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  1. Right as if the ishops do top notch repairs themselves
  2. Soon we're gonna have intel, amd and nvidia making products in the same manner /s
  3. Some parts of the world like where I live, it costs an arm and a leg to ship things out. Why must I as a customer expanse myself for a repair that 9/10 times is a manufacturer defect.
  4. And how does that help in places that don't have them ? It's not rocket science to repair their phones compared to a samsung, lg or google. Why are they making so hard for people to get repairs ?
  5. OR maybe apple could supply genuine parts to repair centers/shops to avoid shit shows like this but here we have people worshiping the very ground they exist on.
  6. Notice I said die hard... If you're appalled by this then you have some grey matter left up top. So I wouldn't count you as die hard.
  7. You know no die hard apple fan is ever going to see it this way.
  8. Technically no, my fortnite accounts were separate until I linked them.
  9. I know all of this already. Hence why I'm not surprised about this
  10. Who's really the bad guy here ? It could be that nintendo is blocking it on their end and just being tight lipped about it too. Given their past this isn't really surprising.
  11. Intel's 28 Core 5Ghz CPU is misleading at best

    Shit you'd be surprised at the amount of non techies that hold managerial positions in the IT field.... If you doubt me ask @leadeater those are the kind of guys who make work hard for us when we're trying to implement something because they don't have a flying clue what we're talking about.
  12. Australian gamers blamed for slow internet

    Hmmm so they're pulling a Cable and Wireless then... There was a summer they bumped up the base speeds from 1mbps to 4 mbps and you couldn't use the internet for more than 2 mins at a time before your connection bombed out for 2 mins then kicked back in. Then the following year they bumped it up again to 6mbps and well... you couldn't use the internet at all then, not even their mobile data was working.
  13. Australian gamers blamed for slow internet

    Close enough to siphon some bandwidth lol but seriously, what the hell are they doing over there ?