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  1. I assume this “X Series” is going to have a premium price like the XB1X. If they are indeed making 2 consoles, I still hope the lower end one has disc capabilities. While I am and have always been interested in new console releases, I don’t really spend that much time gaming to justify buying a premium console, and I still would rather purchase games on disc. Probably doesn’t help my opinion that I don’t have very high speed internet.
  2. Microsoft has announced at the next Xbox. The Series X, and if rumours are to be considered, this is one of two new Xbox being released next year. Not much new information than what has already been rumoured. Many developers are already working on games, 4K 60fps (up to 120) gaming, 8k (video?), variable refresh rate support, etc. Custom APU (zen2 + next gen RDNA gpu). GDDR6 memory. NVMe storage. Controller is being revised to be more accommodating to more people. Adds a share button for content sharing. Release time frame Holidays 2020 https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2019/12/12/microsoft-unveils-xbox-series-x/amp/ Kind of reminds me of a black AirPort Extreme Base Station. At least it’s not in the shape of a letter. I think the naming scheme could be better, might confuse some consumers.
  3. I do not think its really necessary to have an exhaust fan as you have the PSU exhausting air from the top of the case. However, this doesn't mean it couldn't help remove extra hot air generated but he GPU. Fan splitters aren't to hard to come by. Are you sure, I believe its a space for 92mm fans.
  4. Well, I figure if we are comparing it to local spinning hard disk, it could increase load times a small bit and make response times a bit slower, but it should work ok. So I guess a game that doesn't stream data while playing would be less problematic. Anecdotally, I have also done this before and I did find the difference noticeable but also tolerable. I think the a bigger difference would be seen if using an SSD.
  5. I guess that’s an upgrade. It would be noticeable, I would have thought the CPU would have been higher priority.
  6. Is there a genre of game you would like to play? So far people have mostly suggested FPS. Do you want the requirement of being able to play Offline? I'll provide some that don't require online connectivity, that I can recall. Strategy: Stracraft Warcraft 3 Civilization Command and Conquer 3/RA3 RPG: Baldurs Gate Racing: Flat-out 2 Need for Speed Shift Grid
  7. lol, nice seeing the FX chips still getting some love
  8. I think Nintendo has played it pretty smart with their current strategy. there has been a few missteps along the way, but they are mainly focused on the providing an experience to the player with quite a bit of focus on 1st party and exclusives. They don't seem to get involved with the race to have the "most powerful console" as that has been problematic for both Sony and MS and is very competitive fairly narrow market to exist in. They generally a more affordable option and they provide something "different" which actually competes in the whole gaming market and not just top tier consoles. Nintendo is the console that attracts PC gamers, families and people that are less gaming focused. Would I buy a more powerful Nintendo console, sure if I am in the market for one, why not. If we are talking about a console to rival Sony and MS, I think that it would risk losing focus on what makes them currently competitive and they don't really offer the proper support to complete against the other 2. Like you said they don't provide good community interaction or online play, a large detriment to competing directly against Sony and MS.
  9. Off the Top of My head, so theres is more and these aren't necessarily ALL of my "favourite" games. Fallout 2 Fallout 3 Half Life Halo Civilization 3 Warcraft 2 Command and Conquer Red Alert Rome Total War Old FPS Doom Duke Nukem 3D Racing Need for Speed 3 Burnout 3 Classic Console Super Mario Kart Super Mario 3 Sonic 2
  10. That's why I thought that we could provide other game suggestions, instead of a new topic being opened up about every game the OP comes across.
  11. Maybe we can provides some help to the OP by providing games he might be able to play, with at least a little better performance. I still wouldn't expect stellar gameplay. Generally, the older the game the better performance on the iGPU. If the OP could provide what there Expectations are for gaming performance, we could tailor answers to fit. Start at low setting and work your way up to find what is playable for you. You will also need to consider lowering resolution. Best chances with similar game play: Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005 NOT 2012) Burnout Paradise (2008 NOT Remastered) *I do not guarantee any of these games will work for an enjoyable experience as I can't really verify the game play with the intergrated GPUs.
  12. Sony is being pretty vague about this, but from what I understood, this isnt referring to just the standard standby/sleep mode. Isnt there going to be something about suspending/resuming gameplay at lower power states so the player can jump back in to where they left off? Possibly not not just when the console is left unattended, but also when the user focus switches to a different task? Whether it plays out like that, but it seems that they are trying to have an always on experience, which many gamers still do, but also save power when its not being gaming.
  13. Seems like the moon level story might be a candidate for a Nelson Mendela affect.
  14. It is Very car dependent. What I liked about my car is that I could just coast on idle when the traffic is crawling. The thing with automatics is that you have to ride the brake non stop if its a crawl, I hate having to constantly be wearing on the brakes and fighting the engine, in comparison to idle pulling forward.
  15. I down shift almost all the time while driving in traffic IRL. Obviously unexpected traffic issues would make that impossible. I also find creeping forward pretty easy, especially if traffic is very congested, and will often not use any throttle and just put it in gear and use idle. Obviously this is traffic/vehicle depended and creeping forward this way is very slow because of the gear ratios. I have travelled this way for a couple kilometres in otherwise what would have been stop and go traffic. I find with automatics this can't be done as at idle you move to quickly in very slow moving stopngo traffic.