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    Ottawa, Canada


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    3.3GHz Core i5
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    8GB DDR3-1867
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    Radeon R9 M395
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    2.128TB Fusion Drive
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    Apple internal
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    27-inch 5K Apple Retina Display
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    Apple Magic Keyboard
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    Apple Magic Mouse 2
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    Intel audio + Logitech Z2200 2.1 speakers
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  1. Commodus

    Fiat centoventi

    The base car (and tasteful colour combinations) is fine -- it's some of those colour matches that are, er, questionable.
  2. Commodus

    New iMacs Released

    To borrow from the web comic: shh... let people enjoy things. iMacs are fine machines. The display is amazing (I'm using an iMac 5K right now), it's quiet in all but the most intense scenarios, the performance for my needs holds up well to this day... hell, there are little things I appreciate, like the quiet keyboard. And yes, it's nice not to have to string wires all over the place. It's not for everyone, of course, but I'm happy.
  3. Commodus

    Samsung Galaxy Crease

    "Never" is a really long time. I'd rather have a good conventional design than hold on to an old phone out of stubbornness. That and, let's face it, you're not going to get a Galaxy Fold-style device with a lower price and refined technology for a while, if ever.
  4. Commodus

    AirPods 2 electric boogaloo

    You can get the AirPods with either the wireless case or the regular case. The stand-alone case is just there for people who'd rather not spend $200 just so that they don't have to plug in. I'd say they're worth the price in that they're loaded with conveniences that are hard to find together in one place: completely wireless down to the case, built-in voice assistant support, super-easy pairing, ear detection... The beef, and it's a valid one, is that the money isn't going into audio quality. There has been talk of Apple making in-canal buds using the same tech, though, so there's hope. Apple's wired in-canal buds are surprisingly well-done -- their weakness was the cord, which clearly wouldn't be an issue here.
  5. You don't actually gain much from it. Unless an app is actively running in the background (such as for an upload or location data), it's suspended and should be using virtually nothing beyond a basic memory footprint. I would only close an app if it's being problematic.
  6. Commodus

    Apple Charger

    So long as the clone cable is known to work, you should be fine. The Apple charger won't be fussy.
  7. Commodus

    New iMacs Released

    Well, Apple doesn't really use cheap SSDs, to be fair (they're usually speedy NVMe drives at last check), but I do think Apple needs to make Fusion a baseline feature on the iMac regardless.
  8. Quite possibly. I'm always baffled by that... do they think North Korea is a democracy because it's in the name, too?
  9. That's just... wrong. As in, if you claimed this in a report for a political sciences class, you probably wouldn't pass. Fascism and communism (the extreme of socialism) can be uncomfortably close at times, but they're still polar opposites in many ways. Fascism effectively treats the country like a corporation, supports private property and believes in extreme nationalism, militarism and "traditional" family roles with a religious bent. It's designed to grant full authority to a charismatic leader. Communism may place everything under the control of the state, but in its 'ideal' form is effectively stateless and emphasizes equality above all. And socialism is a less extreme version of that. I don't think Gab should be silenced, but don't pretend that it's some noble defender of free speech... no, it's where you go if you've been kicked off of other social networks, want to live in a right-wing bubble, or both.
  10. Commodus


    Geekbench data suggests at least one of them has 3GB of RAM, and probably both.
  11. Commodus


    Clearing the way for their video/news service announcements. They don't want to spend half an hour talking new hardware (I don't think the new iPads are the only updates coming this week) before launching into TV shows and news subscriptions.
  12. Commodus


    To do that, they'd have needed a significant redesign of the iPad itself, and it'd probably have raised costs. $399 is already quite a bit for an 8-inch tablet... let's not give Apple any ideas!
  13. Well, that's the direction phones are going no matter what: all-screen, touch-only navigation. I think it's just fine -- you'll get used to it and appreciate the perks. As for your original question: as suggested earlier, this really is the level of support you get from every Android manufacturer, without exception. Even Google's Pixel phones only get major OS updates for two years, and security updates for three; the big difference is that you don't wait six months to get those updates after they're initially released. If you want long-term OS support better than that, you literally have to buy an iPhone.
  14. That's not really true, at least not any more. iOS 12 actually improved speed for older phones, and I do mean old... think iPhone 5s. It's actually somewhat shocking how just a single update can bog down Android phones while someone with a 2013 iPhone can feel like they just got a speed upgrade.
  15. Gender dysphoria is a scientific reality, so yeah, you're using the wrong pronoun. Besides, what happened to just... y'know, not being an asshole and showing transgender people respect? At any rate, we're veering off-topic. Maybe you could save your hateful views for Dissenter.