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  1. Triple 4k Monitor Desk Setup for New Macbook Pro

    Razer Blades are crap lol. But they do have more I/O than a MacBook Pro
  2. Anyone know any tiny psu’s?

    yeah no problem! Good luck! P.S. Make sure to post this in Build Logs when you start the project, this sounds very interesting
  3. Anyone know any tiny psu’s?

    To my knowledge, Austin didn't. He just kinda plugged everything in.

    I believe London P.D. or some other places similar like that would have some of those..
  5. What's my PC worth?

    I think 350-400 USD would be better since it doesn't have a dGPU and people buying it would probably want one so a lower price would mean they'd get a nice computer and still have enough money for a good GPU
  6. My psu

  7. Anyone know any tiny psu’s?

    Just get one for the GPU and one for the mobo. As Austin Evans proved in Scrapyard Wars Season 3, it works.(actually it kinda didn't but yeah) The SFX 450W PSU that comes with the Fractal Design Node 202 is pretty small
  8. The school computers

    That's pretty cool. I was in a coding class a while ago and since I had some previous knowledge(along with a few other people) we were able to help out quite a bit. Yeah, getting to a command prompt is pretty common knowledge today.
  9. Need help on my pc build

    Maybe invest in a liquid cooler
  10. The school computers

    It's hilarious what kids think are hackers. There was one kid who tried to convince me that he was hacking the computer he was on. In reality, he was just messing around with command prompt and me being pretty much the techiest person in the building saw right through that...
  11. Need help on my pc build

    Yeah that's good. Not seeing anything wrong here at all.
  12. Wife's New Build

    I didn't have to unplug things to install Corsair Link to monitor my H55... Is there another system you can try testing all the other components in?
  13. Mac Wifi Issues- driving me crazy!

    Have you tried rebooting the network itself? I had to do that on my laptop once(the power went out and when it came back everything but my laptop could connect to it).
  14. The school computers

    I've often wondering if you can get a school/library computer off of the school/library network so you're not restricted by things like that...
  15. DDM2 in US

    I'm sneakily suggesting sneaking into the office and stealing it(don't do that). I meant it mostly as a joke