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  1. i wont be able to update it without a gen 1 or 2 cpu witch i wont have
  2. i have a fx 6300 16gb ram gtx 970 120 ssd 2.5tb hdd 750 corsair semi modular psu and about 2-300
  3. i wanna build a new pc with the 3rd gen ryzen but i wanna know what mother board will post out the box i tryed pc part picker put it keep saying it might not work and need abios update using a old ryzen but i am ganna by AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (im upgrading from fx lol)
  4. I ment GPU it outo corrected but the problem I have now is that it says on games like no man sky that 0.00 vram reported and won't run and we happy few says need dx11 feture lv10 is required what should I do
  5. My you died sorta I put in a old gt 720 and when I check device manager it recognizes the dead gpu my xfx 7970 for a min then crashes is their a way I can pass through my graphics from my 7970 to my gt 720
  6. I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist but why not switch the cpu and the pci16x that way u can have the a small car because in Mose cases their is a small perforated. Area that u can put a gpu or keep the counselor and you in the same place but put 2 full sized expansion slot their idk why no one is doing it is their if their is a case like this I'd like to see it
  7. i am planing to make a upgrade to my old pc i curently have amd fx6300 with a fxf 7970 6 gb ddr3 750w power supply (i wanted room for upgrading in the future)i wanted to know 1. what apu should i get 2.can a amd apu be sli with a normal gpu and if i did that with my current gpu would it just slow it down 3.if i do get a apu will i be able to overclock both individualy 4.i plan on water cooling it should i get a thicker 120 or just a 240 i dont mind making a custom loop or buying a aio 5(cheep ddr4 ram prices) lol much thanks -z
  8. i have a razer momba mouse model# ft703437pp and my right clicker shell kinda broke i checked i did a tear down the button its self is fine its the outer shell that activates it i looked for a 3d printable so i can make it myself but no gold any help?
  9. Well can anyone give me a recommendation for a Android for 150 ish I'd refer one with a fingerprint scanner on the front I have the Blu life one x2 but replacing it cuz I cracked the screen alot,tryed iPhone it's not my cup of tea
  10. Well can anyone give me a recommendation for a Android for 150 ish I'd refer one with a fingerprint scanner on the front ,tryed iPhone it's not my cup of tea
  11. i curently have the blu life one x2 and its lasted me ablut 8 mounths im replacing it now becouse a friend of mine droped a friend dropped a weight on it it was a 15lbs and for blu selling my all my info it hasnt efected me all my shoping i do on my desktop soo not sure how it would effects me
  12. btw ltt forms is better then androidauthority forms ltt forms replys fasterlolz