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    i7 2600
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    Gtx 960
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    120Gb SSD + 1Tb HDD
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    Evga 430W
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    Hyper t4
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    Logitech G402

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  1. Taja

    144hz monitor

    Dont know much about monitors, but I have been looking at those as the "budget kings" at least where I live: Acer KG241Q LG 24GL600F and for a bit more premium, I saw the Samsung C24FG73
  2. Now that makes sense. They just ran the game with the best available hardware at the time
  3. That rumored requirement is such bullshit. No game would launch with "minimum requirements" higher than 99.9% of consumer pcs. Unless cdpr wants to lose money and reputation just to create another "can it run crysis" meme That being said, why would you preorder? Im 100% sure I will get that game, but unless there is some preorder discount, I dont see why preordering would make sense. Also, get this game on GOG. 100% of money goes to the devs and you get that SWEET drm free goodness
  4. The outer worlds behaves weirdly with OCs. I have a very modest OC and it works stable on EVERYTHING, but in TOW it crashes sometimes (mostly on loadscreens, a few times during TTD, and one time during dialogue)
  5. Yeah, playing with friends sounds awesome (I never had the chance) but not on the 1st playtrought... the characters have amazing writing, the story is super rich and so on. tbh, the second game LITERALLY does everything way better than the 1st one. I had a hard time enjoying the first because I played it after the second, even though its a really solid game.
  6. Do you mean Divinity Original Sin II? because if so, thats exactly the same for me. They are both 11/10 for me, to the point that they make other excellent games look like they are missing something.
  7. I never saw a popular competitive game with a good community. and I admit, I was part of the problem: I havent played dota 2 in 3+ years because it is unhealthy to me, for real.
  8. Taja


    Something is strange on this video, why is the GPU usage not near 100%? I may be wrong, but I never saw RAM bottlenecking in this particular manner, and also in none of the tests the GPU usage is at 100%. Also, when talking about ryzen, its true that RAM makes a big difference (and even then I dont care about it that much), but on intel? I dont think its worth it to spend a lot of money and have the hassle just to upgrade RAM and see minimal gains. what you can do is try to overclock your RAM, or set better timings. check out gamer nexus video on that subject, its very in depth and it may help you.
  9. Mine didnt have any time changes, unlike the computers in my workplace. Meh, I just was happy to see it was close to lunch time, just to be sad within seconds when I noticed the clock was just wrong.
  10. Gog is literally a store: you get the game FOR REAL. No drm, no nothing. And its run by CDPR so its very trustworthy.
  11. Facebook gaming? I was confused because this is SO obscure that I even forgot I tried to watch it for a bit, on some exclusive dota tournements. If THAT is more popular than mixer, well, thats a bad sign. I would think Ninja alone would be bigger than facebook gaming or even YT gaming
  12. Well, I could talk about a lot of games, but I dont like to use nostalgia glasses. I loved to play Zelda games, I could list at least 3 that were REALLY special, but nowadays when/if I play them I dont feel the same AT ALL. So, I will list only 2 games, that are pretty recent and lifechanging in many ways: The Witcher 3 Divinity Original Sin 2 As a bonus, im going to say Life is Strange. Its really small and simple, yet so beautiful and impactful.
  13. I wanted to play Fallout 4 when it launched, but I knew my GPU wasnt going to cut it... Because of that: I was so noob at the time that I assumed my pc would run anything, because why the hell wouldnt It? I found out that my gpu was pure trash when J tried to play skyrim and it was a slideshow, even on 900p low settings... Tought it was a bug, found out about fraps and figured out my fps was 8-15... But how?! I played skyrim before - as it turns out my pc had a decent GPU at some point, but it was changed after it "broke" (it could also have been stolen by corrupt technicians, I will never know). So in the end I found out I had a gt210, and it was maybe even worse than my integrated graphics. That was fine because I only played dota at the time. Fast foward to Fallout 4 launch: I knew I had to get a gpu, had no money. Asked for a gtx 450 as my bday present (because it was listed as minimum requirements). I was lucky my father got me a gtx 750ti instead of the old 450 (which was almost the same price), and after that I started learning bit by bit
  14. It admires me that it is ""common" to see people here begging for hardware. I find it extra sadfunny when they ask LINUS for it.
  15. I share the family plan with my ex and some it her friends. And by share I mean they share it and I got the last slot for free, which works fine for me.