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  1. I still have a cable for my sony's and I always have my cloud alphas in my bag any way.
  2. I mean with my sony's I just tap my phone on them and they turn on and pair and I go on about my merry way. Most I have to do is turn them off manually so I can get 3-4 days out of 1 charge. Maybe I'd use iOs if some one gave me an iPhone but I wouldn't spend my own money buying anything apple related. Shit I got a mom a galaxy tablet and she uses that way more than the iPad she shelled out a pretty penny for.
  3. Same with my Sony xb950b1's. They sound nice over bluetooth but wired sounds waaayyy better
  4. I'm crying with you too, I don't wanna upgrade but muh screen
  5. Damn I must be an unemployed elementary school kid then Cause I play a crap ton of games on my phone at work when there isn't anything for me to do.
  6. I'm in this camp but my phone is dying and the only thing I can get right now is a pixel 2 xl
  7. It's not out of the real of possibilities but I'd figure it would be cheaper to pay some one else to fab your design than to fab it yourself. One option give you more QC over the other though.
  8. Canada was nice tho... Wish I didn't have to leave.

  9. Only 79 notifications in the 17 days I was gone... Nice

  10. That's what vega is for ya know. Vega has a enterprise version called MI25 I think it is
  11. With the way I listen to music that would literally drive me up a wall lol... Imagine being stuck in a freezing ass sever room working on something that takes time and you gotta keep restarting your music >.> As others has said it's hit or miss even when you set it to manual so that's still a big problem if it's not being consistent
  12. This would drive me up a wall e.e
  13. Well I'm not gonna buy any of their phones now if this is a issue for other apps outside of VLC
  14. Heat is a form of energy... Me being a network admin doesn't change the fact I did physics in school and that I'm a certified welder and electrician. Know what I'm not even gonna bother, I deal with enough stupid people on a daily basis to add you to the list.
  15. 2018 Macbook Pro Touchbar has NO Data Recovery Port!

    Or you could have the idiots that work here that have a ton of backups that are bytes in size plus a corrupted Os... Fun times