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  1. I'm confused at peoples confusion over this. AMD said AM4 would be supported for zen3 but they never said anything about chipset support for existing boards to my knowledge. I originally thought x570 was the end of support for the first 3 generations and zen3 being a new architecture it would be a new chipset again but as linus explained on the WAN show it's a lot more complicated to support all those chips from a bios standpoint even with a bigger bios chip.
  2. lol I currently have 3 steam libraries, it would be more if this motherboard had more sata ports available for use q.q
  3. I mean it could have been in the process for the last 20+ years lol. It's the same shit with government here, at least now this new administration is taking steps to digitize parts of government slowly.
  4. You mean several offsite backups. Just incase same thing happens to one of you offsites, all your data isn't lost.
  5. You should worry because your system can be compromised and become part of a botnet for nefarious activities such as DDOS attacks and such.
  6. @PCGuy_5960 Sometimes I think to myself "Damn I'm such a hacker."


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. XenosTech


      I wanna play this again but my current monitor is too much shit to even play games. Tried playing EFT and I couldn't make out shit 😭

    3. PCGuy_5960


      F, get new monitor.


    4. XenosTech


      When I get paid again next month.... blew my whole paycheck to get my car painted 😅

  7. Ha I'd love for him to slap that 4790k cooler on a xeon equivalent and let it try to cool the xeon while it does it's usual tasks. There's a reason server sit in air conditioned rooms. Even with those high rpm fans they'll throttle faster than a consumer chip when they get bitch slapped with a sustained load.
  8. Meh, I try not to pirate stuff but the whole my country getting lumped with latin america kinda pisses me off since the official language of my country is english and 9/10 streaming sites only give me spanish as an option unless I use a vpn. My second language is french ffs q.q
  9. I said the same thing at first too til I made it full screen and saw a 0% and same low usage on cores/threads
  10. You gotta look a little closer than that. had less threads used than hence the clock disparity but higher frames
  11. Let's not forget we can cram more of these in a server than we can HDDs AND we can also chuck them in a shopping cart and take them across the parking lot to the new building without data loss lol