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    i7 4770 (non k)
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    16gb ddr3 1600
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    MSI gtx 1070 Gaming Z 8gb
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    Cooler Master ATCS 840 server case
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    4tb wd blue/ 1tb wd blue/ 128gb ssd
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    hyper 212 EVO
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    Micro Innovations (PS2)
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    Logitech G700s
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    Windows 10 pro

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  1. The best 3070 is the one you are able to get as all 3070s on the market are going to perform similarly (depending on clock speed and thermal design to some degree) and getting your hands on any gpu right now is akin to Indiana Jones retrieving the idol from the temple.
  2. I would try to get a computer with a one or two generation old processors (preferably i5 or i7) off of your local listings like Craigslist or failing that off of eBay and then source a cheap (possibly used) SSD for it. I paid about 300$ (USD) all in for my current daily driver with an SSD and ram upgrade all off of eBay.
  3. I had a dell Chromebook screen crack the first month I had it and I checked the limited three month warranty and at the time this should have been covered but they wanted to charge me 200$ to replace the screen on the 300$ laptop even after I called them out on their bs and spoke to the "manager". Also I had a dell Alienware laptop that began to get heat damage around the middle of the screen above were the GPU was. Turned out after some research that this model with the mobile 970 or 980 would do this unless you let the laptop cool down for a half hour or so after gaming (super crappy design
  4. sounds like your windows install is messed up. I would reinstall windows (after copying down your windows 10 key if you don't still have it) which can be done while keeping old apps and data but will require some work to re set up all your preferences and stuff after the fact.
  5. The problem here is there is not going to be a crazy performance spike with the i7s on the same chipset so this is going to be a temporary solution that will likely not do much. You could look into sourcing a zeon E3-1220 (or E31230/1260/1270) from ebay or similar sites or just see if any local businesses like data centers or offices might have a decommissioned one floating around and than slap a nice overclock on it. you can often find these zeons for 20-30$ and they tend to overclock well with a traditional tower heat sink as their original clock speeds are very conservative to accommodate l
  6. My only tip is avoid dell at all costs as their laptops are unreliable and cheaply made and their customer support is laughably horrible.
  7. Update your graphics driver from nvidea's website directly. Also make sure windows is updated. completely uninstall and then reinstall the game and then try running the game on the default graphics settings (without changing any settings) for a while to see if the problem stops. Also, try playing the game in windowed mode. Also you could try turning your pc completely of and unplugging it than reseating your ram. Also maybe think about replacing the thermal paste and possibly the thermal pads on your GPU as 980tis can run super hot and prolonged use over time can degrade the thermal conductivi
  8. Yea I think we have a dead card. You could try to flash a new bios to the card but it is a pain of a process with a low success rate (lots of tutorials on YouTube).
  9. Personally I would just like an RTX of any kind for the Nvidea noise canceling software (it looks really cool).
  10. My bet is that the 1070 was being used heavily for mining in a past life. I would start by replacing the thermal pate (and possibly thermal pads too) on the graphics card.
  11. Yes. A kit is just a bundle price thing. The sticks aren’t meaningfully matched or anything.
  12. Did you try all your video outs on the card or just the one display port? Also did you try updating the graphics driver in windows (via the working HDMI out on the motherboard)? If your graphics card is working at all you should not be getting video from the motherboard’s HDMai out so something is going on here.