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  1. Curious Pineapple

    Computer has issues turning on after turned off

    I'd replace the power lead, if you've rammed into it hard enough for it to come loose in the wall then replacing it would be a good idea. The loose connection could also have damaged an inrush limiter in the PSU.
  2. I wonderif they get booted from the Store if they do?
  3. What else would they do with a failed logic board that costs a few cents to repair? Sell the customer a refurbished one, replace the capacitor on the "beyond" repair unit then put that in the line to be sold on to the next customer with an "irrepairable" board. Speeds up the turnaround for repairs, saves them building new boards at the end of the products production life (new model every year or so) and makes them hundreds for what is quite often a design related failure. It happens all the time in TV repairs. Sell the customer a new power supply, replace the failed capacitors on the old one and keep that on a shelf ready to sell to the next customer with a failed power supply. I could have made so much money repairing and selling "scrap" TV's, my 50 inch plasma needeed a single solder joint reflowing, I got it free. Could have sold it for a few hundred as "refurbished".
  4. Probably because it would stop them fucking customers over when the sub-par devices they sell break. Apple can't recover data from a device, but the FBI can using a backdoor that Apple implemented. Maybe the FBI won't take "Is there a chance it has been water damaged?" as an excuse, and challenging them in court to get the lawsuit dropped was easier than publically admitting to bullshitting customers and selling "unrepairable" devices on to the next customer that's screwed over for a few hundred.
  5. Curious Pineapple

    How good it is to use a pc without nvidia drivers?

    I had my machine require a reinstall when I installed the nVidia drivers, it was a faulty card. To put it in a simple way, the default Windows drivers will be drawing one pixel at a time using the CPU and not using the GPU as old 2D only graphics cards did. When you install the drivers, the GPU is used to draw everything rather than the CPU and that's where hardware faults show themselves.
  6. Curious Pineapple

    Todays bargain computer

    Today I managed to acquire a "new" machine. I say new, it's not new. The monster is sporting a Celeron E3300 with 4GB of Crucial DDR2 667 in DUAL CHANNEL! From the outisde it's a pretty nice looking case. It has IN WIN on the front and PC Specialist up the side with only one bay cover missing. The system is powered by an FSP group 350w power supply with power factor correction. A quality piece of hardware I'm sure. Storage is an interesting one, it has a pair of 250GB SATA HDD's on a dedicated RAID card, and yup, they are in fact a mirrored array. Not just a storage array, but the OS is installed on it. And it boots. I was greeted by the Ubuntu 16.04 login screen and have no password. A reboot, rw init=/bin/bash and passwd soon sorted that one out. Upon logging in I was surprised to see a lack of documents, images and other personal data. The last machines I got had nothing removed. A brief visit into the trash can revealed a complete lack of deletion and a lot of files, folders, images and, amonst other things, a visual studio account username and password. I get the feeling the previous owner was a developer given some of the file names and github links that I found. At least (most of) the browser history was deleted, although not enough. Hiding in the list of browsed websites were a google search for "vpn that works with ubuntu", followed by "hard pounding", then searches for comodo secure browser and tor browser. I won't dig any deeper into that one. Inside the case is some hardware, screws rattling around and dust, not just any dust but rather that special dust that forms a several mm thick layer in the CPU cooler. How that thing ran without getting hot I'll never know. You may be asking how I got hold of such a powerful machine at a "bargain" price. Well, I will tell you. It was thrown in a bin in 4 pieces with the HDD caddy rattling around inside the case, which had no sides on it. Anyone else found any bargains today?
  7. Curious Pineapple

    Is it okay to touch gold connectors?

    I used to use an old Duron as a comb, should test if it still works
  8. Curious Pineapple

    Todays bargain computer

    I got a T5400 and a T5500 cheap, the 55 is dead but the 54 got another CPU installed and isn't that bad consiodering it's 13 years old. ONly thing letting it down is 4GB memory. Being FBDIMM I don't have any kicking around.
  9. Curious Pineapple

    My tech is so bad...

    Daily drive a 1999 Reliant Robin, daily PC is a HP z800 that just spent a week out of action due to a failed PSU capacitor, Core2Duo Advent laptop and still use an Iconia W500 tablet. Got a fair amount of other old gear too
  10. Curious Pineapple

    can I split my pc?

    Linux KVM, plenty of time and a drum of coffee.
  11. Curious Pineapple

    This guy is worse than the Verge

    Maybe it was a busted board and a shit CPU?
  12. Lets call it a gratuity then, problem solved.
  13. I have a laptop with a locked down BIOS and has been software restricted to 2GB of memory. Would I try modify the BIOS myself to remove the restriction? No. Would I pay for someone to do it for me? Probably.
  14. Curious Pineapple

    How do I learn about Different car parts

    In the 6 months of driving my Alfa 156 (before insurance cost was getting stupid) I only had to replace the rear suspension and a tyre. Suspension issue was common and preventable if looked after and the tyre was due to drivng over what was probably the hinge from a dropside van. I did the timing belt as I had no recent history for it and blew the airbag control unit with my own stupidity. Apart from needing the airbags sorting, ABS sensors connecting back up, some suspension bushes and potantially a small patch of welding (where I pushed a screw right through the sill) it should be fine to go back on the road next month.
  15. Curious Pineapple

    Hello, world!

  16. Curious Pineapple

    Microsoft to ship full Linux kernel within Windows 10

    Baking WINE into an OS wouldn't be that hard if you had the Windows source code to hand. I wouldn't put it past Microsoft to have engineers able to write an ahead-of-time translator either.
  17. Curious Pineapple

    Family of man killed by his Model X on autopilot sues Tesla

    "Liebeck, 79 years old at the time of the incident, was injured when her grandson stopped so that she could add cream and sugar to the coffee. She placed the cup of coffee between her legs and attempted to remove the lid. Unfortunately, she spilled the entire liquid contents onto her lap. The sweatpants that Liebeck was wearing absorbed the hot liquid and held it next to the skin of her thighs. She suffered full thickness burns to her thighs, buttocks, groin and genital area amounting to what the surgeons described as six percent of her total body surface area." More than a small amount. 80 years old so not exactly the freshest healthiest skin, held there by sweatpants and moving car or not, you don't put a hot liquid between your legs. <content removed>
  18. Curious Pineapple

    Family of man killed by his Model X on autopilot sues Tesla

    She didn't spill it though, she had the damn thing between her legs in a moving car and tried to open it to put sugar in, and squeezed the contents on herself. That's what caused such bad burns, the whole cup sitting there and soaking in not a bit of a spill. I've dropped boiling water on myself, instant noodle pot about 30 seconds after pouring boiled water in it. Yes it damn well hurt but as I was able to move the whole lot didn't soak into my pants. Brief contact doesn't cause 3rd degree burns, I'd have no finger tips left if it did.
  19. Curious Pineapple

    Family of man killed by his Model X on autopilot sues Tesla

    Pretty sure it will still work with cold water, just won't be as strong. I'd go try it if I could be arsed
  20. Curious Pineapple

    Family of man killed by his Model X on autopilot sues Tesla

    Don't think so, instant coffee can dissolve at room temperature and I'm sure filter can diffuse slowly in cold water.
  21. Curious Pineapple

    Family of man killed by his Model X on autopilot sues Tesla

    But you do see "emergency autonomous braking", which the EU want mandatory on all vehicles. Autonomous hints towards a self braking system and will likely be a magnet for shite drivers that won't bother to brake because the car can do it. But because that's not Tesla we won't shit on it eh.
  22. Curious Pineapple

    Family of man killed by his Model X on autopilot sues Tesla

    They exist and taste like shite.
  23. Curious Pineapple

    Family of man killed by his Model X on autopilot sues Tesla

    Hot drinks made with hot water generally are pretty hot. You'd have a field day in our (countries) cafe's, hot drinks are made with boiling water straight from a kettle then served to the customer who will be fully aware of how hot the hot drink they asked for hot actually is. No warning signs, no lawyers at the door making people sign a disclaimer, just a nice hot cup of tea with steam coming off the top. Milk served on the side so the customer can add to taste.
  24. Curious Pineapple

    Family of man killed by his Model X on autopilot sues Tesla

    Boil water, put in cup, add spoon of instant coffee, stir. Then what? Put it in a fucking shipping container with a time lock on the door so it can't be opened for 25 minutes? No warning on a petrol pump saying don't pump into anus, would you sue for that too?
  25. Curious Pineapple

    Family of man killed by his Model X on autopilot sues Tesla

    So is a coffee I make at home with, ya know, boiling water.