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  1. What does copying games and trying to launch them have to do with being able to install and run an older application anyway? And which bad app stores? I have no issue with Epic or Steam, they don't drain any performance and I have an old machine. I have no issues installing and running Visual Studio 2003 by the way, works perfectly. You are the one that has turned it from installing older programs to trying to prove that copying an old application over without installing doesn't always work.
  2. Not even worth the time to explain why it's a dead end. Coin mining in a desktop machine is long dead, especially for Bitcoin.
  3. And your point is? You have shown a load of screenshots of Windows displaying errors in the GUI and 1 each for Linux and Mac in the command line. Trying to make Windows out to be worse? One isn't even a Windows error, it's from EA, and another could simply be trying to run a 64 bit program on a 32 bit OS. They are exactly the same thing. What happens when a manufacturer makes a product obsolete and pushes new drivers through Windows updates that brick it? No doubt you just go out like a good little consumer and buy a new one instead of being able to use an older unsigned driver tha
  4. If you simply plug in a drive that was previously in any Linux machine and try executing an application, the chances are very little of it would run due to missing libraries and dependencies. Works both ways too you know, that's why installers and package managers are a thing, to ensure that all requirements are there.
  5. If I saw -730,000 I'd be contacting the company involved, not topping myself. Must have been some underlying mental health issue for such a lack of rational thinking.
  6. How the hell is it that low? I got horrendous latency when I was trying to game on 4G.
  7. Unless you're buying 4000 at a time in bulk for a TV remote you're probably not going to be throwing any away due to exceeding ths shelf life
  8. Problem is they're all built for x86 machines, not PowerPC.
  9. Well as they recommended one and you are getting stupid speed drops with a different one, they probably made that suggestion based on actually being the ISP and knowing what will work best.
  10. I have found a cheap HP Z400 which will take my existing RAM and one of my X5570's. Close enough that I can just swap the drives into it and nothing major will happen, practically the same machine just with one less CPU socket.
  11. I'v yet to encounter a (decent) prebuilt that doesn't have tool-less drive removal or at least very easy access to screws.
  12. I'm having some issues with my Z800 workstation now, power supply failed on me last night. Think it cooked itself as the machine kept powering off randomly and the PSU itself was too hot to touch. I'm looking for something new (but older and used) to replace it for gaming while I work on jamming it into a Power Mac G5 case with an ATX PSU. Ideally something with DDR3 ECC support as I have a lot of it, but I have non EEC memory too. Not too bothered about getting the best performing machine as it may get sold on again or just go in a box. If it matches an 11 year old Xeon than I'm h