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    LTT's Resident Psycho.
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    computers silver anime more computers sleeping and video games! and japan!
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    hi! im not very good at socializing and my grammer is off a bit but im taylor im 21 and i uhm.....im not sure what i do!
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    lead shift manager of a grocery store


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  1. Hey thanks man I,m looking for a really good headphones about 100 USD with better sound that a hyper x cloud 2 it,s a kind of "gaming" Headphones for PC and Smarthphone to and not to big so I can use it when I.m in bed but I don,t know if buying a new headphones really worth it cuz i already have a skullcandy crusher and I know this are not the beter ones but this headphones just get the jobs done.

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    2. lukky211111
    3. happyleonardo14


      Finnaly I got the ath m40x, that headphones are all what I need, PC, Gaming, Smartphone use and comfort thankyou for your help. :)


      Mi music genres are rock, electro, hip hop, and pop like bruno mars and I've heard that this ones are good for that.

    4. lukky211111


      yeah they have a good amount of bass and honestly having good amounts of bass is good for gaming some people say but yeah glad i could help dude!


  2. personally right now im using a pair of hd 558s by sennheiser and i like them theyre nothing extremely fancy but theyre super easy to drive and they sound pretty good for the price i think i wear them all day and often forget that they are there and do keep in mind they are an open back headphone.
  3. i want to upgrade my ps4s harddrive with a 2tb throw a 2 tb harddrive in my pc for more space for games ( im lazy about deleting and like....what if i want to play a game i just deleted?) a schiit magni 2 and modi 2 uber would be nice as well. id also like to upgrade my 980 to a 1070 or wait and see what the 1080ti will be like and then grab a 27 inch 1440p monitor to be my new main screen for gaming. ( all bought for me because i dont like when people buy me things)
  4. how do i know how far i can push my headphones with an amp? im guessing not past a point of where it becomes uncomfortable?
  5. but yeah thank you! im gonna grab a magni 2 and a modi 2 uber and im also gonna be grabbing some k7xx off massdrop here pretty soon as well! thank you again dude!
  6. well the optical on the micca worked with the ps4 so i imagine thisll be just fine thnaks for your help dude im not sure where i heard it from but ive heard somewhere that schiits amp has broken peoples headphones before?
  7. im an extreme i need open desk space kinda freak about that cuz cables and cable management i think ill figure out a way to mount it but have it have enough room to stay cool just in case have you ever used the modi on a ps4?
  8. yeah i know that they dont get extremely hot i just remember the magni having the lil hole vents on top so now i gotta figure out a way to mount that to my desk i was also checking into the fostex hp a3 and z reviews did a pretty nice review on it as well any comments youd like to add about that?
  9. the smsl has issues with both channels working and this is withg both pairs of my headphones you gotta wack it to make it work sometimes....and ive looked at schiits stuff and ive hear lots of good things only thing i worry about is mounting them under my desk i dont want them to overheat or anything and do they require any drivers?
  10. so as the title says im looking for a headphone amp to replace my shitting smsl sd793ii and i just returned the micca origen + because i have windows 10 and i couldnt get the driver for the usb to work at all and i didnt feel like screwing around with it. i want to have the ability to switch with just the push of a button from my ps4 audio to my pc audio and not have any issues and id like to be compact enough so that i can mount it under my desk. thank you. EDIT: my budget is around $300 i live in the united states. hope that helps.
  11. is it a software? will i need to partition the new drive first id imagine?
  12. his old drive is a seagate 2 tb the new drive is a 320 gb wd blue and yes he has less than 320 gbs of stuff on the 2 tb
  13. ahhhh thats beautiful!!! though i think your dog needs a lil bacon js .
  14. so my friends old harddrive is failing and were going to replace it with a 320 gb wd blue my only issue is how am i gonna move all his stuff from one drive to the next without having to do a clean install of windows or any of that sort of mess?
  15. so the d pad on the xbox one controller wont register with the controller settings on the controller plugin. help?