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  1. Yea I confused it the box was an amazon deal at 90. Mindfactory has a shitty sandisk for 95 and the Mx for 99 sol I’ll probably go with the Mx then as you said
  2. i will probably use that thing until its not worth selling it anymore
  3. 95 euros at mindfactory. all other brands are above 100
  4. I’ve only recently used my family’s Sonos system again when I was home and I was pissed when I found out you can’t stream from YouTube anymore and NOT EVEN MUSIC FROM iTUNES LIKE WTF
  5. the bx beats all those by far in terms of price tho
  6. does that impact gaming performance though? I don't think chache is too important for that and I don't need the fastest ssd ou there... I would like to get the cheapest thing that does the job. Anything is better than my dying hdds anyways
  7. Lol... An RGB gaming SSD seriously has the best price per TB of all available PCIe SSDs??


    1. will4623


      RGB cheaper confirmed!

  8. I haven't followed SSD progress recently and I don't know much about the BX series. I've liked crucial products before and just want a decent game drive for my steam library. Can anyone recommend these? Or do you guys have any other recommendations?
  9. Farming Sim 19 has hands down the best stock internet radio 😅

  10. The literature management program I'm using takes literally half an hour to update my research thesis if I change a footnote on the first page at this point...... smh

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    2. Nicnac


      Im currently using zotero and while it is slow it does have a word plugin and a browser extension where I can add sources with one click. Makes the whole process a little faster on that side...

    3. captain_to_fire


      Unfortunately it doesn't. Personally I haven't used AMA ever. I've only used APA and MLA.

    4. Nicnac


      @captain_to_fire same i have to use it for the first time for this thesis....

  11. Pshhhh I’d rather have my kid do drugs than that nerdy pc building shit!
  12. thats totally alright I don't have time before that anyways...
  13. Was expecting a flite test build but ok
  14. Is this some poor joke I’m too rich to understand?
  15. iirc the redux fans are a little louder because they spin much faster than the normal ones. you can definitely hear them compared to the normal noctua ones which basically make no sound at all.
  16. What puma calls medial and lateral is actually internal/ external rotation
  17. Didn't know stents could be this sexy :P@captain_to_fire



  18. ohh..... silly me seeing conspiracies everywhere again
  19. honestly that other cooling tower with an additional fan could have made all the difference. we are talking a few degrees here. Wonder if they did that to have a comparison with Noctua but still make the Ice Giant look better...?
  20. wait why did you not test it against the two-tower noctua?
  21. geez ppl come down. The kid is asking to make a compliation type video which is transformative work. There are plenty videos like that out there if just for the meme edits. I also highly doubt LMG will be a pain in the butt about this kind of video.
  22. True, depending on where op is at this might be different. In Germany where pc parts are generally more expensive 500$ would be one hell of a deal.