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  1. Hello everyone, I no longer hang around here but I said I'd post about how it went, and I always hate those people that ask for help, then say he/she will update with the result and that's the end of it! TLDR: They work great, problem solved. So, I bought 2 Ubiquiti AC Pro, each one for one floor of my house. They're amazing, and I can go upstairs and never notice any cuts or erratic behaviour, it's been around 3 months like this, so I'm happy I listened to the ones recommending me Ubiquiti, and I think they were the only ones truly understanding my problem. I only regret 1 thing... not buying the HD version instead of the Pro. Basically the HD version uses Wave 2, which my Razer Blade and my wife's Dell XPS both use, which would be around 85MB/s instead of 45MB/s that we get now. Thanks again to the people that recommended me the AC Pro, only a shame I didn't go for the HD version!
  2. I can't wait until Netflix starts to eat all these, at least I hope so because the fact that they were able to do this crap for decades and still keep sales up is embarrassing for all us consumers, which shows how lazy, careless and retarded we are when it comes to exercise our power.
  3. Are we talking about a girl or a woman? You describe the situation like it's a girl but then you say woman... I'm just gonna put this here...
  4. And that's why I wrote "bad" news instead of bad news. The other posts about Apple from him are the same kind of "bad" news. Oh man, I remember when I was in that phase about hating Apple and being super PC Master race, glad that's over phew!
  5. Wow, you really do hate Apple! All you do is post "bad" news about Apple haha
  6. I usually listen to Milk Street from Christopher Kimball, which some people would know from America's Test Kitchen. Maybe you could also check Audible and listen to some audiobooks.
  7. 25 here. Not really lost interest, but curate interest, now that I have more money and less time, I only want the best quality, so I usually don't play MMOs and open worlds. For that matter I don't play anything too long because I get bored. I loved Hellblade, I loved Uncharted 4, I no longer believe in console wars, I have a Razer Blade, a Wii U, a 3DS, a PSP, a PS4 and a PS3, and I use all of them each month, in PSP I'm with God of War, 3DS with Pokemon (I play 1 for 3 they launch), in PS3 with Beyond Two Souls, in PS4 with Invisible Inc, in Wii U with Super Mario 3D World with my wife, in the Razer Blade I played Hellblade, now getting ready for Destiny 2. I love games, and no matter how busy I am, I will always find time to enjoy the good things in life, a good book, a good game, a good food, a good walk, a good movie, a good fuck... and all of them are better if you share them! I wish there were more good split screen games. BTW, my last good movie:Whisper of the Heart, my last good book: Shoe Dog, my last good game: Hellblade.
  8. For a forum full of people that love technology, each news about new technology receives an incredible amount of hate and negativity. I like some things from this community but man, Reddit has more positive and constructive people by far.
  9. Boy, this user does really like a lot to make controversial-yet-not-informative posts ha?
  10. Glad to see there's still some sanity around here, still not my kind of forum, but I'm glad not everyone is like that, because after reading arguments like "they should give X for every Y dollars, if not they shouldn't do this IMO" one loses a bit of hope on humanity.
  11. I don't even try anymore. Most people just loves to tear apart "rich people" because they don't have that kind of money, they don't really care about the people that needs those resources, they say things like "they do it to avoid taxes" or "they could donate their own money!". Yes they avoid taxes, you think the people that need that food cares about that? Yes, they could donate their own money, and they do it, often, this entire fucking forum full selfish jealous people would need at least 1500 years to help the same amount Tim Cook has helped. You all should be ashamed of your attitude, hell, I'm ashamed of YOUR attitude, probably this is my last message on this forum. BTW, if you could read at least a little you'd see Apple is directing 100% of the donations, so they're actually taking the hit of the costs of transactions. If Apple would only care about selling products they wouldn't put a pop up or a button that could potentially send your money away from them. But you all just want to trash about rich people I know.
  12. Tried Bing, and all the time I wrote something the first ad was www.amazon.com/whateveriwrited . Seriously, I couldn't believe it because it was really pathetic. I hope more people use Bing so they can improve it and so we might have an alternative to Google, I mean there's duckduckgo but anyone that has tried to use duckduckgo for a while for serious searches knows the deal. We seriously need Bing to step it up.
  13. I remember when I was 9, my friend used Daemon tools to mount an ISO and I thought he was actually creating new storage. He tried to explain it to me, but I couldn't get it, for me it was obvious: along the HDD there was that new magical thing with 4 new gigabytes!