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  1. It's hard to believe the amount of changes I have made with this system in the last two years. I put a GTX 750Ti that I picked up for a steal in the blue computer and sold it. I used that cash to pick up a 6800k and X99 Taichi motherboard. I mined a project early on, went in half with a friend on a masternode of it and ran quite a few of my own after my half paid off. I used the profits from that to pick up the RAM I needed to go with the X99 setup. I also got a 5.25 to hard drive cage and an 80mm red led fan to put in it. Then an absolutely insane stroke of luck hit me and I won an RTX
  2. I just thought... A. cute and B. she seemed to placed in ways that hid the camera from view a lot.
  3. Sorry about the late reply and I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned already in this post, but in order to run Optane Boost on a hard drive you need a supported motherboard and chipset. 200 series and later boards and a 7th generation or newer core i3 or higher CPU is required. https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000023994/memory-and-storage/intel-optane-memory.html
  4. https://edgeup.asus.com/2016/broadwell-e-overclocking-guide/ I believe this is the one you were talking about and it looks like it is exactly what I was looking for. No idea why this didn't show up the first time I was searching.
  5. I'm not looking as much for an overclocking how-to guide, as I am looking for a breakdown what the things are, what they do, ect so that I can go at it myself with more understanding. BIOS labels and descriptions aren't that great.
  6. I recently upgraded from an i5 2500k to an i7 6800k. I have an ASRock X99 Taichi motherboard and a single 4gb stick of 2400mhz Geil 1.2V memory (temporarily until I sell the 2500k stuff and can buy more RAM - and yes it's pretty brutal haha). I am trying to find something that just explains all the high end desktop features and how they relate to overclocking. There is much more to X99 than there was to the Z68. I mean the Z68 was as simple as turning on core enhancement and setting a 44x multiplier and being off to the races. I have not had too much luck with my searches. However, I ha
  7. @Manchu 1.78x 1080p is 1440p. It won't be 100% accurate of an actual 1440p panel, but it should help some. And honestly, I would think it'd be lower fps than an actual 1440p panel if anything since it has to be down sampled.
  8. Enable super resolution in the nvidia control panel to render at 1440p and downscale to display on your 1080p monitor and bam you have your answer.
  9. Holy crap this thing puts a lot of icons in the system tray. haha However, that being said; it does actually work for what I wanted. Although, I do wish I could get more than just the one side case fan to turn off entirely. I think the motherboard is outright preventing the fans from being off. Probably because of that calibration thing in the bios to determine the point they start spinning. With the exception of the side intake that I only want on if the GPU is warm, the other fans I do want spinning all the time. It's just that manual to 0% confirms that the software is controlling t
  10. ok then I'll take the trial and see what's up. The website specifically says it only monitors fan speed and controls the fans on the GPUs.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion to check out Argus. Unfortunately it appears to only monitor motherboard fan speeds, not control them. It looks like the NZXT Grid+ is what I need, but then I'd have to use CAM. I am so tired of companies that want our money to make us the product.
  12. A-Tuning is hot garbage. I cannot control a fan based on GPU temperature. Therefore it is useless to me.
  13. Paypal likes to lifetime ban people that violate the underage restriction. If you aren't 18, the safest thing is to not have a Paypal account.
  14. I've always used SpeedFan and for the most part it has worked well for me. However, I have recently upgraded from Z68 to X99 and the fan controller in my ASRock Taichi is not doing what I need it to. Only one of the headers on the board has any level of control in speedfan, and all I can get is 0% or 100%. Ultimately what I need is a new physical fan controller (3 pin is fine, I don't have PWM fans yet) that has good software (or is 100% compatible with SpeedFan) that will allow me to base fan speed off of CPU temp or GPU temp. I have a side case fan that I want to be off unless the GPU is
  15. Hey thanks for the investigation and passing along the information. I was going nuts trying to figure out why the drive wouldn't show up in windows but would show up in macrium. To make things more odd, the bios would detect the nvme on the nvme page, but on the storage page, it says both m.2 not detected. Really odd. Anyway X99 Taichi with 6800k here. I got the 16gb Optane drive to use as a dedicated Windows swap partition. My 4k seems reasonable, but the writes are trash. A fifth of the speed of my sata boot drive. I will try tomorrow to pull the drivers out of my nieces machine
  16. About two weeks ago, I finally mined up enough crytpo to buy my new power supply. Now upgraded to a Seasonic M12II 620W PSU.
  17. What motherboard did you get that causes issue with the graphics card? Mine only had issue with the sata ports (and I got a right and a left angle sata cable to at least have two available). Here's an album with the pics from todays rebuild. And here is a pic of how I wired up the dell switch in parallel with the case switch so that the switch actually worked. (click for full size) As far as the front panel connector, I forgot to check to see what happens if I just connect the grounding and or common pins together. It may just check for that or it may
  18. I get my new power supply in roughly 48 hours and I will be able to put the one in my new rig back into my modded 790 rig. I will perform some testing tomorrow for tricking the board into thinking the 34 pin is connected even if it isn't and I will try to get a picture of how my power switch is set up and what wires I had to tap into. If I did not have the original power switch hooked up, the computer would turn on by itself when plugged in and pressing the switch did nothing. There is some voodoo going on with that switch that I cannot understand. And yes I used a lot of mays b
  19. When I did mine, I had to actually put the case switch in parallel with the original Dell switch or it wouldn't work. If you do not have the 34 pin connector plugged in, you will get an error on boot. It may be something you can just hit a key to get past it, but it will still happen. It may be possible to just bridge the grounding pins to fool the motherboard into thinking the front panel is connected, but I haven't looked into it yet since I have the actual front panel connector.
  20. Did you (or someone else) get your 75 year old friend on the bring your own access free plan already? Otherwise they're still paying for their AOL subscription.
  21. I am still able to access my AOL email with my phone as I was before. The desktop application was the only thing that was effected.
  22. So update, I have found that ehti 2 allows me to actually play world of warcraft while still mining as well. I've also started using the dual part of claymore to mine LBRY. I get about 19mh/s in each without any intensity adjustment and with -ethi 2 and -dcri 20 I am getting about 19 eth and 14 lbry. When I fire up the game it drops to about 14 / 10. The game is typically between 45 and the vsync max of 60. 1080p graphics 7 vsync on.
  23. If you are using Claymore and want to lower the intensity so you can mine while still using your computer for basic tasks, use the -ethi flag. By default it is set to 8. I found 4 allowed me to still watch online videos while mining.
  24. So after a bit of plugging about I have discovered how to lower the intensity of Ethminer so that you can mine Ether while still having enough resources left to use your desktop for normal tasks like watching youtube videos and general web browsing. Building the dag file is still rather intensive though. This may only work with Nvidia cards. I don't have an AMD card to test with. To change the intensity level, use the --cl-local-work flag when running the miner. The default value is 64. I tested 50 on my GTX 970 and still had enough resources left to stream video from the xfinity websit
  25. interesting. No idea why. It's a site that tracks the trending value of items on ebay. Just typed it into chrome on my phone and got no error.