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    AMD FX-6100
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    Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
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    Crucial 16GB DDR3-1600 1.35V
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    Sapphire AMD R7 260X 2GB
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    Antec GX 700
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    OCZ - Agility 3 90GB
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    Cooler Master gx 650W
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    Benq GW2765
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    Corsair H100i
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    Tomoko 87-Key Mechanical - Blue
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    Logitech G502
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    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. Ertman

    Pro league ruins games?

    Overwatch is fairy bad example. That game had always seemed designed to be an esports game. The negatives that are being experienced are more likely a result of the community just evolving over time.
  2. Ertman

    Xbox 360 power brick compatibility

    As previously mentioned, the connections are different to be forwards compatible. A Xenon PSU can be use with a jasper, but not the other way around. I have used a Xenon PSU with a Falcon and a Jasper, if that is any comfort.
  3. Ertman

    Consoles bound to AMD products

    The APU is the right way to go about consoles at this point. I think the only way for another player to get into the console game is if Intel had a gpu that was actually performance competitive. Problem is, how many more console generations will there be?
  4. Ertman

    Can you realy get windows 10 pro for under 15$?

    I actually agree with you. Not everyone has a single PC anymore, there are many users that will have specific purpose machines that get rarely used so it at the very least seems expensive to the user. At $40-50, I wouldn't think twice about getting another license if I need one. There will still be those that pirate, and those looking to get the $5 key, but I'd be fine with $50.
  5. Ertman

    Consoles bound to AMD products

    If Intel was the chip producer for these consoles, it could have been an atom CPU, which wouldn't have been much if at all better.
  6. Ertman

    A good air sprayer for my consoles.

    It’s not really a big deal, just credit being given where it is deserved, but the OP probably should have selected Eastman instead of himself for best answer.
  7. Ertman

    Google Stadia (Cloud Gaming)

    ^ I do thing the GaaS is likely the future for most gamers. Microsoft and even Sony are clearly pushing in that direction, and it is likely the XboxTwo and PS5 could be the last of the traditional consoles. There will still be a place for PC gamers for quite some time, but eventually the convenience might or probably will take that market too, it would just be quite some time. However, the biggest stumbling block is the infrastructure, for the most part, we just aren't there yet. For North America it might take 10 years for the infrastructure to catchup to serve the majority of users. There will still be many users that will be left behind once GaaS reaches a tipping point in market penetration and they will have to rely on PC gaming or whatever console maker is still available. Maybe the console makers will continue the next generation consoles for more than a decade seeing cutdown versions of then "current" games to still give people with poor internet to participate. I might be pessimistic, but Google also doesn't have the best track record for staying with projects for the long term, so I look forward to seeing how this works out.
  8. It appears that the graphics have been at a stand still, and this is mostly because they have been trying to be more inclusive to older hardware and lower end systems with integrated GPUs. The graphical quality has definitely improved, there has even been technologies developed and abandoned because of the performance costs for the minimal quality gained. Some of this is due to the shared console/PC development and some is due to financial and market pressures. I feel we are also at a quality level where we see diminishing returns of quality with incremental improvements as the costs begin to effect performance to greatly.
  9. Ertman

    Google Stadia

    I think they are still at least 5 years too early. need better infrastructure in most places and need the technology to to be further developed. However, I am looking forward to being surprised.
  10. Ertman

    Suggestions which xbox 360 model to get

    Thanks. BF4 was the one I was think of!
  11. Ertman

    Selling Price of PS4 and 11 games

    I think the only real issue is that a game library doesn’t provide much value unless the buyer wants all those games. So you end up nearly giving them away with the console.
  12. Ertman

    Suggestions which xbox 360 model to get

    From your knowledge does any of these require the internal harddrive? Asking for future game purchases myself. I do have a game that says it needs an internal drive to be played and unlike most other games it doesn’t accept external storage as an option. I need to check which game that is.
  13. Ertman

    Suggestions which xbox 360 model to get

    I am not 100% sure about the following. Models of the S and E were sold with different drive variants None(4gb)/250gb/320gb/500gb. i beleive the 500gb was only sold with the E model, but the drives were interchangeable and you could purchase a S/E drive and put it either of the two models. I don’t believe any of the consoles that were sold by Microsoft with drives came with the 4gb internal storage.
  14. I might have just recently got a 360, so I will be playing those games. I have also been getting some original Xbox games. i have been playing assasins creed 4 on the 360 and some Forza on the original.
  15. 3D Realms is still a thing, or a thing again? I thought they went out of business.