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  1. His FPS goes above 60FPs all the time.. he's on an easy map, try the others.. constantly below 60FPs... " no i have 16 gbs of ram and i5 6500 paired with gtx 970 lots of stutttering and bttleneck no i have 16 gbs of ram and i5 6500 paired with gtx 970 lots of stutttering and bttleneck "
  2. Oh yeah single player benchmarks, really makes sense does it not? vs multiplayer.. LMAO Dat GPU usage though at 1440P LMAO
  3. LOL retail is even more demanding than the beta, look for your damn self and you will find many videos showing you what i said lol.
  4. i5's and 4 cores are slowing down... and all you have as a retort is a cereal box. I was also called a child. Never mind.
  5. Enjoy under utilised GPU and lower FPS then i don't actually care TBH but heh just telling you how it is.
  6. i7 will gain the person substantially better results in BF1, why is this so hard to understand?
  7. Ever played a game with loads of stuttering? vs just a lower framerate? Plus you just made an argument out of thin air when more threads on intel CPU's achieve better results than any of the i5's, the 6600K may level an i7 980X due to IPC, but anything newer will rekt the i5 in BF1. I know you guys will defend the i5 seeing as though it's what most people here use lmao.
  8. Best time to grab an 8 thread or higher CPU is now, even going with an older gen CPU with more cores on intel will drastically help in BF1. https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/19411/i5-4690k-gtx970-major-stutterint-and-framedrops-from-120-to-40
  9. Below 60FPS and stuttering, unless this is something you like.