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  1. You can't use Google on a Texas Instruments calculator.
  2. Except, y'know Doxxing Outrage mob getting you virtually unemployable Attempts on your life But nah, no repercussions at all.
  3. Including Zev. Thier entry level, basic barrels start at $225. G17, 19, or 34. Hell, they don't specify the actual coating of their burnt bronze barrels, and I'm not stupid enough to just assume that it's coated with bronze. To put this in contrast, Faxon Firearms, a company well known for producing unparalleled (especially when it comes to stress relieving) pencil thin barrels for AR15s as well as other high end parts, has their most expensive barrels at $229. Those are G34 barrels that are threaded, Nitrided, and PVD coated. G17 barrels drop down to $219 at their most expensive. Hell, looking at Cheaperthandirt, most non Zev barrels running ~300 have more stylized fluting accent/lightening cuts, instead of basic dimples.
  4. Yes, it is. Asserting any form of dominance available is not only part of human nature, but the nature every living thing in the universe. Bullying is just an extension of that. That's like saying just because some people consider steel to be a metal doesn't mean everyone does.
  5. They were probably so tired that they were loopy.
  6. Which differ in RAM type, a few features that a small subset of programs actually benefit from, and stricter validation that is paired with a different driver stack. Consumer cards can very easily match their professional counterparts for less money, and many companies don't need the benefits of the professional card. Hell, the Titan line and Vega Frontier Edition (and to an extent, the VII) exist to be cheaper alternatives to high end professional cards, that trade off a few features. His point is applicable.
  7. Sportsman's Warehouse has many sub $500.
  8. I call bullshit. Cabela's overcharges on anything and everything they can. $28 for a $17 Carlson Benelli Mobil choke comes to mind. As does ~$600 for a base model Mossberg 590.
  9. Zev starts at $200 for bitch basic stainless steel dimpled barrels. Most other manufacturs start at $150 or so. Faxon charges $200 for some basic dimpled barrels, but at least they're finished with either a plating, nitride, or high end coating.
  10. Nah, he got in the way of a pissy Pachirisu.
  11. He got in the way of a tempermental electric type.
  12. Again, timeliness =/= releasing videos as soon as a product or information drops. Being a reliable source is more important. And rushing to the dick measuring contest does not help reputation. Producers demonstrate a willingness to forgo accuracy and quality every time they participate in it. But I'll take long term advice from the guy who pushes low quality clickbait for short term growth, a tactic that has a history of failing long term.
  13. Take concepts from products already on market, implement them, and act like they did it first and are an innovative company. They also overcharge for their products. Such as the OC9 - The grip angle already existed on Grey Ghost Precision's pistol (and the OC9 was announced after Faxon's FX19), metal frame Glocks are not new, nor is the frame design that has a metal slide rail housing and swappable grip (albeit that was for 1911s). $1700 for the entry OC9, the FX19 comes in at $1300 and $1500 and the GGP comes in at $1500 (and you can just buy the frame for $170). Or their new AR10. The lower is dimensionally identical to an AR15 reciever behind the magazine well, uses AR15 buffer tubes and triggers, and the bolt carrier is the same diameter as an AR15's. In other words, Zev's innovative new AR10's recievers are standard DPMS pattern parts. And their fanboys are just as stupid.
  14. Right now, the speculation is that the soft limit is temporary (and I refer to it as hard and soft because it's supposed to be 140, but it really is 142, give or take .1W).
  15. Thing is, Zodiark and Delicieuxz answers don't apply in this discussion: the 3700X is drawing less than the 2700X. Same coolers are able to be used, the same boards and sockets work just fine, the new boards being overkill.
  16. We're hitting 1.4v at the 4.3-4.4GHz mark. If Zen 2 can't handle more voltage, then it likely won't clock better (BIOS can affect how well chips overclock by a small extent). We can't really do much overclock testing either, because the chips are locked to not exceed certain wattage ranges.
  17. Not everyone does. It's largely something that happens in the tech sphere, but as of right now, JayzTwoCents only pushed his CPU review. And those that do, it either boils down to bragging rights or stupidity, probably both. They do so solely for bragging rights.
  18. Quite a few high profile youtubers, such as Markiplier, have discussed this dozens of times throughout videos. Being amongst the first few to cover a product, such as processors or games, is good for nothing other than meaningless circlejerks. Public interest in products does not magically drop like a rock if you take a day or two after the product drops. The people wanting these reviews either want as much information as possible and will wait a few days for videos to make an informed purchase, watch one video and call it done, or wait for their preferred reviewer(s) videos. And that's something we see outside of the tech sphere.
  19. Timely doesn't equate to as soon as the product drops or information comes out. You and your staff willingly and voluntarily signed up for this. None of you were forced to do the work when you did it.
  20. The more and more I look into highly custom AR10 and Glock products, the more I release that Zev Technologies is just the Apple of the gun world.
  21. Bolster the 'Orange Man Bad' narrative, even though we actually know nothing about what was discussed, just that a discussion happened. Probably.