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  1. Amazon shipping to the UAE

    just type "computer plaza " in google maps u should get it, i couldnt type the link here for some reason
  2. Amazon shipping to the UAE

    i checked price for 2 monitors that i know, and they are about 200 AED more than the price in computer plaza, so that site is expensive.
  3. Amazon shipping to the UAE

    cant open that website, did u write it correctly?
  4. Amazon shipping to the UAE

    amazon delivers to your home, and no way the monitor is 2000 AED cheaper than here from amazon, same goes to the system, just 1 day get ur parts ready and go to duabai computer plaza, and check the prices. i built my own pc 6 months ago, and helped 2 friends build their systems and in every time i bought everything from here except mouse,headphones,amp/dac and i cant tell u how much u will pay for shipping for a 5000 AED parts, since it depend on the weight, but u will pay extra 250 for import duties over the item price +shipping totall.
  5. Amazon shipping to the UAE

    i live in UAE, and bought lots of stuff from amazon us, now here are how the prices here compared to US. Case: cheaper here, the price will be the same from amazon US without shipping included. motherboard,cpu,ram: u will pay around 50-100 extra over the US price, so just buy from here, since u will get warranty from the shop it self for a year. gpu: 100 AED extra over us price, also get it here. psu,cooler,fans: 10-50 extra. screen: 100-200 extra, better from here rather than shipping it then having dead pixiles/any other problem. keyboard mouse headphones: get them from amazon us mostly it will be cheaper from there. u can buy the stuff from computer plaza " al ain center" in dubai, in 2nd floor u will find most of the pc parts shops. now for buying from amazon, make an account and add ur address in it, then when ever u view an item u will see near the price it says if it ships to UAE or not, if it does ship to UAE then u can expect $ 15-25 USD for shipping depending on how big the item is, u can combine items together for cheaper shipping. if you want to buy something that doesnt ship to UAE directly u can use shipping forwarding company like aramex, u simply register on their shopandship website, then u get USA address and use it when u buy stuff, when u register there is a code online that makes the registration feee only $10 so dont pay the full $45-50. they ship fast and kinda cheap, AED 43 for first 0.5 kg, then AED 34 on each next 0.5kg, can be cheaper than amazon sometimes. as for import duties as i remember it was 5% on anything over AED 1000, i didnt ship anything that expensive in a while so not sure if its still the same. if u have any other questions ask.
  6. 1- you are posting in the wrong place, this forum is full of fan boys who wont care about w/e u are going to say,u will end up wrong. 2- you know how Pewdiepie is just a big gaming channel that put none sense pretty much, and uses w/e method to get more views, LTT is the same but in tech department. now if pewdiepie didnt do what he is doing, some 1 else will be doing that and getting the easy money, so same point goes for LTT if they arent doing what they are right now, some 1 else will and who ever that is, most likely will end up beating LTT in views in the long run. so the real problem is the people and not LTT, people now a days dont get the concept of wasting time on stupid videos, all u are doing is just making some 1 else a bit richer than u are while u are watching their stupid videos. so in the end, LTT wont change till the ppl change, and if the people do change, i am sure LTT will meet w/e the people need by then.
  7. Headphones in range of $100-120

    thing is i own ATH-M50 i like them and all but would prefere them to let in more sound, now the new headphone is for my brother, the main problem is i never tried open headphones and there are none on display in shops here so i dont know how much sound they let in/out. so i know i want open ones but hoping that u cant hear the sound from outside on like 50% volume or so.
  8. Headphones in range of $100-120

    well i dont mind opened ones, but not 1 ones that would let everything in
  9. Headphones in range of $100-120

    i forgot to mention i want them to be over ear design.
  10. Headphones in range of $100-120

    hello, i am looking for a new headphone in the range of $100-120, preferably semi open back. Edit: forgot to mention over ear design.
  11. Best USB mic for around 50 USD

    i saw ur post earlier, but would a option for 12$ sound good or even worth it?
  12. Best USB mic for around 50 USD

    i read alot of ppl saying mod mic not worth its price
  13. ATH M50 replacement ear pads

    why do i need foam between the pad and the driver?
  14. Best USB mic for around 50 USD

    anything for 10-15$ more but have alot better sound quality?
  15. ATH M50 replacement ear pads

    hello, i need to replace my ATH M50 ear pads with something more comfy and way cooler, so velour preferably since the original gets hot.