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  1. Hi! I am mainly a desktop user, but occasionally, I need my laptop. I was wondering if I could get any performance benefits if I installed Win7 or Win8 on my laptop. Specs: Acer SF114-31-P8NC Product code: NX.SHWEG.006 Processor: N3710 1.6 GHz Internal memory: 4 GB DDR3L-SDRAM Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 405 Storage: 64 GB Flash eMMC The laptop has no upgrade path, so the only thing I can do to make it more responsive is to try a different OS. Do you think 7 or 8 would make it at least a bit more responsive? I am not worried about security
  2. Hi! Is there a way to turn off the UI elements in Chrome while in Windowed mode? So that the Window looks like it does in the F11 Fullscreen mode, but that I can open 4 different Firefox browser instances and "fullscreen" all of them at once? Alternatively, how to I hide the top bar in Windows 10 windows (the one with X, minimize and maximize)? Thanks!
  3. I mean, the weird thing is that, as I meintioned, the board works with a GTX 960, which is newer than an R9 285, and it also works with an 7970 and some super old ATI card, which are older than an 285. And I also want to use the board as a testbench for GPUs from different periods, so I though that something like early i5s would be a decent platform.
  4. I don't expect a BIOS version from 2021. I just want the newest BIOS that exists for that thing as I assume it was never updated by the previous user(s). I was thinking that maybe they have some internal data base full of BIOSes for older stuff that they keep but don't keep on their website. IDK. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Hi! I have recently bought a cheap MoBo+CPU combo to use as a testbench. It's an old HP mainboard with DDR3 RAM and a first gen i5. More than enough to test most GPUs for functionality, but the mainboard doesn't seem to work with SOME GPUs. The GPUs were tested in a different system, so I know they work. It seems to boil down to some UEFI and Legacy BIOSes on the GPUs themselves. For example, a GTX 960 from Palit and an HD 7970 from XFX work fine, but I have an R9 285 from Sapphire that gives me the "No video card initialized" beep code (with either of the cards BIOSes select
  6. I know it isn't very powerful, but do you think it can run 4x 1080p monitors? Also, what if I got 2 of them? Because, I can find them for 20 Euros each. I will look into the k620, as well, thanks! Thanks, I'll check it out!
  7. Hi! I am trying to build a cheap (used and older gear is fine) setup for 4x FullHD monitors. I am a complete noob in regards to multi-monitor setups and I am building this for my dad. His use case: something similar to trading, basically he wants 4 windows of Chrome refreshing constantly. Maybe 8 if he sets up the 4 monitors vertically and splits them into 2, but I digress. I am able to get a Quadro NVS 450 for cheap. It says: Quad DisplayPort Capable of driving quad ultra high resolution displays at 2560x1600. Does this mean it can run 4 monitors with 2560x1600 each, or is that the total
  8. So, I've been watching the "Ultimate PC Repair Challenge" video recently, and I noticed that both Linus and Anthony keep on talking even when they are turned "off". I would like to see vids with them in focus so we can hear their thoughts during the whole process. I don't remember how it was for the past challenges, but the 3 small screens are also not ideal IMO. Don't get me wrong, the video is great as it is and I enjoy it, but I would also like to see videos with only Linus and only Anthony in it. These vids could even go to one of the secondary channels. Jay and Steve could upload their vi
  9. Hello everyone! I have once worked with a Core V1 and I noticed that technically, the bottom of the case can be moved to any other side. Pic of what I mean: Normal config: Modified config: Now, what I wanna know is whether the Core V21 has interchangeable panels as well? Specifically, I would like an inverted motherboard build. Thanks!
  10. Yeah, I mean the thing to the far right in the picture, just opposite of the outputs. Well I sure do hope that that's it. Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone! Thank you all for your input! It seems to have been some BIOS/CPU compatibility issue. The drive does not work on a 3rd Gen i5, but it worked fine on a 6th gen i5. No idea whether it's a problem with the CPU, BIOS/UEFI version, Chipset or whatever, but it seems it just doesn't like older machines as much as newer ones. Thanks!
  12. I have a guy who is willing to sell me a card for cheap. However, it comes with this weird metal thing with it on the back. What is that exactly? I have seen that on some cards labeled "Mac Edition". Do GPUs designed for Macs work on normal Windows machines? Thanks!
  13. Hi! I have recently gotten a few used HDDs as a gift. One of them is an 8TB (8000 GB) HDD which stops my otherwise functioning Win10 PC from booting. The PC seems to successfully POST but gets stuck on a screen asking me to go into the BIOS settings. When I try to do so, the PC says something along the lines of LOADING BIOS, but it never gets to the BIOS screen. Faulty cable/SATA connector as a possibility has been eliminated by testing as other (smaller) drives function perfectly fine. I have yet to test it in a second PC. What could be the proble
  14. Hello, everyone! I am using an Arctic Mono on my GTX 1060 and I LOVE it, but it is making my card sag a little. Due to the weird form of the cooler, I am unsure a normal GPU bracket will fit. Any ideas what kind of support would fit? I am using a Q300L case (mATX) with a custom-made GPU shroud, so some smaller support devices might work as well. Thanks!
  15. Yeah, I mean, 6th and 7th Intel boards are not that old and not that hard to find, but I don't wanna buy new/refurbished stuff because it just isn't worth the cost for a low end/budget system (i5 6400/GTX 1060 3GB), and when buying used the boards are either more expensive than I would like (going back to it being a fairly budget system), or they are usually at least mATX. And then there is the whole hassle of undoing all the cable management and replacing the parts and all. I'd rather spend 10 bucks on a dongle than 30-50 bucks on a board and an hour or two rebuilding the whole PC. xd