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  1. I want good battery life, as I will be bringing to college for class and such, I live in the US
  2. I’m looking into buying a new gaming laptop under or at $2000, but I don’t want it to look like a gaming laptop. So far the best option I’ve seen is MSI’s GS65, as it offers good components in a chassis that could pass well enough in a professional setting. Do you guys know of any other good options? I want to know what else is available since I haven’t found anything like this one.
  3. In my experience they struggled with standard warranty, god help you with accidental warranty. I had a corrupted bios on a mobo from them back before I knew anything about computers, I sent it in for warranty and it wouldn’t post when I got it back. At least when the bios was corrupted the computer still functioned, even if everything was acting strange.
  4. Have you attempted reinstall of windows? You can install it to a secondary drive for testing purposes to see if it resolves the issue. If a fresh install is experiencing this then there may be an issue with the bios update or driver conflicts with the update.
  5. Then they may have replaced the light strips with ones that can and rigged it to the mobo, but do you think its the Abyss?
  6. I’m assuming it is the Inwin 805 infinity, I just want someone to tell me if I’m wrong. That case looks real cool and I’d like to look into getting it.
  7. You may have to purchase another of the same phone if possible, but the phone you have sounds beyond repair.
  8. If there is important data that can’t be recovered in its current state, then try heating it. But that’s is really the only hope you would have within a cost effective method.
  9. Heating it absolutely does have the chance to kill it, but I do believe it is your only option. It sounds like a board related issue, meaning one lr potentially multiple of the many components is failing. Heating it will allow the solder to reflow and potentially rebridge a connection that may have broke, but even that isn’t a permanent fix. I would do your best to recover any important data, that phone is well beyond the point of repair and anything that will get it working properly will not be stable for long term use. She needs a new phone.
  10. Alright, would there be an benefit to using Ubuntu and downloading Radeon drivers? Or are the open source just as good?
  11. I’ve been debating between pop os and manjaro, and I’ve been leaning more towards manjaro. But I just realized there are no official drivers from amd for arch based distros. Would it be better for me to go with pop os, as it is Ubuntu based and amd has official Ubuntu based drivers? Or are whatever open source drivers that manjaro auto installs fine for gaming. Which would be better for the gaming experience? My card is an rx580
  12. When I go to take a picture on my note 9 the image looks sharp and colorful, but then when I take the picture it looks soft and colors get weird. I’m assuming this is a software sided issue, so is there something I can do to correct it? Same thing happens with gcam I installed from apk.
  13. And you would choose msi for their warranty and support? I purchased a refurbished all in one from them that had a bios error, sent it in under warranty for repair and got it back and it wouldn’t boot.
  14. Every pcie WiFi+Bluetooth card I find will end up taking my f_usb header, but I want the front usb ports on my case to work. Would it be better to buy an m.2 card instead? My motherboard doesn’t have antenna ports so I’d imagine I’d need to purchase the cable separately, or harvest them from an old laptop.