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    SW Florida, USA


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    Intel Core i5-2400
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    Dell Optiplex 790 DT
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    4x 2gb ddr3 1333mhz
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    Radeon HD 6870
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    PowerUp AK-27 Blue
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    240GB Team Group L3 Evo SSD + 2TB 5900rpm mechanical
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    Cooler Master RS-650
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    Gateway 23" LCD
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    2x 120mm and 80mm
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    Dell OEM
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  1. Cracklingice

    Scrapyard Wars 7 Pt. 2 - NO INTERNET

    I just thought... A. cute and B. she seemed to placed in ways that hid the camera from view a lot.
  2. Cracklingice

    Optane on Older Hardware

    Sorry about the late reply and I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned already in this post, but in order to run Optane Boost on a hard drive you need a supported motherboard and chipset. 200 series and later boards and a 7th generation or newer core i3 or higher CPU is required. https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000023994/memory-and-storage/intel-optane-memory.html
  3. Cracklingice

    Trying to understand Broadwell-E OC

    https://edgeup.asus.com/2016/broadwell-e-overclocking-guide/ I believe this is the one you were talking about and it looks like it is exactly what I was looking for. No idea why this didn't show up the first time I was searching.
  4. Cracklingice

    Trying to understand Broadwell-E OC

    I'm not looking as much for an overclocking how-to guide, as I am looking for a breakdown what the things are, what they do, ect so that I can go at it myself with more understanding. BIOS labels and descriptions aren't that great.
  5. I recently upgraded from an i5 2500k to an i7 6800k. I have an ASRock X99 Taichi motherboard and a single 4gb stick of 2400mhz Geil 1.2V memory (temporarily until I sell the 2500k stuff and can buy more RAM - and yes it's pretty brutal haha). I am trying to find something that just explains all the high end desktop features and how they relate to overclocking. There is much more to X99 than there was to the Z68. I mean the Z68 was as simple as turning on core enhancement and setting a 44x multiplier and being off to the races. I have not had too much luck with my searches. However, I have been able to get my overclock as follows. core 1.25v, 41x multi, uncore 1.1v, 34x multi, ddr4 stick 1.35v forced timings to the 2400mhz settings and raised clock to 2800mhz. Machine has been stable for 24 hours now. My load has been mining Lyra2z with 8 threads while using the system as normal. The threads are balanced out as 1 thread for core 1 and 5, 2 threads for core 2 4 and 6, 0 threads on core 3 (found it to run hottest so I made it my dedicated free core), Max temps range 68 to 72 C with this load. Cooler is a Hyper 212 LED with 2 fans. Here's some screen snips. If anyone remembers such a guide that could help me better understand what I'm doing here, it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Cracklingice

    Is running 1440p with a GTX 970 feasible?

    @Manchu 1.78x 1080p is 1440p. It won't be 100% accurate of an actual 1440p panel, but it should help some. And honestly, I would think it'd be lower fps than an actual 1440p panel if anything since it has to be down sampled.
  7. Cracklingice

    Is running 1440p with a GTX 970 feasible?

    Enable super resolution in the nvidia control panel to render at 1440p and downscale to display on your 1080p monitor and bam you have your answer.
  8. Cracklingice

    Fan control software/hardware

    Holy crap this thing puts a lot of icons in the system tray. haha However, that being said; it does actually work for what I wanted. Although, I do wish I could get more than just the one side case fan to turn off entirely. I think the motherboard is outright preventing the fans from being off. Probably because of that calibration thing in the bios to determine the point they start spinning. With the exception of the side intake that I only want on if the GPU is warm, the other fans I do want spinning all the time. It's just that manual to 0% confirms that the software is controlling the fans beyond a shadow of a doubt.
  9. Cracklingice

    Fan control software/hardware

    ok then I'll take the trial and see what's up. The website specifically says it only monitors fan speed and controls the fans on the GPUs.
  10. Cracklingice

    Fan control software/hardware

    Thanks for the suggestion to check out Argus. Unfortunately it appears to only monitor motherboard fan speeds, not control them. It looks like the NZXT Grid+ is what I need, but then I'd have to use CAM. I am so tired of companies that want our money to make us the product.
  11. Cracklingice

    Fan control software/hardware

    A-Tuning is hot garbage. I cannot control a fan based on GPU temperature. Therefore it is useless to me.
  12. Cracklingice

    I need some help with PayPal

    Paypal likes to lifetime ban people that violate the underage restriction. If you aren't 18, the safest thing is to not have a Paypal account.
  13. Cracklingice

    Fan control software/hardware

    I've always used SpeedFan and for the most part it has worked well for me. However, I have recently upgraded from Z68 to X99 and the fan controller in my ASRock Taichi is not doing what I need it to. Only one of the headers on the board has any level of control in speedfan, and all I can get is 0% or 100%. Ultimately what I need is a new physical fan controller (3 pin is fine, I don't have PWM fans yet) that has good software (or is 100% compatible with SpeedFan) that will allow me to base fan speed off of CPU temp or GPU temp. I have a side case fan that I want to be off unless the GPU is above a certain threshold and then curve up from that threshold. It worked wonderfully with the ASRock Z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3 board, but the X99 Taichi won't. The built in fan controller and software only permit based on cpu or motherboard temp. I can straight up hear my PC half way across the house and it's not a very pleasant tone. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. The cheaper the better.
  14. Cracklingice

    Optane on Older Hardware

    Hey thanks for the investigation and passing along the information. I was going nuts trying to figure out why the drive wouldn't show up in windows but would show up in macrium. To make things more odd, the bios would detect the nvme on the nvme page, but on the storage page, it says both m.2 not detected. Really odd. Anyway X99 Taichi with 6800k here. I got the 16gb Optane drive to use as a dedicated Windows swap partition. My 4k seems reasonable, but the writes are trash. A fifth of the speed of my sata boot drive. I will try tomorrow to pull the drivers out of my nieces machine and see if I can't mine to recognize them. The write caching option doesn't exist on the Optane drive options pane. Intel seems to actually offer Windows 7 RST drivers that have Optane support, but they refuse to install unless you have a 'supported chipset'.
  15. Cracklingice

    My used parts rebuild

    About two weeks ago, I finally mined up enough crytpo to buy my new power supply. Now upgraded to a Seasonic M12II 620W PSU.