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    AMD FX-8350
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    Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
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    Crucial 16GB DDR3-1600 1.35V
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    Sapphire HD 7970 Vapor-X Ghz Edition
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  1. Can I play the anecdote game too. ok... I have: Xbox (original) Xbox 360 (Xenon) Xbox 360 S Xbox One S All still work fine and have played and tested out all of the older ones recently. The one I don’t really trust is the Xenon 360 as it feels like those live on borrowed time. It was fine for gaming on for 3 hrs recently.
  2. It kind of depends on left over stock too. This would more likely affect the number of retailers selling the console and possibly the price a bit. I figure the OneS would likely be dropped a significant amount, maybe lowest yet, but its not really known how much and whether the lack of availability of next gen will impact it.
  3. Without even considering the prices you are looking at paying, I vote for waste of money. Taking into account the prices, I think it would be insane to put that towards an FX system. You already have an "8 core" you can overclock, and the best you could be do is get a chip that might overclock slightly more, which won't result in a noticeable difference. Also, not sure how upgrading your GPU will help you if you are already saying you are CPU limited for what you want to do with you computer. My suggestion is to put that 160-200 towards a new platform, save until you ca
  4. Most likely VGA. but could be DVI, need picture to really know for sure.
  5. Ancedotally, using the megnetic properties of a 6inch speaker, I attached it directly to the side of a computer tower. It shouldn't have any effect, and it didn't. I am thinking the Magsafe will leaps and bounds less problematic.
  6. Well its been literally quoted by people, it has even appeared on LTT videos, and while it doesn't matter to you, it apparently matters to some.
  7. Did not realize the CPU was "maxing" out causing ongoing issues as "spiking" is normal in short bursts, thanks for providing more pertinent information to the problem. I have a CPU similar to the Q9300 that I used for a Plex server and light browsing and disc ripping and I did not experience the issues you are. So clearly theres something else going on here and makes me think there might be a fault in the hardware somewhere. If you have that strict of budget and want to use a PC for your server then the used route through thrift stores, craigslist, Facebook, or whateve
  8. The current CPU should be capable of 2 maybe even 3 1080p transcoded streams. For the chipset, there's not much to gain by upgrading the CPU. Ram is sufficient. Sounds like you are either having hard drive issues, or software issues possibly involving the OS. There's is a possibility that other hardware has had failures that have only shown up as slowing your computer down. Have you tried wiping and reinstalling the OS? If you are trying to make this system work, I would also recommend an SSD for the OS. If the Nvidia shield is a option for you, it's generally a pretty
  9. You asked for a reason, and if that feeling stuck with people , regardless if it improved, theres a reason.
  10. I am going to assume MS is going to be hands-off for most of the Day to Day stuff. They might assign specific studios to work on various projects, and I do think that they my provide direction if they want something done better. I think they know where the can help studios improve and where they will get in the way. So, yes I do think their games will be less buggy, but don't expect miracles overnight.
  11. That’s kind of the great thing about having a choice. For me, I didn’t care much for the Sony exclusives and preferred the some of the few Xbox ones. Obviously for you PlayStation is a better choice as it gives you more of the games you want.
  12. I too would recommend the lighter laptop over a gaming one for school. A little weight savings doesn't sound like much but it is very noticeable over the day.
  13. What budget? Usually the best option would be to go used. Then it kind of depends on your budget and features you want. PC gaming does make it easier. I can't speak to your local market, availability and price, but it usually goes a little something like this: Logitech DFGT Logitech G25/G27 (only because older and might be more worn, less used versions are pretty good) Thrustmaster T150/TX (? Not sure if they had a previous model) Thrustmaster TMX Logitech G29/G920 Thrustmaster TX/T300 This is general land a quick list o
  14. Yes, and how noticeable and dramatic those improvements will be will diminish with every generation. Ps1 to ps2 was a larger change than PS2 to PS3. I think this is forgone conclusion. There’s still going to be improvements but how dramatic they, how noticeable they are diminishes over time. Because the how noticeable the improvements are and required computing power don’t scale linearly, it’s more exponential.