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  1. I get you're passionate about this, but I disagree. Government body deciding what is or isn't news-worthy or worse valid on a public forum is a road to censorship, always. Newspapers that talk shite will die off with the generation that reads them. If you want them to stop generating these articles stop opening their websites, educate people around you to do the same. Government is not the answer here It's up to the individual to decide what you read/watch, you cannot force that choice down people's throats, that leads to indoctrination, control of the media when abused. Offense it
  2. erm.. what about mechanics changing based on action taken? AKA if I press right I walk into a collision box that triggers a cutscene, if I walk left I don't. You'd need fully rewindable games, and that's not someting anyone is coding for. You'd need multiple instances running in parallel to the frame. this sounds like a massive resource drain for very little effect. The ultimate diminished return. Lets build a server so I can guess stuff right sometimes. read above.
  3. This will have potentially costly side effects looking at Europe's localisation issues. Depending on who qualifies as a service ofc.
  4. People don't "grant" me shit. Government and law dictates what I can and cannot do. People have no right to shut me down because they don't agree with what I say. You can philosophy your point across all you want, but this is absolutely about censorship, it snowballed in multiple cases throughout history, but I guess they just didn't implement it properly. Different people handle different situations differently. I don't care about people being dicks to me on the net, becuase it's the net. I've experienced what falls under "cyber bullying" plenty of times, but I have no problems reco
  5. Say what you want, don't stop me from saying what I want because you find it offensive. I have a right to joke, you have a right to tell me you don't like it and I have a right to tell you go f yourself if I feel like it on top of it all. Private companies that operate virtual monopolies on modern communication trying to tell you what you can and cannot say, what "may be" inappropriate or suggesting you're out of line is precisely what stop me from joking and you from telling me you think they're not funny. Once you start censoring selectively to cater to a group of people, you'll ge
  6. Just because you don't find it funny doesn't mean the joke isn't funny for others. Stop trying to police others becaue you specifically got offended by something. Different strokes for different folks. I joke about everything, because I enjoy taking humour to its limits. I find it funny. I shouldn't be banned from doing so just because YOU got offended by it.
  7. just listening to the line of questioning is cringeworthy. I'm sorry guys but spend 20 mintues listening to the panel. They have very little knowledge of the tech that surrounds this topic.
  8. Yes it is less worse. As others say here, this is actively trying to hide facts from people. Nobody was banning footage of khadafi getting killed. Why? Because it was good cause? Not HD enough? On another note: The guy's manifesto actually states that the point of his actions so to force gun restrictions and censorship on people. Now government are yielding to his demands and banning his content and restricting gun laws. Quite the opposite of the usual "we don't negotiate with terrorists"... Now why would they ban it? Maybe because it would reveal how much they're using this event as
  9. It's easier to monopolise social trends, what's "cool" and software than hardware and engineering. once you reach majority in a market as crucial to modern economy as chip manufacturing you can basically control how fast world develops computationally. Look at what Shintel's done before Ryzen came out.
  10. reality check: You're not entitled to any money from nike, nvidia or intel. And if your local council is signing messed up deals with companies, vote for a different council.
  11. You realise that a lot of countries that don't spend stupid amounts on militart rely on US's role as world police to keep them safe?
  12. Hey guys, Watching WAN announcement, thinking of maybe flying in depending on costs from UK. As wise man once said, YOLO. Anyone wanna team up and see if we can save money?