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  1. I think you should just go to bed the old fashioned way, at least for one night.
  2. Well I'm just happy that people don't have the same access to guns here as they do in the US. If not outright banning the things, at least make it a lot more difficult to obtain them. It's scary to think that pretty much anyone is able to own a gun until after they do something bad. I know mental health care is also a problem, but a lot of people that have issues aren't going to seek help, or they can't afford it. I don't think putting people like that on an 18 month waiting list for free mental health care is going to be much help to them.
  3. Sorry OP. Sending a ticket is all you can do, but you're probably never going to get them back. I know Valve will sometimes reverse it if your account get's hijacked, but I don't think they do it often. thisistotallynotascamnowpleasesendmeyourusernameandpasswordsoicanstealallofyourshit@ofcoursesteamusesgmail.com
  4. I don't know if it's the right call, but I don't like it. It sucks for people who have slow download speed and data caps, and it also sucks for people who didn't want to have to use Steam to play the game. Paying for shelf space in the store is also really expensive.
  5. I don't really expect it to happen, but if I does I'm pretty sure they're only trying to steal my shit. I don't think that they deserve to die for that, even if it is shitty.
  6. Aisde from those who need a gun as a tool for their job, I see no reason for a person to keep a gun in their house. But there are downsides, like someone getting shot. I also don't know where they would store them. Find someone smarter than me to come up with an idea.
  7. I would say that those would be covered by the reasons I gave.
  8. There's only two good reasons to want to own a gun. Either it's a tool that's necessary for your job, or that you just like guns. I've never been convinced by the protection argument before though. What situation do you think you're going to be in where you're going to need a gun to protect yourself? It's just I've never known a person who was ever in a position where they needed a gun to protect themselves.
  9. I'm for it. Maybe we don't need to go straight to banning all guns outright, but the idea that most people have the ability to buy a gun and keep it in their home is unsettling.
  10. Clean shave or trim. On almost all guys a huge beard looks fucking disgusting.
  11. He really loves to put on a performance.
  12. I have no clue what that means. I never went to r9k,but I did go to v9k for like the first year when that was a thing. The place became full of assholes like that.
  13. The kid seemed like an Eliot Rodger to me. Especially if he was using the word 'normie'.
  14. This is becoming quite the trend. Seriously, I'm saddened and angry by this, and I really do mean that sincerely. It's just that this is so common now that I can't even be shocked by it any more.