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  1. This answer might be a bit late, but I have this problem as well. I tried a few things and it turns out that for me it had to do with the fact that the Windows scheduler is horrible and wants everything to run on core 0. Setting the affinity of your OBS to NOT use core 0 and maybe even core 1 will probably fix your frame drops in OBS.
  2. VPNFilter malware - Cisco's Talos finds new network gear vulnerability Cisco's Talos Intelligence group shares their findings about a new multi-stage malware they found on network devices in a blogpost. The post summarises the different stages of the malware, manner of infection, malware activity, and how to protect your devices (if possible) against the threat. The below information can also be found on the blogpost itself: https://blog.talosintelligence.com/2018/05/VPNFilter.html Brief Technical Rundown Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Defending agains the threat Update #1 The FBI released a Public Service Announcement regarding the VPNFilter malware. https://www.ic3.gov/media/2018/180525.aspx
  3. The GPU uses the PCI-e cable listed on the datasheet you listed. Most PSUs will have at least 2 of these connectors. ^^
  4. Yes, they won't fall out if you hold the screwdriver with the head downward. ^^
  5. So if you switched everything up, do the parts that you used to swap in work as a standalone PC? If not it might be bad power in your house? But that seems unlikely unless the wiring is really iffy in you building.
  6. I think he means the DNS server your PC connects to to resolve the site you're trying to reach. I personally use the Google DNS server ( & for ipV4) for both ipv4 and 6. I have no idea how to find the best DNS server for you specifically.
  7. Indeed, since you're playing with the part that delivers power to all the other parts in your system it's better to leave it some breathing space. Also, if you're not sure about what PSU to choose, here's a PSU tier list. Maybe go even a little bit higher than 500W.
  8. I think most use Stereo, and some people prefer to enable HRTF and others don't. I personally use stereo with the feature enabled. It completely depends on what you're used to and how you hear everything around you. You shouldn't use certain settings because someone else uses them. It's the same with playing your game 4:3 stretched because you're used to that. I tried that but it's nothing for me. Just try some things and see what's best for you.
  9. I'm only in my first year of electronics in college so take what I say with a few grains of salt. As far as I'm aware running less voltage trough your LEDs won't damage them, only a higher voltage would be a problem. And if the resistor does get hot, you can replace it with 2 2K resistors in parallel to spread the load. I've been told this is being done in quite a few circuits.
  10. Check if you have mini dumps enabled and check the BSOD log file with BlueScreenView. It will help you narrowing down the cause.
  11. Going by your title, (Laptop VS Desktop) The desktop will be cheaper using the same parts. So is it worth it? Depends on if you think it's worth it. Do you want a laptop because you will be gaming on the go? Because if you only plan on gaming at home there's no real reason to buy a laptop. In terms of upgradability, as far as I'm aware you wont be able to switch out the CPU/GPU except maybe if the GPU is on an MXM module, and even then, I don't know if that will make it possible to upgrade. And as for Volta, I wouldn't hold my breath. There's no information about when the consumer Volta GPU's will come out.
  12. Yes, they would also be compatible with hardware from years ago.
  13. Oh sorry, I saw the nr 6 3 times and assumed they were all Vega 56 cards. True, that's quite weird.
  14. No, if anything the dust would go deeper into the heatsink. But I expect the fans to not have enough power to move the dust that's stuck in there. I would suggest using a compressor or a can of compressed air and blow the dust out in the opposite direction the fans blow air into the card.
  15. Then I would suggest uninstalling the game, BattleEye, cleaning up the remaining files, and installing the game again.
  16. Oh right, I forgot Fortnite doesn't run from Steam, there should be an option in the (Epic Games) launcher somewhere. I don't play the game myself so I don't know how it looks.
  17. Right click the game in your Steam library, go to properties, the local files tab, and click the verify integrity of game cache button.
  18. It's always possible to mine on any hardware, the problem is the strain it puts on your components and the cost of your electricity. Here's a link to a site that allows you to calculate your mining power and readability, take it with a grain of salt though. EDIT: and indeed, mine altcoins, not bitcoin.
  19. I googled around quickly and it seems it's indeed BattleEye causing this. The cause would be BattleEye not being able to update. It's suggested to uninstall BattleEye, verify the game files trough Steam and it should work.
  20. I recognize this, I used to get this in PUBG when trying to launch it with custom shaders. It was battle eye detecting this as some kind of cheat injecting into the game. They fixed it with an update though.
  21. Personally I have this one: https://eustore.ifixit.com/en/Tools/Toolkits/Pro-Tech-Toolkit.html
  22. I've replaced a few screens now and usually if there's no glue involved in the screen mounting it's pretty easy and looks like the original. ^^
  23. Personally I use the iFixIt toolkit. It's €60 or 60$ where ever you're at, and has a bunch of screwdriver heads, and overall tools for small electronics repairs. If you don't want to buy the whole kit. iFixIt sells replacement parts like screens for most flagship phones and you can usually add a small tools bundle for 5 bucks that includes the required tools.
  24. Do you have access to another GPU you could test in your system? I went trough a few GPU's that made my nVidia driver crash and the only thing that helped was a new GPU.