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    Building PC's, Building Hobby-Grade RC Cars, Working on RL Cars


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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600X - 3.975GHz @1.392V
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    Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 Rev 1.0
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    XPG Gammix D10 16GB (8GBx2) DDR4 3000MHz - 3200MHz @1.355V - CAS 16-18-18-18-38
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    MSI Gaming Twin Frozr GTX 980 - 1430MHz @1.202V
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    Cougar Panzer Max - 5 X Phanteks 140mm MP Fans + 2 X Phanteks 120mm MP Fans
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    Samsung 960 EVO NVME 256GB SSD Boot Drive + Samsung 860 EVO 500GB SSD + WD 5400RPM 600GB HDD
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    Corsair RM1000i
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    Samsung MU6500 49" Curved Glass 4K Smart TV @60Hz (Gaming Mode)
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    Cryorig R1 Universal with upgraded Phanteks PH-F140 HP II Fans
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    G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 RGB
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    G.Skill Ripjaws MX780 RGB
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    Motherboard Audio
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    Windows 10 Professional 64-Bit

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  1. Since I mentioned 7 Days to Die earlier I figured I would simply share a gameplay playlist with you. Alpha 19 is fully stable at this point but these guys played when Alpha 19 was unofficial and start having issues in the later stages of the game with frame rate. This playlist is still a good example of what the game has to offer, a brilliant blend of Zombie Apocalypse Survival, intense realistic survival with hunger and thirst, plus s Minecraft-like building element only FAR more in depth with so many more possibilities. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLi0S8hZejysEj
  2. Eh very true, but Star Citizen is ALMOST my favorite game as of now, with the lack of mission diversity at the moment, I've actually been playing more Fallout 4 and 7 Days to Die than Star Citizen lately, but thats only because Ive already done most of the missions possible in the game in its current state, where as Ive never fully finished the DLC content on Fallout 4 because the game is so ridiculously long lol, but that is the true testament of a real game, many years down the line I am replaying through good old Fallout 4 good old-fashioned vanilla, no mods. Where as honestly I can't ever
  3. If you guys ask me, Star Citizen is more of a game already than CyberPunk 2077. Not only is CyberPunk just as buggy as Star Citizen, so broken that you can't even play the game on older gen consoles, but sometimes missions are bugged literally FOREVER! I played the game on this PC. A mission bugged so badly that I can never complete it, I had to defeat a group of enemies and I guess one didn't spawn, I spent hours searching and nothing, so I gave up on the side mission and finished all others and beat the main story line. Even having gotten the game THE DAY IT CAME OUT, to this day
  4. Thats just what I have been told in game when I asked. Basically, as of now, all PCs of a decent caliber or above all perform very closely to one another and thats just how it is. An RTX 3070 will get about the same frame rate at the same settings as an RTX 3090 or very close to, with the performance difference maybe being 5-10%. CIG keeps a great deal of secrets close to their hearts and are only so transparent with general development topics these days because of the "Negative Nancy" people who began spreading false rumors that the game is a scam. Chris Roberts is simply a guy ob
  5. Watch the videos before jumping to conclusions. At this point, the game works, any theory of a scam is already debunked. There are plenty of games out there still in Alpha that are fantastic. Ever played 7 Days to Die or From the Depths? Both in Alpha many many years and still are, both are not scams either. Watch the negative point of view video, he explains why the game turned out like this. Chris Roberts LITERALLY asked the community once the initial goals were hit if they wanted to continue, and 90+% of backers said yes, so that was that, the never-ending development was born j
  6. Its literally just how many people have to populate so many objects in the universe that between all the players and procedural generation combined, the servers just can't pysically handle it. At least thats how I understand it.
  7. DISCLAIMER: I recommend reading entire OP and watching videos before commenting, as assuming without educating yourself on the CURRENT status of this controversial game as of 2021 will simply make you look like an uneducated fanboy or anti-fanboy. Ive provided both positive and negative perspectives while remaining a fan of the game. SPOILER ALERT! The game is still very much in Alpha state, there are limited missions, tons of bugs everywhere, and even an RTX 3090 will struggle to get anything over 75 FPS even at 1080p thanks to server limitations more than anything plus the EXTREM
  8. GPU is emitting static in the audio constantly. I tested an RX 480 and the noise disappeared. And then my PCI Express slot is malfunctioning. Sometimes my GPU will run x1 mode, sometimes x8, never x16. And this is while gaming, under full load. Also tested with my buddys 480, same result. The computer will randomly crash in the middle of gaming and detect a hardware change
  9. Ya for all of a few hours lol. Gotta RMA both my Motherboard and GPU tomorrow
  10. @Deli Got it! Looks like Factory reset is the key to a successful install. I think I know why too. Even though I disabled my internet connection as well as just DDU uninstalled 20.2.1, my screen still flickered and my DPI settings still changed during phase 1 of the factory reset (uninstalling old software before reboot). I think it does this because theres a conflict with the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter software that automatically installs if you don't install proper software from the manufacturer. So the "Factory Reset" option during install of new AMD drivers seems to be required at thi
  11. Well Im entering safe mode right now to try DDU on 20.2.1 and then install 20.2.2 with factory reset so we will see soon enough
  12. @Deli whats weird is the new 20.2.2 works at first. It will install, and run until I reboot. As soon as I reboot, boot loops. I disabled ALL my overclocking (CPU,RAM,GPU), did DDU fresh installs, IDK what else to try. Im wondering if I DDU the software AND select "Factory Reset" upon install if that might force it to work properly. Time to try it out...
  13. Well I tried a DDU and then install. Same thing, boot loops. Maybe since I have both Feb and March now downloaded, as well as DDU, all saved to my NVME boot drive, I will experiment for a while. Ill post back if I can get a different method to work.
  14. As soon as I installed the update, my PC bootloops into automatic repair, once I DDU the software, I can get back into Windows again. Just thought I would let you guys know. Im rolling back to Feb 2020 update for now. Specs: AsRock X570 ITX TB3 MotherBoard AMD Ryzen 3700X 2 x 16GB Trident Z Neo 3600 16-19-19-19-39 PowerColor/AMD RX 5700-XT Red Devil Corsair Force MP600 1TB NVME 4.0 Boot Drive Asus P34Q 100Hz 3440x1440 monitor