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    intel i5-6600 (they actualydelivered wrong cpu i ordered the k)
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    MSI h110 pro-D (dick)
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    2x16= 32 GB corsair vengeance lpx ddr4 3200mhz
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    zalman z9 neo
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    samsung 850 evo
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    asus 1080p 60htz oc to 74 +2 other crappy ones
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  1. i dont care about data on my ssd i have all my data safe on my hdd i know if electricity drops all things on my cache will be deleted so the corresponding files from the drive will be corrupted
  2. then why my ssd gone from 560mbps to 4gbps when i did the cache
  3. make a ram cache for your ssd and another for your hdd i also have 32gb 3200mhz and i did just that
  4. get ryzen 1600 and for mobo asus prime b350 (you also need new ram go for 8 gb) and when you get the money get a rx 570 or a 580
  5. or an r5 or r3 when they realease
  6. no its ok i am using 2 8 pins for my gpu from the same cable
  7. go to settings/ device properties and google the device medel number to see
  8. a i searched the r9 and i found cheaper 1070s but if you got it for 100 its ok if they haven't dispatched drive you can cancel where do you live?
  9. or ram cache like i do with my ssd
  10. it uses the pcie bus and extra bandwidth from the sli bridge amd uses only pcie bus
  11. sli is the ''bridge'' that bridges (connects) the nvidea cards together
  12. and never never going to be