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  1. Night

    [Gizmodo] Google's Messing with Music on YouTube

    Ive been wanting to shift away from Facebook and Google. Hopefully when they turn to crap everyone else will move so I can leave these pieces of crap behind without having to lose my friends who still think these services are the best.
  2. Night

    Gamers underrated on this forum?

    Calm yo tits. Geeezzzz man. its like the worlds going to end with you.
  3. Night

    Are any of you happy?

    Close. But not quite there yet. YET.
  4. Night

    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

    I wouldn't say I regret going full tower and mATX. But My next build will defiantly be ITX. There is just a lot of un-used space that cost me more than ITX would have. It also doesn't fit in as many places. I suggest going with ITX if you can get everything you need into that form factor.
  5. Night

    Gamers underrated on this forum?

    Oh sorry for participating in a TECH forum. Game informer, GameSpot, IGN...those are gaming forums. Go there if you want to be immersed in gaming.
  6. Night

    how to improv mental alertness, reaction, focus.. ?

    Relax. Be like water. Eat less crap. Exercise regularly. Have something to focus on. Be like water. <-- Go with the flow. Stress plays a big part in your health.
  7. Night

    Gamers underrated on this forum?

    To long, didnt read. Its a tech forum, not a gaming forum. End of story?
  8. Night

    Hardware Poll! June 2014

    Very interesting results.
  9. There came a point where I stopped caring...so much so that I have not even put either of my side panels on, and not even installed my optical drive. Its a very open airflow design ive got now.
  10. Night

    Is Watch_Dogs Worth It?

    No, Its an utter piece of crap.
  11. Night

    [NSFW] Do you watch porn

    I know someone who says they never watch porn or masturbate. -- Wait dont worry...I was thinking how do they get by...then I remembered they are a skank. All good.
  12. Night

    Do you guys go outside?

    I hate summer. Its too hot. Outside is nice though...anywhere is nice, with company.
  13. Night

    Does anyone have no friends?

    I guess so. I think my answer is more that I didnt have many friends that live close by, and the few I had that I actually want to stay friends with live further away than I would like. Solution: I resigned from my job, moved closer to a bigger city, possible into the city and am embarking on a journey to change my life. I used to live in a region renown for being a giant retirement village...which is basically was. The few friends I have right now, online..seem to keep me happy for a short time. The rest of the time im thinking and looking for ways to find people who live closer and what things im interested in doing that will bring me closer to them...
  14. Night

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Ayyyyyy Im actually listening to music right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7m86aMNjlQ#t=174
  15. Night

    What to do when bored?

    RC Cars. I just bought an RC Drift car. Very entertaining, I drive mine inside and outside.