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    Bengaluru, India
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    Ryzen 3 1200 @ 3.4 ghz no voltage changes
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte AB350M HD3
  • RAM
    16GB DDR4
  • GPU
    Zotac geforce GTX 1060 3GB
  • Case
    Coolermaster Masterbox Lite 5 RGB
  • Storage
    250GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD, 2TB Segate barracuda
  • PSU
    Corsair 550W
  • Display(s)
    LG 23 inch 1080P
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    windows 10

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  1. I have a GTX1060 3 GB. However in task manager it shows 11GB, where 8 GB is shared GPU memory. Is it my RAM? if so how efficient is this over dedicated GPU memory?
  2. This is my current MOBO - https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-AB350M-HD3-rev-1x#kf Can I buy ryzen 3000 series processor? will my mobo support? Thank a TON
  3. I've a GTX 1060 and I've a freesync monitor. I read recently that now I can Gsync? I had a driver update too for this?LG lg23mp68vq is my monitor? Will this support Gsync? I do not see this work even after the driver update.
  4. @jstudrawa The prices are still heavy here Your answer is satisfying! I have a single 8gb stick now. Hopefully, another 8 should show a noticeable difference TYSM
  5. That's what I feel too but I may upgrade next gen ryzen 3 when it gets releases next year. will 3200 show a difference at that time? If I add another 2400 as you said will I see a performance difference as I've 2 rams now?
  6. I have a 2400 DDR4 Ram 8gb. I'm looking to buy a 8gb 3200 (I know I'll have less speed with 2400) and later upgrade the 2400 when I've enough money. I also feel there will not be noticeable FPS difference between 2*2400 and 2*3200 in gaming. Thoughts? what will be the difference. Note: I've Ryen 3 1200 OC to 3.7 gtx 1060 OC
  7. If you monitor is manufactured for 60hz. You can't make it 75!
  8. Have a look at this attachment. I've got a ram whose stock speed is 2400mhz. I've overclocked it in bios and in bios it shows 2666 as showing in task manager below. Why every other s/w show 1330? Thoughts? TYSM
  9. My next question was that i got a single 2400 runing. can i run 2 different speed stick in dual?
  10. No limit on budget but sticking on AM4.
  11. AFAIK my bios is upto date today. Do i need to do anything else? Looks like ryzen 5 has many models
  12. Any idea which am4 series has best single core performance?