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  1. If this supports quick sync (I assume it will) it would be fantastic for media transcoding.
  2. I recently started messing around trying to overclock my 3600X. On automatic, PBO will give me an all core boost between 4.25 GHz to 4.28 GHz while using a -100 millivolts offset. On manual voltage I can get 4.35 GHz at 1.35 volts, a pretty solid result from what my research has shown. When I use offset voltage and target 1.35 volts (or any voltage for that matter) it won't post when manually inputting a multiplier setting. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before? The motherboard in question is a Asus crosshair VI hero.
  3. I know the initially, ryzen first gen had difficulties achieving high memory speeds and that was made even worse when using 4 DIMMs Today achieving higher stable memory speeds is better than it ever was, but how is it when using 4 DIMMs. Would I be able to hit 3200 MHz (or higher) while using all 4?
  4. A few upgrades for me Crosshair VI Hero 1700X DDR4 3200 2x 8gb GTX 1080 A second fan for my cooler
  5. It looks like I may have fallen on a bit of a controversial subject here. I'll probably just auction it off on eBay with full disclosure, start it at $1 and I'll get what I get. if anyone's interested just PM me and I'll notify you when the auction goes up. It'll probably be a couple more weeks, I'm still waiting for my upgrade to come in.
  6. What would it take to remove such anxiety? In my case the CPU was delided about 2 years ago and has been working great ever since. I only brought it up to 4.9 for about an hour to do some testing, and then settled at 4.6 and it's been sitting there since. I don't mind taking a hit on value at all, I just wanted to know if I will or will not be taking i a hit
  7. I've got a really great 4790k, I was able to hit 4.9 gigahertz with a delid. Also, without using liquid metal, water cooling and a relatively low voltage. I'm pretty sure this chip is capable of 5ghz given some extra cooling as I ran out of headroom. I was wondering if it was worth more because of this, or less because of the delid
  8. He could run any of these for either laptop Choosing the right desktop manager is what makes a difference, the base OS means little to performance.
  9. Most heatsink material is either copper or aluminum. Neither of those are ferrous.
  10. There are some cheap x370 crosshair. My only concern is that they're all refurbished. Is this something I should be concerned about?
  11. The jump between circuits isn't too bad for latency (I have a steam link l, so I'm chasing minimal penalties here) but it really messed with the signal integrity giving artifacts (it wasn't that bad, but it drove me crazy). This may have been due to a poor quality adapter.
  12. I'm familiar with powerline adapters, and I have considered them. I have to say my previous experience with them wasn't great, although this was a long time ago and they may have improved since. Also, the two points are on different circuits in the house. That would require them to cross over at the breaker box, this increases latency and interference.
  13. It's not so easy, and I'm not allowed to make any holes in the wall.