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  1. XenosTech

    Look what just arrived... 😉 Got the Phantom Sil…

    *stares at pixel 2 XL*
  2. One dual rank dimm is equivalent to two single rank dimms of the same speed and timings Yes in some cases single rank dimms will OC way better but board and cpu imc still plays a key factor there and the quality on the chips on either ram set up
  3. Welp now my board is dead

  4. So I  got the case.... This thing is fucking solid, jeez. Only disappointment is that it's not the black out edition like they had listed. Ah well black fans and spray paint it is.

  5. Think I shall buy a RX 5700XT as a stop gap til stock gets normal.... Just to figure out what CPU to buy

  6. Okay, so I got the case but here's the catch.... it has a TG panel (fuckkkkkkkkkkkk) now I have to pray it doesn't shatter in shipping.


    Now I have to decide what ryzen CPU and graphics card to buy. If anyone has any recommendations for 1440p 144hz gpus I'm all ears cause the lack of stock is real

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    2. XenosTech


      @PCGuy_5960I have the cards I wanna buy in mind but none are in stock lol and I'm not sure if I wanna buy last get nvidia card. It's more of a do I wanna get scalped or buy a 1650 and wait on stock

    3. PCGuy_5960


      Misread the last part, lmao. Yeah, buying GPUs sucks right now. Maybe look around in the used market in case you find a deal on a 2080 Ti or something, other than that, it's entirely up to nvidia/amd to fix the horrible supply.

    4. XenosTech


      @PCGuy_5960second hand market is a big nope for me... Knowing my shitty luck I'd buy  card today and it's dead a month into using it

  7. I would really love to get my hands on a define r6 blackout edition with solid panels.... Why is this case so hard to find 😭

  8. Finds the case I wanted on ebay but it's a bid... Wins bid and pays fees..... Seller cancels for no reason.... REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  9. Trying to get my hands on a define r6 blackout edition.... Sold out everywhere I've checked q.q

  10. Resources as in talent to get it done properly. We already know hos AMD's drivers go, they start off horrendous then get better with each revision but seeing this is a step up from RDNA1 I'm glad to see there aren't a shit-ton of bugs or maybe that might be due to the low quantity that are actually in the hands of people who would use them and not scalpers. Yeah I wish they would update it already, it's really a pain how slow it is compared to intel's and AMD's own software.
  11. They probably can but as someone else said earlier in the thread, AMD's driver division probably doesn't have the resources to make most of that feature with software only, though it would be interesting to see how they do it either way.
  12. I'd say much like asynchronous compute, dedicated hardware would perform better than leaving it up to drivers which would incur a lot of overhead
  13. A lot of talk for ray tracing as if it's a fully fleshed out feature set that every game on the market currently has. Like 7 games so far support it? Let's not pretend like nvidia had the most amazing RT performance with the 20 series which was first gen RT. TODAY at this very moment we can't really look down on AMD for their RT performance becasue honestly speaking it's a first gen product so expecting 30 series levels of RT performance was a pipe dream and let's see what the next generation of RT cards from AMD brings to the table, we can be critical about the performance then s
  14. I'd rather the common man not be apart of their fodder but sometimes you have to give a man as much rope as he wants and watch him hang himself.
  15. I went from Blackberry, to iphone back to blackberry then to android to windows phone and back to android. The first 4 iphones were a miserable experience for me, as soon and your internal storage hit a certain capacity used the phone became unuseable becasue of how slow it would respond to every thing. Wiping it never solved the issue either so I just never went back to iphone after the 4.
  16. speaking of, been meaning to change my ups for the last 3 years, which the battery been needing to change for 2 of those
  17. I'm confused at peoples confusion over this. AMD said AM4 would be supported for zen3 but they never said anything about chipset support for existing boards to my knowledge. I originally thought x570 was the end of support for the first 3 generations and zen3 being a new architecture it would be a new chipset again but as linus explained on the WAN show it's a lot more complicated to support all those chips from a bios standpoint even with a bigger bios chip.
  18. lol I currently have 3 steam libraries, it would be more if this motherboard had more sata ports available for use q.q
  19. I mean it could have been in the process for the last 20+ years lol. It's the same shit with government here, at least now this new administration is taking steps to digitize parts of government slowly.
  20. You mean several offsite backups. Just incase same thing happens to one of you offsites, all your data isn't lost.
  21. You should worry because your system can be compromised and become part of a botnet for nefarious activities such as DDOS attacks and such.
  22. @PCGuy_5960 Sometimes I think to myself "Damn I'm such a hacker."


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    2. XenosTech


      I wanna play this again but my current monitor is too much shit to even play games. Tried playing EFT and I couldn't make out shit 😭

    3. PCGuy_5960
    4. XenosTech


      When I get paid again next month.... blew my whole paycheck to get my car painted 😅