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    I like video games, I'm lazy as shit,
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  1. 2080 is the way to go, though, judging by your name I'd suggest GTX 1050 Ti as it is considered somewhat budget
  2. the best tip as far as budget headsets go would be to buy a pair without a mic since quality is compromised, wait until xmas
  3. I'd say cloud 2, although.. look at both and decide for yourself
  4. headset easily, hyperx cloud (99,99 on amazon)
  5. Just buy the cheapest one, as far as I'm aware they're all the same, I have a QcK + and the bottom side (which your wrist rubs against) of it peeled off for 2 weeks, can't tell if I've been abusing it or I just happened to land a shitty pad, though it's been 2y and the rest of it is holding up just fine
  6. You don't need 7.1 surround, you simply need a decent headset. Also, wrong forum section
  7. I'd say a new keyboard would be nice, I've been using a CM Storm Quickfire TK Red for a while now and I'm pretty happy with it
  8. Koton Each G1000/G2000/G9000 Sades A60 Beexcellent GM-3 Creative SB Blaze Sades SA-807 None of those are gonna last over 2 months, not gona offer any sound quality..however the mics do offer the acoustics of a toilet :')
  9. you can choose to keep or remove files, move the games you like to C and clean every other drive
  10. Upgrade everything as mentioned in the post above, buy a (preferably samsung) ssd that is +256gb..as for now if csgo does open drop everything to minimum & disable multicore rendering and set a few launch options such as (csgo must be closed when you set these from your game library) -freq 77 -high -noforce -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -noforcemspd -noforcercemspd -nojoy -novid -noheap -nod3d9ex -noaafonts -noipx -console +exec autoexec try closing every other background process while in csgo