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    AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
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    GA-880GM-USB3 (rev. 1.x)
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    8GB (2X4GB) G Skill Ripjaws X 1600
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    AMD Radeon HD5770 ( Sapphire )
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    685 Watt
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    HD+ (1600X900) from LG
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Exactly Nobody wants a phone that's as thick as a flip phone but at this point, having a bit more thickness won't hurt anyone and will probably benefit power users. That's you, for you it won't make a difference but making it thinner , will it make a difference for you? I don't think so. But for power users, it definitely is going to hurt them. Back to iPad, it was thin enough. There was no need to make it thinner, I would've preferred a better battery life TBH if I was going to buy one. BTW can I know what phone are you using and what's the Screen on time on that thing from 100 to 10 or 5 percent cause you either have a phone with great battery life or you don't use it that much.
  2. You are sacrificing too much for a thin design. I'm saying that having something slightly thicker than note9 for example but with even bigger battery is far better than having something thinner and I think most people want a better battery life since they probably put a case on their phones and add a lot of thickness to it and if it's okay for them with the case, they shouldn't care about it on the actual phone.
  3. Yep It doesn't need to be that thin. A tablet is not going in to my pocket so why should I care if it was a bit thicker but instead had better battery and stronger frame or even some sort of passive cooling (or a better one if it has one already) People used to carry flip phones and the thickness wasn't a problem. So I don't know how a slightly thicker phone than what we have now can bother them, let alone a tablet that is not going inside pockets. But the thing is this: a thin and light tablet makes more headlines and that's what apple is thinking about probably. And there is a big problem with the whole thin thing that they are doing: As you know big companies like Apple and Samsung are in a position which makes them able to trend some stuff. Samsung did 18:9 aspect ratio and glass backs, wireless charging etc. Apple did headphone jack removal, notch, useless thin designs and now, they brought back the "who has got the thinnest" fight to tablet market. And probably, some manufacturers are going to blindly follow that and sacrifice performance or battery life for this. And that's the problem. You might get effected even if you don't have an apple product. And that's the sad part. Companies that just follow everything blindly(and most of the times they "copy" the bad stuff that apple does. Instead of learning from good stuff they do like 120hz display or mute switch ...
  4. There are 2 things to note: 1st: This thing is a tablet so it's massive making it more breakable/ bendable 2nd: Apple is not innocent here, they probably could've made it more strong. If you see some drop tests, you can clearly see that the aluminum used here is soft, softer that what we see in phones which is not a thing you should do on a tablet. BUT since it's a tablet, it's less likely to be dropped or abused. But again, since it's a tablet, it should last for a longer period of time compared to phones and it might get carried in a backpack full of there stuff Using a thin layer of glass and a soft aluminum is not going to help with any of that but again, since it's a tablet, it's not going to be as big of a deal as iPhone 6 plus was.
  5. Yep but most of PC users already have "windows defender" which is kinda good so "common sense" + "windows defender" are good enough is u ask me + windows defender is free
  6. You have a point here but these things are NOT as common as other ways like clicking on everything etc. And windows defender does a decent job of keeping things safe "enough" The slow downs caused by antivirus softwares, being annoying etc are why I avoid them
  7. So how many of you use antivirus softwares these days?? I mean windows defender is kinda good enough for techy ppl like us but i'm interested to see how many of u guys use these softwares
  8. makes sense you can play fortnite on igpu as i saw some ppl do it. its free its more fun so yeh, that's why ppl are playing it more than pubg. If someone wants to play fortnite, all they need is a device with internet access(lol, but it really is) but for playing pubg, u need a good pc, and u need to pay for it. that's what holding pubg back. especially the system requirement. and i think they should work on optimizing their game instead if suing epic games. cause the style is different. one is realistic with cars and stuff one has a building part and smaller map. it's better to say they lost half of their players because of bad optimization. not because of fortnite
  9. I kinda agree with you, okay google is somehow hard to say. Hey google is much better. Also i think they chose okay and hey google because google is known name for almost everyone even for less tech savvy ppl. It's hard to inform normal ppl that this virtual assistant with this name is from google but with okay google, everyone realize that
  10. Fanboys are fanboys, you can't convince them. You can't argue with them with facts.For them, facts are things they like and thats it. For a apple fan who bought a home pod, siri is the best assistant but for a normal person, best assistant is one who get things right more often.
  11. Apple fans responses to this news are really funny. They know that siri is trash but they are clearly trying to find reasons to say it's not lol
  12. Are you sure? As i know, google home and amazon alexa work really well with smart home systems and there are a lot more devices out there that support google assistant and amazon alexa. And again as i saw on YouTube, you can do all you said about siri with Google assistant as well. I really don't get why you are saying that Siri is better with smart homes
  13. lol siri will give them better answers because they are in the "ecosystem" and yep i like to see other assistants in there as well since their sample size way bigger than a youtube video that compares them.
  14. Soure: https://www.androidauthority.com/efficient-virtual-assistant-2018-859875/ Base on this report, Google assistant is the best virtual assistant right now, you might say not surprising. Yep but details are more interesting with this If you take a look at the chart above, You'll see that there is small difference between google assistant on smartphones and google assistant on Google home, but what's more interesting is how bad siri actually is. Only 40% answers attempted ???? which is far below others like google and cortana or even alexa. In terms of fully and correctly answered questions, siri is doing better but it's still dead last which is not good news for those who bought Apple's $350 "Smart" speaker. And for Apple fans out there wanting to say that the sample size was not big enough: They also have a chart which shows how many questions they got wrong and compares them with their last year score: Again, siri is not doing great and it got worse compared to last year, even more interesting, Alexa got a lot worst. Personally i think it's because of it trying to answer more compared to last year. Also cortana is doing great with the lowest percent of wrong answers. Edit: I'm also interested to see Bixby next time and see how it does compared to others. Also i like to note that from my experience, Cortana on windows 10 has some problems with voice recognition and she hear things more wrong than others. I think MS need to work more on their voice to text conversion as well.