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    ping is latency. 2ms is 2 milliseconds of latency. that is good. the higher the ping the more latency you have and big latency is bad.
  2. a glass jar fell and broke into pieces. some flew towards my leg and potentially some went into my skin. no glass shards visible. am i safe with just leaving them there and hoping they will wiggle out eventually? it doesnt hurt when i press on the tiny wounds.
  3. it happens every time i repeatedly plug and unplug aux cord really fast. i dont know why does it come up and what it is.
  4. that centence meant that the gt1030 will be holding back the cpu not the other way around.
  5. nothing. that means he has possibility of getting a better gpu without buying a new cpu.
  6. does it beep? once? weird morse-like code? if once then that is good. if not then give us what the code sounds like (example: short beep, long beep, pause, short beep) and your motherboard info. also check fan connections.
  7. performance difference? know that 8 is better than 7 but is 8 better than 6?
  8. useful information maybe? i have a samsung galaxy s7 edge with exynos 8890
  9. what are the pros and cons of each version? what performs the best? battery life.
  10. if the problem is solved make a comment with ''solved'' or whatever and click ''solved/solution'' or whatever it is.
  11. after that format the ''unallocated'' partition and if you want make more partitions. then install windows on the partition that you want it to install.
  12. yes(if it doesnt have any files you want to be saved(but you shouldve done that before insalling)).