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    1 sweqond = 69 seconds
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    intel i5-6600 (they actualydelivered wrong cpu i ordered the k)
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    MSI h110 pro-D (dick) - rip msi pc mate z170
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    2x16= 32 GB corsair vengeance lpx ddr4 3200mhz
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    zotac GTX 1070 AMP EXTREME! (oc @2155)
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    zalman z9 neo
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    samsung 850 evo 500gb, wd green 32 cache 1tb + toshiba p300 3tb
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    corsair rm1000i
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    asus ASUS VC239H 1080p 23 inch 60htz oc @74 htz + 1.5 other crappy ones
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    technet gn-3138
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    utech smart venus
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    natec genesis hx 66
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    windows 10 pro

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    The ORIGIN of my depression Is origin
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    Technomancer (profile name) - george_cons (account name)
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    overclocked FX 9590 paired with 2 R9 295X2

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    on an island in the Mediterranean called Cyprus
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    I sexually identify as a single, Pringle, ready to mingle. Ever since I was a potato I dreamed of being thin sliced, covered in disgusting oil then heated in a medium oven until reaching climax at the micro second of golden-browness. People bully me, and say things like "what the fuck, you aren't a Pringle", but I know deep down they are just jealous of my inner beauty. I have already started hiding in cylinders all day, and now im improving my crunchiness by regularly burning my sides on the stove. I want you guys to respect my natural ability to instantly satisfy low salt carb cravings, and if you don't you are oppressing me, and you should check your diabetes type. Thank you for being so understanding.
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    School (unfortunately)

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  1. Any Rocket League Players around?

    yes there is but you cant join a party together to play matches you can play only custom games
  2. Rendering Machine

    btw ram increases performance more than Intel CPUs because the bus that connects the ccxs together and the dies the infinite fabric runs at ram speed
  3. Rendering Machine

    btw when you get the system since you will be probably using it to game as well. there's an option to switch between 2 modes and the one is better for multitasking and powerful applications like rendering and the other for gaming. google it for more information
  4. Rendering Machine

    that shouldn't affect performance (better or worse) if am correct
  5. PCIe riser issue with Phanteks Evolv Shift?

    looks like you should get another riser cable or maybe RMA your current one
  6. my printer apparently just had a blue screen...


    its one of those touchscreen printers

  7. Rendering Machine

    ? am confused what overclock the cache?
  8. Would you recommend used parts?

    i would say go used
  9. Any Rocket League Players around?

    i have the game too but i don't play it much
  10. Any Rocket League Players around?

    yea @ARikozuMbut he plays on pc
  11. Rendering Machine

    it's where the CPU stores the stuff that it will execute. the more the better we couldn't add only cache because it's very expensive so we use ram as a slow extension of the cache if we had only ram the cpu would have to wait for the data to come from ram which would be slow. thus cache speeds up the process
  12. Intel Optane

    https://www.seagate.com/gb/en/enterprise-storage/solid-state-drives/nytro-3000-sas-ssd/ 15tb THIS IS LIFE imagine a raid array with this you whould only need about 67 of those for a PB raw storage!
  13. PC Doesn't Start at all.

    btw you might have fried the mobo by not connecting the cpu power. i tested it on a pc 10 year old pc o was gona throw away just to see what happens and it fried the mobo
  14. PC Doesn't Start at all.

    depends. it can be slower or faster
  15. Intel Optane

    SSDs are life