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    I like My Little Pony and Technology. Getting into F@H/Mining


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    Soon to be upgraded
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    Soon to be upgraded
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    Soon to be upgraded
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    GeForce GTX 780 3Gb
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    Soon to be upgraded
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    1Tb Seagate Barracuda
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    Soon to be upgraded
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    Some old Dell 17", also soon to be upgraded
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    Corsair H55
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    CM Storm Devastator
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    CM Storm Devastator
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    Windows 7 Home Premium

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    hi i like tech and tech things

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  1. 100 cad SSD

    Windows is great, if you can't afford Windows Linux is always a good option. I wouldn't expect there to be any as of right now unless you bought used, even a 120Gb SSD is in the region of 75 USD
  2. Actually, it might've been JayzTwoCents... Not sure which video it was, unfortunately; it could've been from either one.
  3. 2 differnet cards in 1 PC?

    Grab some cheap hardware that won't bottleneck your FX5800 and set up a dedicated mining rig.
  4. Linus recommends a pull configuration so that it's easier to dust the radiator.
  5. Bitcoin Mining - URGENT HELP NEEDED

    Oh true, that hadn't fully occurred to me at the time. What other mining software is there that's good?
  6. Display port to Hdmi

    Probably not, I never saw a difference using a VGA to HDMI adapter
  7. Bitcoin Mining - URGENT HELP NEEDED

    Good to hear! Try mining with NiceHash instead next time Just because you had a problem on your first go doesn't mean you should give up entirely, you'll never get anything done in life if that's your attitude with everything. Also prior to mining, it might be a good idea to replace the thermal compound and thermal pads on the card. Just something to think about, you'll be kicking out a lot of heat, especially with the reference cooler(although it is by no means incapable, most aftermarket coolers tend to be better).
  8. Gaming laptop long term battery life [Help]

    My laptop is generally always used plugged in, that never does any harm. Although I have heard it's good to run it off the battery every now and then... I normally get 1.5-2 hours of battery out of it, depending on what I"m doing(but I have an old laptop so the battery has gone down in use time since the DOM)
  9. New House WiFi Setup

    If you already have an internet plan, you can just connect your router to the data cable and whatnot that you plug into the router your ISP gives you. As for finding an ISP, I've never had a bad experience with AT&T personally.
  10. GTX 770 for $75 CAD?

    Looks good to me, see if you can find a 780 for a reasonable price though(I haven't seen any 780s under a couple hundred USD personally)
  11. Bitcoin Mining - URGENT HELP NEEDED

    Sounds like you hit one of those sites that mines bitcoin using your hardware. Try closing Chrome from the Task Manager(make sure you kill the process, not just the application). If that doesn't work, try rolling back to a previous Restore Point in Safe Mode. And if that somehow doesn't work, do a clean install of Windows. Using an actual application to mine such as NiceHash is usually recommended for this, I'm never heard of a site that actually gets you profit from mining.
  12. Used 480 vs New 580?

    I would get the 480 personally, there's not too much of a performance increase between the 580 and 480 last I checked
  13. What causes this? Do I need more internet bandwidth?

    I agree with @knightslugger, but if that seems too cruel to you just have them connect wirelessly and you can connect via Ethernet
  14. 1987 LTD Crown Vic

    If you can get a decommissioned police interceptor, those are some pretty nice cars. Although you will probably spend quite a bit on gas as @dizmo mentioned above
  15. New House WiFi Setup

    I'd probably get a ROG Rapture too to be honest, the multiple bands are likely going to be very handy and you shouldn't have any battles over bandwidth(like I've had in the past with my family)