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  1. *this isn't my laptop it is my brothers* ok so my brother has that laptop he uses a cooling pad and when his laptop is idling it is at 60-70c with no apps open and under load it gets to 103c and i checked that the max temp for the cpu is 105c whereas this cpu gets to 110!! without turning off please helpp
  2. i've looked and im wondering if this will fit. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-UK-Keyboard-For-HP-ENVY-13-ad000-13-ad100-Laptop-Backlit-Silver/173724487557?hash=item2872c94f85:g:1jsAAOSwmaJcMIL0
  3. ever since day one this laptop has been good but these last few years screws on the laptop are falling off without being touched and the hinge digging into the display and now my end key and a key have come off and are not going back on if anyone can find me replacement keys (UK) please send a link
  4. Hi i have a hp envy 13 ad013na and my original charger has broken but i have a replacement on the way and i realised it had a usb c port so then i plugged in a functioning wire and plug and it doesnt work any reason why? https://support.hp.com/gb-en/document/c05588695 it says it has power delivery aswell so i presume i can use the usb-c port to charge my other devices as i have a usb-c to usb-c wire so and i can charge my laptop via usb-c
  5. and i use the power saver power plan btw
  6. Hi guys.I successfully dusted the laptop but i dont see that much of a difference in temperature like i took off the cpu cooler and wiped it with isopropyl alcohol and compressed air but there is little change in temperatures and i just done a general clean of it but it is idling at 40-50 degrees and when i play valorant on all low my cpu temps get to 90+ degrees then subsequently turn off and i used some arctic mx-4 thermal paste btw
  7. I don't know what screwdriver I need all I know is that its a torx one
  8. Hi guys I have a HP envy 13 Ad013na I searched up a teardown video but to no avail and I do not know what screw it is being held in with I play Minecraft on low settings and I get 60 fps (vsync disabled) and my fan ramps up super loud and kinda starts spitting out dust and sometimes the laptop physically gets too hot for me to use it comfortably like it will start to hurt a lil bit and I have no knowledge on how to do a deep clean of it so any help would be appreciated and my fps limit is unlimited and my clock speed is at 3.09 GHz under load and then like 10 secs later it drops to 1.03 GHz a