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  1. Better silicon quality means less voltage to hit the same clocks plus it probably has been tweaked on the arch to meet this target also.
  2. Can you use an external HDD for paging computer files?

    You could but it'll be slow since the usb connection would be a bottleneck and that's technically what ready boost is any way
  3. This is like with me and silkroad online... the official version is garbage and there's bots that make up 99.99% of the population of any server at any given time so it's not fun to play compared to 2005-2008. People that still play this game usually turn to private servers just so they have that human interactions or the community feel. Every time Joymax closes down one private server 20 more popup to fill that gap.
  4. Come to think of it... I may be running that exact version lol. I hardly download any torrents these days
  5. Now you say active cooling, consoles popped into mind but hey laptops have active cooling
  6. Mostly cost, form factor and tdp. The full sized versions of these will give off a lot more heat and would probably overwhelm the cooling solution for the intended devices and these devices generally aren't user serviceable or are intended to always be superseded by another efficient revision later on. In essence these are fairly cheap to sell to oem who make products based around these.
  7. Kinguin Official Thread - contact a site representative.

    I'm getting that as I read through but unless it's like G2A where if you didn't get buyers protection they told you to fuck off and your money was gone
  8. Kinguin Official Thread - contact a site representative.

    I've honestly never bought that and always got a refund for keys that never work
  9. medical equipment and that kinda stuff use embedded chips
  10. Well those are the typical embedded systems but laptops in a sense are embedded systems but yeah both of us are nitpicking at this
  11. Basically that's what it is lol. Laptops can be looked at as embedded systems too
  12. Would be a shame if I was to send this in the work group chat and fuck up every's day lol (I'm the only person at work with an android )
  13. It's like when people told my friend he was dumb for writing off his car instead of hitting the pedestrian on the sidewalk and having the car to drive another day.
  14. Learning to drive ( poll )

    Technically I was driving before but not legally nor on public roads so was never a need for me to get a permit
  15. Learning to drive ( poll )

    All seeing eye is watching you. It mean anything else. In my country you don't even have to read the book to past the test. Also I took my first driving lesson today and it was hella fun though my instructor was kinda surprised that I can drive so well for a novice lol (Racing sims for the win *fist pumps)