, so graphics cards after 2006 shouldn't have leaded tin inside them. I used my home oven for reflowing a couple of old graphics cards and I haven't died of lead poisoning yet.
  10. I'm not really keen on dumping 50€ for a new hard drive since I don't make much money as a student.
  11. Bought a cheap PC from my friend to use as a home server. It came with a 2010 1tb hitachi HDD. Checked it with crystaldiskinfo and SMART is showing no issues at all. Only "alarming" things, are the usage hours and startup count, 22000 hours and ~7000 startups. It makes a horrible scratching noise. What is interesting that my 2013 WD Blue HDD with 1000 startups and 22400 hours doesn't make any noise at all. I intend to use the HDD until it fails. Afaik most drives fail in the first 5 years. How long do you think that this thing will last? I won't be storing any data without backing it up of course, so I don't mind it dying on me suddenly.
  12. Ahahaha, so you're telling me that if you just lost a game due to your teammates being incapable, not doing things that they're expected to do in that rank, you should just shrug it off and say "Wow, the fault really is in me and not these teammates who contributed way less to the game"?
  13. Why are you guys crying about toxicity in competitive games? Nobody is forcing you to play it if you can't take the heat. If you play like garbage for your rank, you're gonna get flamed. This is the case with every single game with competitive aspects and people playing to actually win, for example League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO, Siege, even Battlefield. Honestly, it's stupid how you can have a game rated for adults and not use power words or tell your teammates how things really are because muh safe space.
  14. I ordered a 100/50 plan for our fiber connection and so far I've only used a single ethernet cable going from the "box" to my PC, because I never needed a router, since I was the only one using it. Now that I upgraded my plan I thought that my family might also want to benefit from it, for example having the TV connected to the internet all the time, so you don't need to enable mobile hotspot every time. I've been looking at the TP-Link Archer C20 at 35,90€ and the Asus RT-N12E. Are these any good? I need at least 2.4GHz WLAN capability, but 5GHz is welcome too, alongside good settings interface on the router itself.