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  1. She got this screen any way this can help? Also she has 2 disks cause it was C and D, but when she opens the case we could only find one, not sure why
  2. Got it! TYSM, now, does she need a SSD or HDD? cause im not sure witch one failed
  3. But since she was just playing and it happened, what could be the cause for it?
  4. Hey everyone, hope you are all doing fine, a friend of mine just came across this problem, she was just playing a video game, the pc went to a black screen and now when she turns it on she gets this screen. If anyone knows why this is happening and how to fix it, pls let met know so I can help her ^-^ Thank you so much in advance
  5. maneged to fix it by using a second gpu and flashing the backup, but it sure took many tries! Thank you so much Alko
  6. Hey alko, new day and I can't seem to work around all the cables in order to put the both gpus inside. If I take this issue to a pc fixing place, only need to take my gpu correct?
  7. Great so I'll try tommorow what u told me about flashing the gpu using another gpu and then I'll give u feedback, if that fails I will get in contact with a friend of mine who is a technician, hopefully he can help, but I feel so dumb telling him what I did... Sigh, my bad. Thank you Alko
  8. B450 aorus m Rx Vega 56 Ryzen 5 2600 Are these enough?
  9. People elsewhere were saying that I should update the bios motherboard first and only then the gpu bios, do u think this could be related to a different issue, or do you agree? And if so how do I go about it, since I only know how to flash the backup pretty much
  10. I see, well then tommorow I'll be attempting to add another gpu and see if it works, God I'm so reckless sometimes....
  11. Well that would suck, I changed exactly 1 year ago I think, it would suck to see it go to waste like that, but at the end of the day it is interely my mistake and I must own up to it. another thing I wanna ask, the light on my gpu+ fan is still going, is this good news or irrelevant to it possibly being dead?
  12. Gotcha (I will be doing this tommorow cause it's late now) but one question, what if the card doesn't show up? Does this mean it died forever? And I need to get a new gpu? Or a new motherboard? Or both?
  13. U said I need another gpu, but like I said I have another computer, can't I replace a specific part of my pc with the other pc in order to go on my pc and just use the backup of the bios? (I think i need to switch the gpu, right?)
  14. U are half helping half pushing me to the ground, don't u think I get it already that I made a mistake? No need to be childish and pressure me more with it, if everytime u help it comes with an insult I rather not be helped by you