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    i7 2600
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    Gtx 960
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    120Gb SSD + 1Tb HDD
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    Evga 430W
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    Hyper t4
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    Logitech G402

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  1. Taja

    Black bars when changing resolution ?

    Do they really? I dont play the game but that sounds dumb AF
  2. Taja

    Any really good PC games recommendations?

    Couldnt disagree more. The game is excelent, gives a ton of freedom and the story is really engaging. It is an old game and that shows, its not perfect for sure, but it is considered by many the best fallout game. I played fo3,fo4 and NV and every one of them is good in its own way. So I guess its obvious that I recommend NV, but my top recommendations (lets keep it short) are: Divinity Original Sin 2: Its a turn based rpg, the combat is AMAZING, the story is insanely good and you have A TON of freedom. Its really hard to find flaws in this game, its just a bit hard to learn at first. The Witcher 3. What can I say? Its one of the best games ever made. Its a must, unless the game is really not your style.
  3. Taja

    Black bars when changing resolution ?

    I Hope that by "problem solved" he means "I will use the native 1920x1080 resolution as everyone should"
  4. For sure. Not in every movie though, but it is somewhat common on horror movies for example.
  5. I would get the 1050ti. The ssd size wont matter that much if you manage your files and/or use an external HDD (which is pretty easy to do)
  6. Taja

    Does anyone here play MOBA games?

    Played dota for 4-5 years, I got pretty good at it (well, thats relative). I dont play it anymore, I treat it like its alcohol for an alcoholic - it was REALLY bad for my life. Still, the game is good, only my relation with it is unhealthy. I always watch tournements and like it better than playing.
  7. Taja

    Bad Video Titles

    My 2cents: I ALWAYS tought ppl were overreacting about this, but the latest techquickie... Wtf?!? Clickbait using MacBooks when the video has nothing to do with that, and its supposed to be an informational video that ppl (like normal ppl) can find about a subject. Linus loves how his video about i3,i5 and i7 helped ppl with the confusion... Imagine if THIS video was called "The only way to upgrade your MacBook pro"... It would be pathetic. And the video name is still the same, I tought they were going to change it because it is an ERROR, and as such it must be corrected.
  8. I have been watching too much porn, he is in a whole new level. Porn transcendency
  9. Taja

    Morality of playing a cracked game

    WRONG. By definition, its not teft. Is it immoral? maybe, in LOTS of ocasions. but it is not, and it will NEVER be TEFT. Teft is taking something, when you take a candy the owner of the candy will lose the sale AND the candy. when pirating the owner of the IP is only losing the sale (at most, because a lot of people that pirate games end up buying them) EDIT: Teft in this context would be stealing the rights, just like it happened to TheFatRat song "The Calling" some time ago. Also, pirating sometimes can be positive. how? well, simple. Here in Brazil, a new game costs 1/4 of the minimum monthly wage. Not a lot of ppl can or want to pay that much for a game, so they end up pirating it and BECAUSE they played the game and loved it, they pay for it later in a sale (I do that all the time). Before spotify and netflix, here we couldnt access a ton of content (either it was literally unavailable or behind a paywall that made it available only for the 1%) so pirating became the norm. So much that it is not illegal to pirate content here, not really. Unless you are an institution pirating software or something, you can and will pirate music, movies and games all the time. Nowadays I only pirate what I cant get it from netflix and spotify, which are services that showed how to properly kill/reduce piracy. When a game from a reputable dev launches, I pay for it WITH PLEASURE. CDPR, Larian Studios, DontNod... they make good games, dont fuck the consumer and most times the prices are VERY compatible - thats how you fight piracy, not be saying "oh this is immoral and if you do it you are a bad person"
  10. remastered. I tried to play the normal one on pc 3 times and gave up. 30 fps locked, no mouse support (which can be fixed by mods,but still). I played the remaster and its pretty good, so I would get it unless money is a problem and you have a controller...
  11. Taja

    20 FPS in video games running a RTX 2080

    did you use DDU in safe mode? if not, do that. also, if the GPU is 30C it obviously is not under load (use software to check GPU % usage). and just curious, why are you using a rtx 2080 on a 1360x768? its just a placeholder?
  12. Taja

    Suing a harassing players in video games

    Well, I guess if it is something serious - like murder threats, homophobic and/or racist messages, and I mean for real, not something retarded like "fuck u ur gey" - than I guess you could sue. That reminds me of a case that happened here: a guy was talking shit about a girl on social media, saying that they had sex and she cheated or her bf with him... She sued and he had to post on his FB page that he was being charged with defamation and everything was a lie.
  13. Yes, thats the deal. Lots of ppl lose interest in games (thats why "modern games suck 1!1") or just value other stuff more. For me gaming will always be a high priority (I think, as it is today and even in a not-so-healthy way) but also things can change. I love reading and always did, but when I was younger I used to read 1 book per week, and now I dont have time or will to do that. I still read, but now I choose the books way more carefully and take a longer time. You can do the same with games, music, movies or sports. Just find the balance and you can keep doing your hobbies.
  14. Hmmmm... Of course not? Unless you get super famous (ps: you wont) or if you are doing ilegal stuff, its fine. Also, the same goes for ppl over 18, so age it definetely not the problem there. Edit: what I mean by ofc not is that well, you CAN get on trouble but thats valid flr literally any human being showing up their face. Just like you are more likely to get hit by a car if you go outside and dont spend your whole life indoors.
  15. Taja

    Can we talk about International Tech Prices

    Here in Brazil I have a simples formula: Get the price is USD > Multiply by 4 to convert (rounding up the comversion rate) > Multiply by 2 because of taxes and profit margins > YAY, you got you ""fair"" final price! If you are unlucky it may cost even more because it is an unnusual item.