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    I have no idea what I am talking about.
  • Birthday 1993-07-19

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    New Smyrna Beach Fl
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    Computers and gaming, however im all about the hardware.


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    Gigabyte Z87x ud3
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    8Gb Adata Xpg V2 Gun metal
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    Evga Gtx 1070 FTW DT @ 2.1ghz
  • Case
    NZXT s340
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    250gb 850 evo,WD 1TB Red,blue and 250gb 850 Samsung Evo
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    750W Evga supernova G2
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    Corsair H110
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    Logitech g710+
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    Logitech g502
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    Sennheiser 363D
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    Win 10
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  1. SeanBond

    (Must own) pc games

    Doom, rise of the tomb raider are to amazing games that will put your new hard ware to great use.
  2. SeanBond

    GPU or CPU $250 budget

    That doesn't mean the prices won't shift anyway.
  3. SeanBond

    GPU or CPU $250 budget

    1060 would be a much bigger gaming upgrade. However I would wait for the new amd gpu's to launch before making my decision on which gpu.
  4. SeanBond

    Should i upgrade my CPU or GPU first?

    Get a new gpu, it a 1070 would be bottlenecked by your i3 but not in all games. Wait on a cpu because zen is going to be here soon and that should in theory make the cpu market much better.
  5. 8gb will run every single game out at max settings without problems that I know of with the exception of just cause 3. But that game has a few problems.
  6. SeanBond

    970 sli vs 780ti sli vs 1070

    I say just get a single 1070 and save yourself from worrying about sli. 780ti sli vs a single 1070 is a pretty massive difference in wattage 500tdp vs 165?. I switched from a 780ti to 1070 instead of going sli, which was an option for me. So that's my vote.
  7. SeanBond

    Will 21:9 video ever make it mainstream?

    If it will? It basically has. I can't think of a game in recent memory that wasn't a crappy port to being with that does not support 21:9. I have had my ultra wide for 2 years. It's probably not going to be an aspect you see in a lot of internet videos but movies have been 21:9 for years. It wasn't designed to take 16:9's place.
  8. 15388728_1210052879088581_1635339075_o.jpg?oh=8eabb47c2bb0f839b6f22bca2313bc52&oe=584BA490 I am playing Gears of War 4 with my neighbor right now, he brought his tv over and we are running it off just my tower. We are doing splitscreen coop campaign and it works perfectly other than me not being able to figure out how to play in fullscreen. Both of us at 1080p 60fps, alibeit medium high settings. 

  9. SeanBond

    gtx 1060 not performing fully!

    you bought a 3gb version? it is slower than a 6gb if you did.
  10. SeanBond

    Is 4gb enough for a light window 10 user?

    It looks like it sold out. Might as well kill this thread unless someone knows how to help me find something with similar specs at a similar price.
  11. SeanBond

    Is 4gb enough for a light window 10 user?

    This is sadly indecisive so far.
  12. SeanBond

    Is 4gb enough for a light window 10 user?

    Not only do you definitely not need 16gb, I do heavy gaming with chrome open and still don't use 8gb. Only just cause 3 can make my pc act like it wants to use more than 8gb. I was hoping for 6gb, that would be perfect. But not an option.
  13. SeanBond

    Is 4gb enough for a light window 10 user?

    This isn't going to be for handling large video files frequently.... Yeah pretty much that, added it to the post.
  14. Looking to replace my mom's tablet again but this time with a bigger budget, last had an intel atom and it was junk. https://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/Acer-Aspire-Switch-Alpha-12-SA5-271-37QB-Signature-Edition-2-in-1-PC/productID.2740223100?tduid=(196577d5dba90d88ec0357acd0de177d)(256380)(2459594)(qcLRzjFniJE-dXGc91HnFMUfuPhAXhUTbA)() This looks like a great piece of hardware for the price. My one concern is that 4gb will not be enough. I don't have first hand experience with windows 10 on anything less than 8gb and there seems to be no 8gb option. What does everyone think? Edit: Oh and this will be used for typical mom stuff, email, facebook, maybe light gaming like words with friends or candy crush but nothing intensive.
  15. This is just a troll thread is what it is.