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  1. anzonix

    Off topic chit chat

    Canada your team played well, but boy am I happy now. Torilla tavataan!
  2. anzonix

    Where is Ivan and Luke

    He seemed like an essential part of the team. What happened?
  3. https://vancouver.craigslist.ca/van/cto/6120572986.html Saw this on reddit. Shoul we push him into buying it and going on a LTX tour with it?
  4. Just overclock what you have and think again next year.
  5. Id be interested to see Linust battle this creation. Source
  6. There really should be an age limit next time. The kid on the meet up giveaway video was really annoying.
  7. anzonix

    What Do You Drive? [Updated 2016]

    What about euro cars?
  8. My Phenom II X4 955 Black edition is pretty old, must be almost 5 years.
  9. anzonix


    Welcome. Harrynowl answere well to your questions. And the forum is really easy to use, even on mobile, so get familiar and dwell in. Shouldnt be hard.
  10. anzonix

    About linus's whole room liquid cooling project...

    Would adding a little antifreeze (same thing used as engine coolant) work?
  11. anzonix

    Cleaning a computer.

    While you are at it clean any consoles you might have.
  12. "Ey bby u lyk sum fuk?" Nah just be cool about it, try not to stress too hard.