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  1. Do you still browse the forum, ever?

    1. Dim


      Yeah, I'm just usually not logged in and am often extremely busy with work :(

  2. Hello Forum,


    I have been inactive for 6+ months; if you've messaged me in that time I have to assume your issue has been resolved by now.


    If I can see the issue is clearly not resolved, I will respond to make sure, however it is probably best if you send me a new message as of 2017 so I know you still need help with something.


    - Dim

  3. lol didnt know there was a mod named Dim, looks like you're not active much now tho xD 

  4. Get an SSD. You can fit it in your budget. Let's break this down a little. The case is fine. The CPU and cooling are fine too. GPU is fine, generally with hard drives you can move up to 2TB without too much expenditure, but if you don't have many storage needs it's fine. The motherboard could be a bit cheaper, it's probably going to cost you a significant amount. It doesn't hurt much to get a motherboard that fits only your requirements (rather than one with a bunch of features you don't necessarily need). The power supply is a little overkill for what you're going to be running. Do you plan to add another R9 390 in in the future? If so, it's fine but if not I'd drop that down to a 550W or 600W if you can. The monitor is pretty meh, but if you can see it in person and tell the quality firsthand, it's a preference thing I guess. It won't blow you away but it's fine. The RAM is pretty overkill, you don't need 2400MHz RAM. It might be cheaper where you are, but where I am to move up from 2133 to 2400 is like a $100 difference. Just make sure it's DDR4 and you're fine. Grab an SSD. It doesn't have to be 500GB or even 250GB, just a plain 120GB SSD at minimum will improve your general use speeds significantly. Doesn't even need to be a new SSD or a particularly fast one like an Intel 750 Series. The best price to performance SSDs are usually Samsung 840/850 Evos. If you lower the PSU wattage to 600W, maybe lower the RAM, maybe lower the motherboard you can fit a 250GB SSD in that budget pretty easily. You don't need to lower them drastically, but last generation 120GB SSDs go for $70 (where I live, which is typically 30-40% higher cost than USA) which is absolutely nothing compared to your PC spec costs.
  5. "I don't want Windows 7 Professional, I want the Ultimate version because it's faster" Do these people even read breakdown charts?
  6. In Australia you're looking at nearly $1000 for a 980 Ti - it's not worth. I got the second 680 for $250 AUD which is ~$195 USD; where I live that's insanely cheap
  7. Tested Skyrim. It did not run better at all with SLI -- micro stuttering was noticeable and frame rate was within margin of error. No improvement through SLI (running with ~105 mods). Tested GTA V. Huge improvement with SLI, in the neighbourhood of 55% improvement. Minimal stuttering. Overall, scaled extremely well with the second card. Everything was set to Very High with MSAA off and Anisotropic Filtering at x16. Advanced Graphics were not chosen. Edit: SLI minimum should read 32.0 - the graph length does reflect that, though. 970 comparisons to come!
  8. Second GTX 680 4GB FTW+ arrived in mail today; testing fps tonight and tomorrow for the 970.
  9. This. When I was in high school (waaaay back in year 7, 2007), I got into the system we used for monitoring assessment pieces and gave myself admin rights. I told our IT staff when I did, so the IT head bought me lunch. If you put yourself in the shoes of the school, really all you did is go somewhere on their network you weren't meant to. If you'd told the IT staff of the flaws in their system, I'm sure they would have appreciated it... Instead, you made the staff have to work out who got access, how they did it, and how widespread the problem was. Edit: in the case of the above comment, you still didn't come to them first and you didn't take it seriously. That said, because you did raise the issue with them rather than just continue to abuse the system, I personally believe a two-day suspension is unfair.
  10. I stand corrected -- I know the 770 is the refresh model with faster memory, but wasn't too sure on the 960. I agree -- they're great in theory, but I want to know real world performance so I'm doing my own hands-on comparison
  11. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the 680, 770 and 960 all have the same chipset, so I think it will be as well (it should). The main comparison I'm making is the 970 to 2x680s moreso than the 980 (purely because I don't have one) -- I think they should perform similarly in most games, some will obviously perform much worse with SLI and some might perform better, but I'll be testing that logic anyway. Gonna go with Skyrim (100+ mods), GTA V, FarCry 4, and probably a couple others like Tomb Raider (SLI should win out with that one). I'm more interested in the direct real-world performance figures than the theoretical ones, but you are right that in theory it won't perform that amazingly. Still a better option for me to grab another card than a new 970 or 290 since these used cards can be hard to sell
  12. You do if you want to utilize the total 4GB. If you run dual 680s, one is a 4GB and one is a 2GB, you will only be utilizing 2GB of total memory since the memory used is mirrored on the cards. Since I play at 2560x1440, I do need more than 2GB.
  13. Hey guys, I know this topic has been absolutely done to death, but I've found a lot of SLI posts that are focused on the 2GB version of the 680, so I made a new one. I currently have a GTX 680 4GB FTW+ (was the top card when I bought it a couple years ago), and I now have the opportunity to get a second one of the same card for under $250. Currently my card performs nicely, but it does get outshone fairly easily by the current generation of top tier cards. So, I'm hopefully going to grab this second 680 4GB and crunch some numbers, do some benchmarks, etc. which I will be posting here for direct comparison to the GTX 970 and 980 (I can't get my hands on a 980, so I'll probably be taking those numbers from reviewing websites etc.) When I first bought my system, I chucked an 850W power supply in with the intention of later running SLI. It has since taken me 6-12 months of searching local websites constantly for someone to finally post an advertisement for a 4GB GTX 680 (of any description), so I am very excited to see how this performs!
  14. EVGA GTX 680 4GB FTW+. Not actually the rarest of course, but damn I want to SLI my current card for better fps in GTA V and these things just don't seem to exist anywhere!
  15. Well, my setup is portrait 1280x1028, landscape 2560x1440 and another portrait 1280x1028 (PLP). I do pretty heavy coding and stuff and honestly I find this hits the sweet spot. I might want another one on the top, but honestly I'd just use it for Facebook... For actual work I'm fine with three screens. For gaming, a single 2560x1440 works well with my graphics card (GTX 680); I don't really need anything more superfluous.