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  1. No i fix everything myself. Figured they would qoute me $750 for the case, mark it up, plus $80 an hour. Which is a lot of money for this specific machine. Wont hurt to ask though, ill see what they say.
  2. Its my first suzuki and this thing looks designed to fail. Ive seen people use Jb weld, but i only think to use it on really cheap stuff with virtually no stress on it. Looks to be spreading too.
  3. So i noticed this crack on my ltz 400 and was curious what to do about it. All input welcomed. A new case is too expensive.. Who makes the case jut out to have the swing arm run through it anyways? Dang engineers in japan got us.
  4. yeah but being able to avoid taxes with online sales saves a lot of money. taxes have gone up.. just not sales tax. how about that 25 cents on gas?
  5. i wonder if you could purchase parts for a 4k display and just ignore that tid bit.
  6. they just bumped the price of my new tormach cnc machine, computer, and camera equipment up a lot... i hate how much im taxed. low taxes and regulation is always better.
  7. I suppose there is a few people who would do this on a whim. Not i lol
  8. Theres a term for that. The inability to change your mind when confronted with irrefutable evidence. I forget
  9. Wth is wrong with all of you? Coulda just played the game and never paid attention to this, then it would never have even been a thought
  10. I will NEVER trust my life to anything apple is involved with. I dont wanna die any sooner than i have to. Its not smart to trust apple. Id go further by adding... its irrational to trust apple and any apple produce
  11. Apple is a shit company, and they need to pay up and sit some people in jail for a few months.