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  1. Guys i want to know wether gtx 1080 of the sager np 9877 laptop can be used on a desktop motherboard by adding cooling system
  2. i want your help for selecting my laptop From this https://www.sagernotebook.com/customize.php?productid=1356 Which is a customized laptop with i7 8700k and gtx 1080 for about 3000$ and i am customizing it with New thermal paste 1x16gb 2400Mhz ram 7200 rpm 1tb hdd and an 250 gb M. 2 So i have 2 questions 1. Is this money worthy 2. I heard nvidia is bringing it volta card out in early this year and they say that it is gddr6. Now i have a dought that wether i can upgrade my laptop with that new volta card after buying this gddr5
  3. Hi guys i want to know wether the volta gpus compatible with the present motherboards or new ones will be released as it is gddr6 and present cards are gddr5 i am a noob so iam asking you guys