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  1. @S w a t s o n I don't know if this means anything to you but the artifacting doesn't start off when I start up the game. It takes 5, 10 minutes, sometimes even an hour for the game to start artifacting.
  2. Black screen isn't a problem since playing windowed fixed the black screen part, the artifacting is bugging me.
  3. I have never altered the clocks until now, when I dialed them down. I got it for my last birthday, a year ago, it was bought abroad in a computer parts shop.
  4. I've been having problems with my GPU. It has been artifacting in Need for Speed Payback, as in flickering black, it had crashed and showed a DirectX Fullscreen error so I swapped to bordered and then my monitor had shut down. I checked the cables on the monitor, they were connected properly. I disconnected the DP from the GPU, plugged it in again. The monitor had turned on, said there was no input, went back to being off. Things I tried to solve the issue: -I updated the drivers to 19.1.1. -Switched to borderless and applied a "high" preset (people on the NFS forum say tha
  5. What are you referring to when you say "4.2 or higher"?
  6. I'm asking does the SSD have to be an m.2 or can it also be SATA?
  7. Solved. Thank you very much!
  8. Hello, I'm having trouble with my new monitor, AOC G2260VWQ6. It advertises a 75Hz refresh rate, though in Radeon Settings panel when I went into specifications it said it uses a 60Hz refresh rate instead. I created a custom resolution in the Radeon Settings panel. I left everything stock, just changed the refresh rate to 75Hz. Now, my question is how do I monitor the refresh rate to make sure it's really using it's advertised 75Hz refresh rate instead of overriding my custom resolution in windows/games and using it's native(?) 60hz refresh rate? EDIT