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  1. Thank you! Thanks for the information! Nice on the memory cards.
  2. Haha true that I may keep a look out Ah okay yeah reckon it's better to wait!
  3. Hey guys! I just wanted to ask really, seeing all the games coming out for Nintendo Switch from E3, I'm really liking it. However, can you guys give me an insight to how well Nintendo maintains and updates their games? I've never had any of the DS' and don't really know. Also, I got a PS Vita, and was really excited in the first year of its release, with all the games such as Uncharted, Persona, Gravity Rush. But the next year onwards it all went to shit. I spent a substantial amount of money, given the memory cards are absolutely priced to hell as well. I just don't want to make t
  4. In geforce experience, go to settings > games > battery boost, change that
  5. For games? Could be the Geforce battery boost which caps games to 30fps?
  6. Oh gosh I purchased it. I absolutely regretted it the next second. Oh myyy people!!
  7. Cool! Uhm yeah moderate use would give about 2 hours, I use it very conservatively like bringing down the brightness to 20% etc. Optimus!
  8. Ahh yeah. I currently have a Metabox P650SE, which is basically an australian version of the Clevo P650SE. Think it released quite a while back , maybe two years? It's good but just kinda heavy to bring to uni, and can probably only last 2 hours without a charger.
  9. Ah it's ridiculous ain't it. A 1050TI would definitely make me buy it, but a 1050 I don't know. Hopefully they make it slightly thicker, I don't mind, if it gives a much better performance boost. And they're supposedly doing away with the detachable screen I think?
  10. Yeah. Oh geez I hope to God the SB2 releases in April. Most sites seem to state that Microsoft won't announce it at their April event. Sad
  11. Well that's weird! Guess I haven't really been researching enough. I went into the store today to check out the XPS 15 and the Surface Book. Geez the XPS is a beauty but the Surface book seems to have such a great build quality, almost matching Apple's. Sighh maybe I should wait for SB2?
  12. Yep I do know Alienware is Dell was kinda referring to the Dell warranty heh. But yeah I like the warranty, just in case. Sigh what to do. I'm just really waiting for the Surface Book 2, since the Razer Blade is already out and still has those damn bezels. Don't like to wait another year!
  13. Wait the 4720HQ is faster than the 7700?! The factor of battery life and portability is quite significant though, but I'm still unsure! I'm not too sure about Lenovo's warranty. I used to have an Alienware and when there were problems Dell would send someone to my place to fix it, and I really liked that!
  14. Haha oh gosh yeah that is one of the other reasons why I'm hesitating. It has a weaker GPU than my 2 year old laptop
  15. Cool! I'm in Adelaide. The prices are crazy! Don't understand what's wrong with them. Anyway, I actually do love macbook pros. Their definitely the best laptops for now. But they just keep going against what the customer asks for. Really disappointed with the latest line, so I am unsure of what to do now. My current laptop probably can last for another 2 years, but I feel like switching up. Hmm