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  1. I didn't say you hated it, but you will forgive me for assuming that in order for you to 'miss' it the implication was that you had not used it for at least some time. What you said in your first post and what I've just quoted differ. I think the FF UI is subjective, I'm happy with it how I have it set up currently.
  2. Do you not see the hypocrisy of your unhappiness with the way people come into Apple related threads to make comments just like you have made here? You don't use it and don't like it, that's OK but we don't care.
  3. Posts like this are how these children get their reputations, stop talking about them ffs. I swear every time i lurk here the hot topic is always some sensationalist crap what is with you guys. this one however takes the cake.......... http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/227572-microsoft%E2%80%99s-windows-10-has-permission-to-watch-your-every-move/
  4. The situation with the behaviour of US telecoms corps is a global joke at this point.
  5. Could be some kind of elaborate tax/liability avoidance, especially considering their recent push to ship everything to anyone anywhere.
  6. Get a Z97 board and a DC pentium or whatever you can afford, upgrade the CPU later when you have the money. The old AMD platforms do not offer the same level of upgrade path, and you'd get SATA3 and USB3 right now on Z97. Considering the number of PCIE 3.0 lanes you will require along with other features, you could consider the Z97-K from ASUS, the Z97-A from ASUS for a slightly higher priced but more fully featured option. The MSI Z97-G55 SLI and SLI PLUS are good budget options also, as is the Gigabyte GA-Z97P-D3 and GA-Z97X-SLI
  7. He has profited nicely from this, and has made 3 more videos about it lol Yes I have posted something, couldn't resist commenting on this, that is incredible viral status and goes to show how widespread awareness of the issue is.
  8. The answer is no, you need a Z87 or Z97 chipset to overclock a 4670K by multiplier.
  9. Good, if everyone has their privacy respected at one time it is no longer possible to point fingers at the few who take it for themselves and try to assume they are criminals.
  10. I'm not entering, but I just wanted to tell you that reading this made me happy and I wish you the best of luck going forward. I understand your predicament and I made a similar thread not so long ago with the intention to allocate time elsewhere. I still lurk and post much less frequently but I've cut it well back, the addiction aspect is very real and with you especially your posts are not all short ones or one liners, a lot of those are long and high effort postings which just goes to show post count doesn't really mean a lot. You're a resourceful and intelligent person, I'm sure you'll win if your mind's in the right place and I'd say what you're doing is a step in the right direction. It's been good having you around but don't be tempted to look back, pillars of salt don't have dreams.
  11. @Vitalius @ShearMe @h264 @hojnikb @helping @Jobbe03 @DEcobra11 @ShadowCaptain @TheSLSAMG @Glenwing just naming a few I can remember right now, might add more later, if I forgot you and you helped me it's because my memory sucks I'm sorry
  12. fuck that romania is the asshole of europe i be lurking, offending u
  13. It means times/muliplied by. One lane x however many lanes are on the slot.
  14. Are you looking at the boot override menu or the startup selector? all drives should appear in the actual boot order menu.
  15. Or just run startup repair with only the install drive connected.
  16. Go into the BIOS and make sure it's trying to boot from the drive you installed windows on. Also, never install windows with more than one drive connected, if it's 7 (idk about 8) then it can put the BOOTMGR stuff on another drive, it's an annoying flaw.