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    A girl in my school , good food, games , money
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  1. I got banned from a website for using adblock ( we live in a society ) how can i change my IP adress ? Im pretty sure theyres a way u can make your router change IP everytime you restart it or sth ? or everyday ? idk
  2. I got an rx 580 8 gb yesterday but it seems that it ''doesnt support'' free sync , wtf ? monitor is a 2560x1440 144 hz
  3. i just changed from nvidia to amd gpu and i did a safe mode DDU , installed the AMD drivers which were downloaded before hand but it shows this ( image 1 ) and after putting on the internet i go to the page and it tells me this ( image 2 ) is this something i should be concerned of ?
  4. I just got my new AMD GPU changing from Nvidia so im about to do a Display Driver Uninstall but it is recomended that i do it in safe mode for a better cleanup but i see that some people have problems with the internet trying to install drivers on its own and having repair loops or w.e , any ideas ?
  5. Just got G.Skill 2x8 GB 3200 mhz but when i booted the pc it told me the ram is running at 2133 Mhz Mobo : BaseBoard Product B450-A PRO MAX (MS-7B86) BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. M.50, 11/7/2019 Any ideas ?
  6. Im pretty sure yes , ill try them 1 by 1 on a ''working hole'' and if one doesnt screw in i guess i took the wrong ones
  7. forgot to mention that prior to this mobo i had an asrock one which was screwed in my case just fine , but this one just doesnt want to go in for some reason some places screw in some spin endlessly
  8. Case : NZXT 340S Elite MOBO : MSI 450-A PRO MAX Im having issues screwing all screws in , some go in , some i just screw endlessly and they wont get tight. In the mobo came a single screw in a bag and a little warning about some markers behind my motherboard that indicate something about some standoffs that i should be wary of any idea what these are and what the screw is for and if i need it ? I found this mannual online https://www.msi.com/Motherboard/support/B450-A-PRO-MAX#down-manual since my mobo came with a single crappy piece of paper with shitty instructions and in
  9. Does he really need the GPU ? The GPU came out 2 years ago i think , theres no way he needs a new GPU its prob within warranty anyway ( if it has problems ) I mean hey if u are rich and u 2 give gifts like that to each other all the time go ahead , but if ur a normal guy like me just get him sth reasonable that u know he will love. I love my best friend too but 1000$ is overkill imo
  10. Its a long story you can chech past posts ill keep it fast and simple, i fkd around with my cpu cuz im a dumb idiot and then i tried a new cpu , same problem , got new mobo , problem kind of fixed but dram light was on this time , tried ram on a friend , didnt work on his pc , so i got new ram now The problem : pc would open for 15 sec then shut down on its own and start again for 15 seconds. After new mobo : pc would start and never close until i closed it on my will but nothing on monitor , dram light on
  11. He has a vega 56 why would u upgrade his gpu , get him sth else either sth he really needs or sth he is passionate about , for examble i got my best friend an anime poster he loved it
  12. I messed around with the cpu and my mobo socket , had to change mobo for that , did that , but somehow my ram also got damaged because the pc wont open , the dram light is on and I tried the RAM on a friends pc and it didnt work not a single stick ( 2x8 ) the only thing i remember doing is touching my ram right after i closed the pc to take them off and they were really damn hot Also i applied them on my new mobo to see if they work i guess thye cant damage my new mobo slots right ?
  13. As far as i know the case has its own screws right ? Motherboard doesnt come in with screws yes ?